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Rian Johnson Talks Logistics of Kylo and Rey’s Force Connections

The long distance, force-based conversations between Rey and Kylo Ren were one of the many interesting and new facets of the Force that were introduced in The Last Jedi. Not completely unprecedented, as we had seen these sorts of connections made in the past, but they were never as clearly defined as it was in this movie. In an article over at People, Rian Johnson discussed these scenes and the thought and logistics that went into creating them.



For that second act twist in Supreme Leader Snoke’s chambers to work, Johnson clearly needed us to at least begin to empathize with the former Ben Solo, so the director needed to find a way to do that. But doing so meant covering quite a bit of emotional ground for both Rey and the audience who had just seen him strike down a fan favorite character in Han Solo.

For those force connections, I needed them to talk. And I thought that the hardest thing that Rey could possibly be faced with is being forced to talk to this person that she completely despises. And also the audience, we hate him coming into it. She had to be our proxy and so that’s why in those first few conversations, she is just spitting in his face.

Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver in Ireland


That these conversations work so well, despite the inherently silly logistics of talking to nothing is a testament to both Johnson’s directing and both actor’s performance. Clearly a lot of effort went into getting those scenes just right. Johnson discusses in more detail:

Every single time we shot one of their sides, the other person was off camera. Even to the point where Adam flew to Ireland just to be off camera for Daisy’s stuff, which was essential because they’re such intimate conversations. And that also meant we had to shoot each of those scenes twice basically, which meant the rehearsal time was really important. And my editor Bob Ducsay did an amazing job then of making it feel kind of seamless after the fact.


All the effort would seemed to have paid off. Despite some mixed reaction among fans towards the film as a whole, near universal applause has been given to the performances at the center of the film. And, this stands especially true considering these scenes could have so easily come off as stilted and awkward considering the setup.



Head over to People for the entire piece, including Johnson’s thoughts on how Abrams set him up for the Kylo/Rey dynamic in The Force Awakens and his thoughts on the two going forward.




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