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Updated With Details on Bonus Features and Deleted Scenes – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ to Be Released on Digital 9/14 and 4K/Blu-ray 9/25 (VIDEO)

The home video trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has just been released, revealing the release dates for the digital and 4K/Blu-ray versions of the movie. Solo will be available for digital download on September 14th and physical copies (4K, Blu-ray, and DVD) will be released on Tuesday September 25th. Check out the trailer […]

Rumor – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ 4K and Blu-ray Release Date is 9/25

We may have a release date for Solo: A Star Wars Story thanks to a website that claims retail sources have confirmed when fans can get their hands on the 4K/Blu-ray of the movie. John HoeyJohn Hoey is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars News Net and the host of The Resistance […]

More Details on the Target and BestBuy Exclusive Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K/Blu-ray Releases

Now that Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s theatrical run is approaching its end, fans are eagerly awaiting additional details for the home video releases in multiple formats. Shortly after the release of the film, some early options for Blu-Ray came available for fans to view, although no releases dates have been set as of yet. Now […]

Ron Howard on Jabba, Dryden… and Tom Hanks?!

Ron Howard has been very open in his approach to directing Solo: A Star Wars Story by snapping behind the scenes pictures, retweeting audience reactions, and engaging with fans. Now, he’s sharing secrets about smugglers, Hutt crime lords and Woody – not Harrelson, the one from Toy Story. Chris Manning

First Details on Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Blu-Ray Revealed

Shortly after the release of the film, some early details on the Blu-Ray options fans have for Solo: A Star Wars Story have appeared. While no release date has appeared as of yet, there’s currently some cool packaging to look at. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

Solo: A Star Wars Story – “Poor Marketing” Shot First

After an unexpectedly low second weekend box office, fingers have begun to point as to where the blame for Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s missing audiences should be placed. Chris Manning

Editorial: Why Solo’s Underperformance is Not the End of the World

So Solo‘s second weekend at the box office has come and gone, and from the looks of things it’s not going to be the sleeper hit of the Summer. Granted, the post-Memorial Day drop is usually pretty brutal for a lot of films, but Solo‘s sophomore weekend numbers don’t inspire a lot of confidence for its […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Solo is the First Disney Star Wars Movie to Stumble at the Box Office

In this episode we don’t sugar-coat or deny it, we talk about the fact that Solo: A Star Wars Story stumbled hard at the box office, especially internationally, and we give our takes on why this happened. We also talk about Maul, that long-rumored Boba Fett film that is allegedly in the works, and we […]

Lawrence and Jon Kasdan Reveal Why They Decided to Replace Michael K. Williams With Paul Bettany

In a new Q&A session hosted by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, writers Lawrence and Jon Kasdan discussed their experience writing the script for Solo: A Star Wars Story, revealing some interesting behind the scenes information about the troublesome production and sharing interesting details about some of the movie’s story elements. Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder […]

Jon Kasdan Reveals Anthony Ingruber Auditioned for ‘Solo’, Plus More Interesting Bits

  Co-writer on Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jon Kasdan, recently took to Twitter to answer some questions about the movie and express his opinion about the movie’s reception and performance at the box office. He also addressed the casting of Han Solo and why Alden Ehrenreich was chosen over the popular fan pick Anthony […]

Most Wanted Book Review: Scrumrats, Religious Rodians, and Droid Gangsters

Rae Carson’s newest Star Wars book, Most Wanted, follows the exploits of two Corellian scrumrats before their lives were forever entwined with 190 year old Wookiees, caped crusading smugglers, and devilish crime bosses. Chris Manning

Updated with the Winners! SWNN Giveaway and Poll – Rate All Star Wars Movies, Vote, and Win One of Ten Star Wars Item Locators from Plox

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re at the bar, just won a tidy sum in a few hands of Sabaac playing against a half-drunk Ithorian, and you’re ready to make your speedy exit but can’t find the keys to your T-16 parked out back. Well worry no more as SWNN has this giveaway […]

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