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Greg Grunberg Talks the “Struggles” of Shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Greg-GrunbergEntertainment Weekly has a brief interview avaialble on their website with The Force Awakens actor and Abrams’ friend Greg Grunberg. In the interview, Grunberg discusses the unexpected struggles that he had being on set in the presence of the stars of his childhood.


“J.J. caught me watching the movie,” Grunberg says. “He’s like, ‘Cut! Cut.’ He comes over to me he’s like, ‘Dude, you’re watching the movie as I’m shooting the movie. You can’t do that.’

Grunberg, who appears in The Force Awakens, was describing a scene he was acting in, which featured “legacy” Star Wars actors like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

“I’m around a table and there’s Harrison and there’s Carrie and you know, Carrie Fisher is the greatest. Harrison is great too. I mean come on, it was a dream,” Grunberg says.

It appears even veteran actors can get a bit star stuck in the presence of our original heroes.  In the interview Grunberg also mentions that he and director JJ Abrams actually saw Star Wars :A New Hope together for the first time, making the filming of this movie  extra special to the pair.

The experience of working on the film with Abrams, who directed Grunberg on TV shows like Felicity and Alias, brings their friendship full circle. They saw the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, together when Grunberg was 4 years old. “We got dropped off and we saw it at the Avco theater which is why the code name for Star Wars when we were shooting it was Avco,” Grunberg explains.


Even so, Grunberg explains he is still just a fan and like the rest of us is battling the urge to know more before he sees the final product. The only difference between him and us is that he has the option to be spoiled by the source.

“As a fan I don’t want to know,” Grunberg says, echoing his previous sentiment to EW about being in the film. “But he is like a kid in a candy store. He’s like, ‘John Williams scored the movie!’ I’m like, ‘Dude, I don’t want to hear it.’”


For the full piece check out EW.  And for Entertainment Weekly’s full coverage of The Force Awakens pick up their latest issue.