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The Caped Crusader of the Stars: Lando’s Guide to Style

From the very first moment he swaggered up to Princess Leia in his Cloud City chic, Lando Calrissian single-handedly raised the bar for fashion in a galaxy far far away.


In a new video posted by Star Wars Brasil, the future Baron Administrator seems to have always had an eye for style. “Lando’s cape is definitely his most important fashion accessory”, says Donald Glover, adding that he probably “has about 80 capes”. That’s a lot of closet space. Of course, that number might dwindle over the course of Solo: A Star Wars Story as clips in this featurette reveal a fire onboard the Millennium Falcon that Q’ira rushes to extinguish – with the aid of Lando’s outfits.


Clothes truly make the man and much can be said about any man – super or not – who sports a cape on the daily. In his own words: “It’s fashion at its very core. It’s unnecessary. But nice”.



Of course, not everyone can appreciate the way a good cape ties an outfit together. “Your scarf? Not my style” quips Han. Bold words for a man who walks around wearing a black vest covered in Wookiee hair.


Check out the full video below for the one thing everyone can’t seem to get enough of: more Lando.




Under the twin suns of Los Angeles, Chris continues to mourn the loss of Admiral Ackbar while championing the rights of Ewoks everywhere. For more of his views on Star Wars, Universal Monsters, the godliness of Paddington 2 and The Office memes, follow him @Chri5Manning


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