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Andy Serkis Alludes to Snoke’s Power and Unlimited Resources in The Last Jedi

The mysteries surrounding Supreme Leader Snoke’s origins are so numerous that there isn’t really much we can say we really know about him for certain. We know he leads the First Order, that he is Kylo Ren’s Master, and that he clearly doesn’t consider cosmetic surgery to be a requirement for a man of his stature. We also know that he is someone to be feared, but the exact reasons for that fear are still quite ambiguous.






Earlier this week, Reddit user “greatjorb88” posted what appears to be a short blurb from an upcoming People magazine article which has some interesting quotes from Andy Serkis that alludes to just how powerful Snoke really is.



“Is Snoke more powerful than Darth Vader or the Emperor”?  Serkis replies by saying “Oh, without question.  He has unlimited resources”. Now that is still an ambiguous comment that could mean anything from the possibility that he commands more troops than his Imperial predecessors or that he can draw on the dark side even more than the chosen one himself. The combination of that comment with his remark that Snoke “is the dark end of the force” would lead one to believe that his comments are in relation to his force-related abilities.


Perhaps it is unwise to take him literally, but the idea that he somehow represents the dark side in some pure form, could tie into these “awakenings” of strong force power we have seen in Rey and Kylo Ren. Could Snoke too be capable of pulling from previously unseen levels of power? Could he in some way be the cause of this awakening?



We may not get confirmation in full of our Snoke theories in The Last Jedi. As Rian Johnson has mentioned, we will only see what the story dictates. But it is clear that Snoke will be taking a much bigger role this time, and there’s no doubt that a lot about the man behind the curtain will be revealed. We only have to wait a couple more weeks to find out.


Let us know what you think Snoke’s “unlimited resources” might refer to in the comments? And do you really think Snoke could be more powerful than Vader and Palpatine?