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The Last Jedi: Deleted Scenes Descriptions Possibly Revealed

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The Last Jedi is the longest Star Wars film, clocking in at 2 hours and 33 minutes. Even with this length, numerous scenes were still cut from the final film. According to Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm, there were about 20 minutes of scenes cut from the final film that will appear on the Blu-ray. We already published an article with Rian Johnson discussing some of the deleted scenes, but now we’ll go more in-depth.










The first, and seemingly longest scene, involved Rey and Luke. The scene served as Rey’s third test, taking place immediately after Luke tells Rey about Darth Sidious. Rey sees a boat coming towards the island. There’s a noticeable fire where the boat is headed. Luke tells Rey that the boat is filled with bandits who will slaughter the caretakers, and if Rey helps now, they’ll only come back stronger next time. Luke tells Rey that a Jedi Knight would do nothing, only acting to maintain balance. Rey, furious, sprints towards the fire. This sequence can be seen from one of the behind the scenes featurettes:



Rey bursts through a door, only to find that there’s a party involving the Caretakers, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and some porgs. Confused, she looks at Chewbacca and says “seriously?”. Luke apologizes to Rey, saying the Resistance needs her, not some failure from an ancient religion. Now quite upset, Rey tells Luke that even though he doesn’t believe in the legend of Luke Skywalker, she used to. Rey tells Luke that she was wrong to believe in the legend. This leaves Luke shocked, knowing he pushed Rey too far. This scene, according to Slashfilm, was ultimately cut because Luke was seen as too much of a jerk.


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While it definitely would have been cool to see this final third lesson, I think Rian Johnson and his editing crew made the right decision to remove it. At this point the audience has seen enough of the curmudgeonly behavior of Luke, fully realizing he is no longer the optimistic and heroic Jedi that they remember. This would have pushed that a bit too far, possibly making audiences dislike the handling of their beloved Jedi even more.


During the filming of The Last Jedi in Ireland many local fans witnessed (from a considerable distance), the filming of a massive scene which many speculated to be Luke and Rey fighting with the Knights of Ren. Could they have been confused by that deleted scene instead? It’s very likely, considering that the Knights of Ren were not even mentioned in the movie. The Knights of Ren were created by J. J. Abrams and it remains to be seen if he wishes to expand on their story in Episode IX.





While there were already many practical creatures in the Canto Bight part of the film, there could have been up to 85 more!



There was an extended sequence cut for reasons unknown, which took us a bit deeper into get into the backstories of Finn and Rose. The two reveal to one another that they have both lost someone to the First Order. This sequence was reshot to include Temiri Blagg, who you may know affectionately as “Broom Kid”, who’s seen in the final shots of the film. These scenes were definitely a smart choice to cut. With fans thinking the Canto Bight material was the weakest part of the film, more of it wouldn’t have served the film well.





Rian Johnson already touched on this a little bit, but there were a few things cut from the Finn’s sequence on Snoke’s ship. A group of stormtroopers enter the elevator with Finn, Rose, and DJ. One of the troopers turns and gives Finn a look. Tension building, Finn asks him what his problem is. The stormtrooper (seemingly Tom Hardy with a southern accent) says “I know who you are…. FN 2187! Damn boy, I never took you for officer material!” The two grew up together, and apparently Hardy’s character doesn’t know about FN-2187’s defiance.


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This scene would have been cool just for fans who knew that Tom Hardy was the one in the suit. Otherwise, I don’t think the scene was necessary, and something that is perfectly suited for a deleted scene.





After Finn breaks part of Captain Phasma’s helmet revealing her face, six stormtroopers show up and surround Finn. He tells them that they should join the Resistance. They all look at each other, and while doing so, are gunned down by Phasma. In a scene that some have already considered to be a bit over-the-top, this could have taken the audience away from the intensity of the personal one on one conflict between Finn and Phasma, so probably a good decision to remove it. 






Vice Admiral Holdo was much harsher to Poe, calling him a “flyboy” and “honey”. They reshot some of her dialogue using automated dialogue replacement (ADR), which can be noticed by her lips not moving at times when she speaks to Poe. A scene with Poe and Finn was also reshot because Rian Johnson wound up not liking where the conversation took place.



Rian Johnson was probably wise to have cut most of these scenes from have been cut from The Last Jedi. The only one that I think may have possibly made sense in the final cut was Rey’s third lesson from Luke. The scene seems to carry a decent amount of emotional weight, and gives Rey even more of a reason to leave the island. However, I don’t think this would have gone over well with most fans. Those who already disliked the handling of Luke Skywalker would have had yet another reason to be upset. All in all, the scenes that were cut were cut for a reason.


Now we wait for the Blu-ray which we expect to be sometime in April!



Source: Slashfilm