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New Behind-The-Scenes Clip Features Conversation Between Luke & Rey

A behind-the-scenes clip for filming Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Skellig Michael Island in Ireland – which doubles for the oceanic planet of Ahch-To – has just been unveiled as part of a Noovie preview at Cinemark. While the clip is only online in poor quality, the featurette features some interesting dialogue between Rey and Luke.



Quick word of warning is that this will probably spoil some minor elements of the movie. If you’re fine with knowing some of the smaller stuff about this movie going into it, then feel free to soldier on ahead.





Obviously, this scene is set after Luke has reunited with Chewbacca (and possibly R2-D2 as well), as he doesn’t seem to be shocked to see his old Wookiee pal alongside this girl that he barely knows. But what’s interesting is that the dialogue hints at Luke’s reasoning for his pilgrimage to an island planet in the middle of nowhere:

Rey: We need your help.

Luke: You think that I came to the most unfindable place in the Galaxy for no reason at all?


The way the dialogue is cut seems to indicate that there’s some more footage that we’re not seeing here for whatever reason between Rey asking for help and Luke stating that he has his reasons for going to Ahch-To, but for now, it can be presumed that this happens fairly early on in the movie. But with a 2.5 hour runtime, it’s not like they’ll need to rush things for what could be one of the most daring Star Wars stories ever told.