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SWNN’s The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 94 – Is The Kenobi Film Still On? With Special Guest Anthony Breznican

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss….

Poll Results; SWNN Giveaway Results; EW Coverage On BB-9E; Overall EW Coverage; Rolling Stone The Last Jedi/ Daisy Done After Episode IX?; TLJ Topps Cards; Comics With Kenobi; Press Tour; TLJ Cinemark Noovie; Rian Johnson Q&A And BTS Pics; Empire Magazine Covers; Tweeting With The Resistance; Final Thoughts.


Leaders of the Resistance: James Baney, John Hoey, Bill Sheehy
Special Guest: Anthony Breznican


During our discussion with Anthony we brought up how a year ago he brought forth the theory that Rey was connected to Kenobi in some way. While he has not abandoned that completely, he does think the reason behind a lack of an announcement on the rumored (sort of announced, but not officially) Kenobi movie, is because Kenobi will have a further presence in this sequel trilogy. Breznican feels that the current filmmakers are not fans of Force ghosts, but moreso that the presence of Kenobi will be applied in some way, if at the very least by mentions. We already heard Kenobi in The Force Awakens via Guinness and McGregor, so perhaps more is on the way.  Breznican still believes a Kenobi film will happen after the sequel trilogy. This is purely Anthony’s opinion and not based on any insider info, so don’t take this as concrete, this is Anthony being a Star Wars fan just like all of us!





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Also, a huge thanks to our weekly comic spotlight by Matt of Comics With Kenobi! For more information about what they do and their podcast, head over to their Twitter @ComicsWthKenobi! They make awesome content.





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