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UPDATE! Rumor: Possible Name for Daisy Ridley’s Episode 7 Character? Kira is not a Real Character Name!

Daisy-Ridley1Since new Episode 7 rumors have been few and far between lately, I thought I’d share one with you that concerns a possible character name. Be warned, however – as it currently stands, this rumor is fairly shaky, even by normal standards. But given the current shortage of more likely rumors, I thought that this might at least give us a little something to kick around this afternoon. (And who knows? There could even end up being something to it.)


This latest rumor comes to us from MakingStarWars.net, which reports the following via a source named “Darth Simon” at the Jedi Council Forums at TheForce.Net. We have been following Darth Simon’s posts at TF.N for the past few months, and it appears that he may have a source within the Episode 7 production. His latest post has piqued our interest enough to share it with you.

“Ok here we go. This could possibly be significant. Here is some info from the winnebagos at the Puzzlewood shoot.”

"Kira" sign - Episode 7  "Rocker" sign - Episode 7

“This is what could be the Daisy character name. And another kind of creature involved.”

Darth Simon does go on to say that he has tried to dig up a second source to corroborate this rumor, but has had no luck so far. When asked by another poster if his source was sure that this was Daisy Ridley’s character or perhaps another female character, Darth S. had this to say:

“They say its most likely Daisy. But can’t as certain as with stuff before.”

IF these photos are legitimate and these actually are signs that hung on the actors’ trailers during the shoot at Puzzlewood, then my first thought (echoed by our friends at MSW.net as well as by Darth S. himself) is that these are probably fake names being used during the production, a’la “Blue Harvest”. It actually makes a bit more sense that this would be the case, given the extreme (and, let’s be honest, rather impressive) amount of secrecy that surrounds this production.

That said, “Kira” certainly sounds like it could be a name from the Star Wars universe. Then again, apply a wee bit of imagination and it could very easily be a sly reference to Keira Knightley – who played Padme’s decoy in Episode I.


Kiera Knightley - Phantom MenaceAnd what the deuce is a “Rocker”, anyway? (I mean, other than the opposite of a “Mod”?) Some critter that camouflages itself as a rock? An evil bandit who hucks rocks at people’s heads? Wayne and Garth in space? Who can tell? Again, it could very easily be a production code name for something completely unrelated to anything geological.


Flash Gordon - Rock PeopleNaturally, we will keep our collective ear to the ground for any further information on this rumor and provide you with any updates. For now… go to it, friends. What do you all think?




Hey guys, Viral here. I’ve just received a confirmation from a legit source that Kira is definitely not a real character name from the movie. Still that doesn’t mean that the name is fake. My bet is that it’s just a production name used during the filming.