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Review – IG-88 Doesn’t Play, Yoda Finds Hope, And Porkins Takes Time for Self-Care In Marvel’s Age of Rebellion Special

While we all take a few days to catch our collective, celebratory breath after this weekend, Marvel chugs right along with a great new special issue in their Age of Rebellion series. We are treated to three separate tales involving droid bounty hunter IG-88, Jedi Master Yoda, and two of the less heralded Rebel pilots, Porkins and […]

Review: Heroes Are On Both Sides in Marvel’s ‘Star Wars: Tie Fighter #1’ by Jody Houser

In the first issue of the five-part mini-series, writer Jody Houser (with artists Rogé António, Michael Dowling, Arif Prianto, and Lee Loughridge) presents the Galactic Civil War through a different perspective than we’re used to. A companion story to the upcoming novel Alphabet Squadron, Star Wars: TIE Fighter tells the story of the TIE squadron […]

Star Wars Celebration – New Marvel Vader Series Announced, More on Age of Resistance, And A New Team Takes The Reigns of the Titular Series

Marvel’s Star Wars titles continue to expand the storytelling of Star Wars and today at Star Wars Celebration fans were able to get a glimpse into what it took to make the future holds for the Age of, the titular Star Wars series, and a new series called Target Vader. Marvel is also ramping up to tell many stories that tie […]

Review – Leia Finds Her Inner Scoundrel In Marvel’s Age of Rebellion

Marvel kicks their comics into high gear this week as anxious fans await Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. For those waiting to get in or watching at home on their devices, writer Greg Pak has an excellent story about how Leia got into character before striding into Jabba the Hutt’s palace as notorious bounty hunter […]

Review – There Is No Mercy in Age of Rebellion: Grand Moff Tarkin

“TOOTH AND CLAW” – The Galactic Empire plans to solidify the rule of thousands of star systems with the dreaded Death Star, a superweapon with unfathomable destructive potential. And with the ruthless and cunning Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin in charge of the battle station, it won’t be long before the Rebel Alliance is wiped out. […]

Review – Rebels Begin Takeover of Shu-Torun in Star Wars #64

“THE SCOURGING OF SHU-TORUN” PART 3. LEIA leads her covert team deep into the heart of the royal palace of SHU-TORUN. BENTHIC leads the PARTISANS deep inside the horrific edifice of THE SPIKE. A rebel victory could cripple the Empire for good. A little scourging is one thing…but the death of a planet? Written by […]

Review – The Power of Fear In Marvel’s Vader: Dark Shadows #2

Vader: Dark Visions has been over-the-top so far and I love it! There is nothing subtle about this series. Told through the eyes of those who encounter the Dark Lord of the Sith makes it instantly relatable to the reader. Marvel shows no signs of slowing down on Vader content as the ever-expanding catalog of titles […]

Review – The Bottom Falls Out In Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #30

The Imperial propaganda machine swarms around Milvayne. Doctor Aphra and Triple Zero continue to run for their lives, searching for the one person who can disarm the explosive devices that keep them tethered to one another. As actors in Dr. Cornelius Evazan’s morbid game they’ve depended on one another but what they didn’t count on […]

Review – Revenge of The Rebel Princess Begins In Marvel’s Star Wars #63

Leia’s been sharpening her knives since the betrayal of Queen Trios. While our heroes were stranded on Hubin, Leia spent her time meticulously planning how she’d get retribution while dealing a blow to the Empire at some time. The plans have been made and it’s time for the whole team to rally behind her and […]

Spoiler Review – ‘Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow’ by E.K. Johnston Will Change Your Perspective on Amidala and Her Handmaidens

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow by author E.K. Johnston (Ahsoka), then I strongly recommend you check it out at the earliest opportunity. The story details Padmé Amidala’s rise to prominence as a galactic senator, but the heart of this tale truly lies in the amazing women that […]

Review – Grievous Is An Agent of Destruction in Marvel’s Age of Republic: General Grievous

“BURN” – The Clone War rages! The Jedi Order leads the armies of the Republic in battle against the endless Separatist droid legions. The Jedi may have finally met their match in the fearsome and merciless General Grievous! Countless Jedi have fallen to Grievous‘ blades but no matter how many Jedi he slaughters nothing can […]

Review – A Sort-of Graduation In Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #5

Han Solo and his fellow cadets are in the midst of their first mission, but it’s not going the way they or the Empire hoped. This incredibly fun series by Robbie Thompson has come to an end. The galaxy’s favorite scoundrel is out of the academy and finding out he fled the oppression of Corellia […]

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