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Star Wars The Force Awakens: New Plot and Character Rumors!

SpoilerificBlogging about the new era of Star Wars is extremely thrilling and rewarding on its own account. And why not — Star Wars is back in full swing and as vital as ever with a future as bright as the twin suns of Tatooine; that will last for years and years — a hundred, as George joked . . . we can only hope. And writing for a Star Wars Blog puts us in a privileged position to receive “Top Secret” information. Sometimes that info turns out to be complete poo-doo, but sometimes that info turns out to be, let’s just say, “interesting.” Well, lately we’ve just received some very, very juicy details which could very well prove EXTREMELY SPOILERIFIC. Proceed with plenty of salt in hand and, oh, yeah, caveat emptor!




Recently, we here at Star Wars 7 News engaged in some tantalizing discussions with one of our sources. As I’ve said, his information could prove to be not only spoilerific, but also incendiary to some.


Through a private dialogue, he has revealed to us that he has been “lurking” on the site for a “long time.” He also thinks that some of the info people discuss in The Cantina is pretty close to what he has been told, but, as with our usual caveats he added that, the speculation is overboard as Oscar Isaac alluded to and way off in directions the story is not going to go. So, as the great Samuel L. Jackson famously said in a franchise that wasn’t Star Wars, “Hold onto your butts!”


Our source started us off with a bit of a primer; nothing too revealing, not too much we didn’t already know: There are a lot of code names used in the production. When there has been reference to “pirates” that is a code for “Rebels.” It’s all the code name stuff such as “Carousel, House of Mirrors, Catapult” (that’s the main weapon that could destroy everything.) He also stated that there could be space pirates as well, along the lines of Hondo Ohnaka from The Clone Wars, but not according to his information. The first revelation is a bit of a doozy in the sense that it seems confounding, yet legitimate. He told us that “Rey” is only a temporary alias at the beginning of the film and that Rey is not actually her name.



Daisy Ridley


Recall that we debunked the Kira rumor early on, during the Puzzlewood shoot. See the sign below? That’s from Daisy Ridley’s on-set trailer at Puzzlewood in the forest of Dean. Also notice the “AVCO” code name?



Kira sign


According to this source, Rey’s identity is setup for a plot-twist. Even when we saw pictures of her name on the production site we were told it’s just a code name, which we presumed to be true given the secretive nature of the production and the history of using code names etc . . . Well, this flies in the face of logic and reason as this name, presumably just a code, persists to be associated with Daisy Ridley’s character even after the name “Rey” has been revealed. Why? Why insist that the name is real if it weren’t and already debunked? Rey is an alias which he feels is because she’s really Solo’s daughter.


Moving on from the Rey plot twist, this source also gave us this little nugget — BB-8 is really owned by Poe Dameron at the beginning of the film.



Soccer Ball Droid


This shatters a lot of preconceived notions surrounding the droid, which, to summarize, most people believed was Rey’s from the beginning. It’s easy to make that assumption since Rey and BB-8 are both introduced to us, via teaser trailer, on the desert planet which is presumed to be Tatooine. As much as everyone is dying to know everything they can about BB-8, I think we’ll focus more on Poe now. The source also told us that Poe is captured early in the film after he confronts someone called JK, which he speculated as being a “Jedi Killer.” Jedi Killer sounds intriguing. Could this be the long-rumored Sith Inquisitor? Could it be Kylo Ren? OR is it Gwendoline Christie’s alleged chrometrooper commander??? Inquiring minds want to know!



Poe Dameron


He didn’t provide any answers about JK, but here’s what else we learned about Poe Dameron — If you look closely at the teaser trailer you’ll notice that Poe’s X-wing is torched on the side because Flame Troopers burn it up at one point.



Black Leader


And while we’re on the subject of Poe Dameron our source gave us plenty of elaboration about Dameron’s role in the story. Be warned, you still have time to turn back. For those determined to move forward, our source said there is an X-wing attack on something code named the “Catapult” at the end of the movie and that Poe is piloting the black X-wing which is code named “Tilt-A-Whirl” by the production. This meshes well with the speculation members of the Cantina have posited.


Those are some pretty specific plot details. The source also revealed how the new “Big 3” become entangled as it were: In the opening of film Poe Dameron, with his droid BB-8, is on a cliff overlooking a town, a la Kenobi in A New Hope looking at Mos Eisley, watching a settlement being torched. Dameron sends BB-8 to town which is what we see in the trailer. Dameron confronts JK and a fight ensues; he is captured and hauled aboard an orbiting Star Destroyer.



Boyega Trooper


Well, IF Poe is captured he seems to escape. That ‘s where Finn comes in: Finn is aboard the “House of Mirrors” (Star Destroyer code name?) Finn reveals himself to Poe, entering his cell reminiscent of when Luke appears in Leia’s cell, and they plan their escape. Since Finn cannot fly he needs Poe to fly the elite-type Tie Fighter, painted black and red, that crash-lands in the desert. The source believes that we see Finn emerging from the crashed Tie in the teaser trailer. They then meet up with Rey. The three team up and Finn loves the light saber she has and he confides in her his wishes to defect and Poe convinces her his is a good guy. Poe needs to get back to the Rebels so they get his X-wing out of the junkyard and he heads off.

(note: MakingStarWars first reported a similar rumor about Finn and Poe)


Whatever planet they crash on, most likely Tatooine, is the same desert planet wherein we find Rey. The trio get together and Rey somehow acquires BB-8. The source adds that Poe heads back to join the Rebels and Finn and Kira head-off to find Han and Chewie and the fun ensues . . . The source suspects Rey and Finn find them in the Cantina, but is unsurte. Yeah, we checked our Cantina forum and they’re not there. And speaking of “them,” our source had this to say about something that’s been speculated upon since 2012 — Han Solo isn’t in the final scene of the movie. The source suspects that he is dead. That’s something that many have surmised ever since the Sequel Trilogy was announced. And our source doesn’t make mention of how he knows this so we have to presume that it was just part of the information dump he received from his sources.





There you have it. That’s a lot of juicy information to digest and, of course, as always will be left for you to decide what to believe or not believe. I will leave you with a few of my own thoughts on the matter — much of this information is already known to the die-hard Star wars fan who has been following the production from the beginning. A lot of what that source told us could be excellent conjecture on his part. However, the one bit that leads me to believe he has been told “inside info” is that he still believes her name is Kira despite the multitude of debunking.


So what do you think about these rumors? Let us know in the comments section or in The Cantina forum. And for those of you who have yet to join the forum, now is never too late! We still have over three hundred days to discuss these and other topics before the phenomenon that is The Force Awakens is unleashed on the world.