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STICKY: San Diego Comic Con 2018: Preview of Star Wars Related Content and Our SDCC Exclusive Giveaways!

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) starts this Thursday! We will be in attendance and reporting on Star Wars related news and content happening over the course of the weekend!...

(Non-Spoiler) Review: Star Wars – Thrawn: Alliances

Timothy Zahn returns to the Star Wars Universe with Thrawn: Alliances. Since Thrawn came back onto the scene a couple years ago, we’ve been teased about a specific event where he and Anakin Skywalker met. The time for teasing is over, and Timothy Zahn spares few details in this fast-paced novel, which is part history between Darth Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn, as much as it is about the expanding galaxy in the Star Wars Universe. This review contains no spoilers.

The Resistance Broadcast – What Type of Role Will Lando Play in Episode IX?

Listen or watch below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we speculate on what role Lando should have and what role we each think he will have in Episode IX!

Back again is our new popular segment “The Will of the Force”, where we run down a bunch of possibilities and we each say whether we think they will or won’t happen, like will the Knights of Ren appear in Episode IX and if so will they have larger roles than the Praetorian Guards did in The Last Jedi? Listen to our answers and let us know what you think!

To close it all out we hear from you in #ResistanceTransmissions! Did your tweet make the show? Come find out. JOIN US!

The Star Wars Premium Silver Foils are Back!



The Star Wars Premium Silver Foils are back with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!

Review – Vader Faces Technological Terror in Star Wars: Darth Vader Annual #2

TECHNOLOGICAL TERROR – DARTH VADER intends for the Empire to hold no secrets for him — or from him. Which means it is time to dig into the pet project of GOVERNOR WILHUFF TARKIN and ORSON KRENNIC: the massive battle station being built on GEONOSIS. Opportunity arises when the project is hindered by sabotage from unknown forces. THE EMPEROR calls on his dark enforcer to root out the source of treachery that threatens to destabilize the Empire’s galactic ascent.

Written by Chuck Wendig
Art by Leonard Kirk

The Star Wars Show: Details on the ‘Solo’ Home Release, the Star Wars Content at SDCC, the Fan Awards and More

On this episode of The Star Wars Show, Andi and Anthony have all the info on the upcoming home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as some details on what Star Wars content we can expect from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Also Anthony sits down with comic creator Rob Liefeld to talk about his passion for Star Wars, and we also have a very special look at the making of the Star Wars Show’s very own Gentle Giant statue. Last but not least, the submissions for the Star Wars Fan Awards are now open. Watch the video for all the details.

Review: Hope Begins a Slow and Painful Death in Marvel’s Star Wars #51

After an explosive anniversary issue a couple of weeks ago, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca bring us the second part of an all-new story arc in the titular Star Wars comic series. Hope for the Rebellion continues its slow and painful decline as the entire rebel fleet faces utter destruction at the black-gloved hands of Darth Vader. Having been betrayed by her ally Queen Trios of Shu-Torun, Leia sets out to stop the traitor while the other Rebel leaders scramble to give themselves a fighting chance against the Imperial onslaught. Spoilers ahead…

Updated With Details on Bonus Features and Deleted Scenes – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ to Be Released on Digital 9/14 and 4K/Blu-ray 9/25 (VIDEO)

The home video trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has just been released, revealing the release dates for the digital and 4K/Blu-ray versions of the movie. Solo will be available for digital download on September 14th and physical copies (4K, Blu-ray, and DVD) will be released on Tuesday September 25th. Check out the trailer below followed by a complete breakdown of all the bonus features included!

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