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Updated With the Other Half of the Image. New ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Art From the Cover of Star Wars: Insider

The comic store cover for the newest edition of Star Wars: Insider has been revealed and it is all First Order, led by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and his reforged mask/helmet.

Review – If You Aim For The Emperor You Better Not Miss In Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #36

Despite the recent news, our Doctor Aphra presses on in her adventures across the galaxy – but in this issue, she’s hit a bump. The doctor and her young ward have been caught up in a plan to overthrow the Emperor, cooked up by none other than the Imperal Minister of Propaganda, Pitina Voor. Aphra isn’t one to shy away from a good scheme but most anyone in a galaxy far, far away would have some trepidation about gunning for Darth Sidious. Aphra knows just how dangerous it can be to deal with Sith Lords but unfortunately she doesn’t have much of choice because the plan is already in motion. SPOILERS AHEAD….

Review – The Sisters Who Resist in Marvel’s Age of Resistance: Rose Tico

We met Rose Tico in the midst of tremendous loss during The Last Jedi. She’d just lost her sister, Paige, and the Resistance lost nearly their entire fleet. Nevertheless, Rose put aside her grief for her family and friends to continue the fight. She never faltered throughout the film. While some of the other protagonists took winding journeys through the plot, Rose focused on keeping the Resistance alive in hopes of defeating the First Order. Rose Tico was relentless in her goal and this issue of Age of Resistance shows you that’s been true her whole life. A profile in courage, honor, love, and loyalty – this is an excellent addition to Rose Tico’s story. SPOILERS AHEAD….

Marvel To End Multiple Star Wars Series In December with Star Wars: Empire Ascendant broke some major news this morning. The ongoing series Star Wars and Doctor Aphra will see their runs end in November, along with the conclusion of limited-series Target: Vader. The big three will see their story come to a close in the three year window between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Doctor Aphra’s series has run parallel to this timeline, as well, sometimes even seeing her pop-up in the titular title. Beilert Valance is a Legends character recently made canon in Han Solo: Imperial Cadet and is a focal character in the Target: Vader series, which has been solid so far. This is a VERY big deal and to tie all loose ends of these stories up, Marvel is bringing in a team of some amazing writers to do it in one, massive book titled Star Wars: Empire Ascendant to be released this December.

The Resistance Broadcast – Star Wars: The Father’s Role in the Journey to the Dark Side

Carrie Fisher said it best, “It’s about family, and that’s what is so powerful about it.” We explore the role of the Father in one’s journey to the dark side in Star Wars! We delve into the patterns and parallels across all three trilogies.

We also bring back our segment One With the Force where we answer questions like – Name one actor or actress that would have you smiling ear to ear if you heard they were cast in the next Star Wars movie?

As always, we feature the best of your tweets in Resistance Transmissions! Did yours make it on the show?

The Resistance base is open to all, so spread the word about TRB and join us!

Preview: The Heir of Darth Vader Plans to Outshine His Grandfather’s Legacy in Kylo Ren #1

If Tom Taylor’s Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Snoke #1 showed us Kylo Ren’s vulnerabilities, next week’s Kylo Ren #1 seems to be gearing up to put his strengths on display. In a brand new preview of the upcoming issue from, we get a glimpse of Kylo Ren attempting to free himself from the shadow of Darth Vader as he sets out to finish what his grandfather started.

The Rise of Skywalker: Images of Upcoming Retail Items Give Us a New Look at the Knights of Ren and Our Main Cast of Characters

We were sent images of puzzle covers and other retail items for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that give us a very cool look at the Knights of Ren wielding their weapons, amidst our other heroes and villains from the sequel trilogy.

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