The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 82: Don’t BB-H8! Appreciate!!! With GMA’s Jeff Lowe.

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss….

Poll Results; Colin Trevorrow’s Out Of Episode IX; Empire Magazine 8-Page Feature; Rebels Season 4 Second Trailer And Season Debut On October 16th; Rebels S3 Blu-Ray Giveaway Results; Force Friday II; Journey To The Last Jedi Reading List; Comic Review; Paul Bettany In Upcoming Untitled Han Solo Spinoff; Topps Cards Reveal TLJ Art; Is The Force With You?



Our guest this week is the social media producer at Good Morning America: Jeff Lowe! Jeff works for ABC on the national level promoting all things GMA online on all social media platforms while also working under ABC’s parent company: The Walt Disney Company AKA “The Mouse”. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Lucasfilm, which produces the Star Wars films, is owned by The Walt Disney Company. This makes Jeff’s job so much fun when he gets the chance to be a bigger part of the Star Wars experience. If you have seen those killer videos in the past two years promoting us to go see GMA the next day for a big Star Wars reveal, that was personally released online by Jeff and his team. Jeff is a lifetime Star Wars enthusiast and has had lots of fun meeting and interviewing celebrities, directors, and other big names in the movie and television business.


Host: Patric Covey

Leaders of the Resistance: John Hoey, James Baney, Bill Sheehy

Special guest: Jeff D. Lowe





Check out some of the things Jeff and his team have brought to us online in the name of Star Wars:














Or the infamous Deathtrooper tease for Rogue One that made us all wake up the next morning…





To learn more about Jeff or to just go talk Star Wars with him on Twitter, you can follow him @JeffDLowe


To see all things Jeff does on the GMA side of things, you can follow them at the links below:


To see Mark Hamill giving Jeff a rough time:





Also, please go check out his podcast on iTunes: “Lights, Camera, Podcast”





Colin Trevorrow out as Episode IX director: here.


Empire Magazine 8-Page Feature: here and here.


Rebels S4 Info: here.


Snoke Supremacy Mega-Star Destroyer! Also Leia’s Resistance ship is named “Raddus”: here.


Rian Johnson talks to NYT about TLJ and his Creative Control: here.


What if Rian Johnson takes over to direct Episode IX? here.




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