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The Resistance Broadcast – Episode 99 – What Is The WORST Lightsaber Battle In Star Wars?

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast, we discuss….

Poll Results; Giveaway Winner; Rian John Explains Luke’s Powers In The Last Jedi; Rebels Season 4 Midseason Trailer; TLJ Nominated For Awards; Reed Morano Possible LFL Involvement; Why No Knights of Ren?; Tweeting With The Resistance; Final Thoughts. In this week’s Star Wars War we have quite the battle over what is the WORST lightsaber duel! Things get a bit ramped up as we each make our case! The question is, what do you think is the worst lightsaber battle in Star Wars history?



Leaders of the Resistance: John HoeyJames BaneyBill SheehyPatric Covey








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Rian Johnson explained Luke’s powers at the end of The Last Jedi, borrowing an idea from “sacred” LEGENDS Jedi text: here

Rebels S4 trailer, return date, final episodes/Ian McDiarmid is BACK as Palpatine in Rebels: here

The Last Jedi Award Nominations: here and here

Reed Morano confirms she’s talked with Lucasfilm, but she won’t be directing a Star Wars movie: here

Rian Johnson addresses the absence of the Knights of Ren: here


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