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New Toy Confirms Old Character Rumor

ralph-mcquarrie-star-warsA long time ago, we ran four little rumor articles based on the accounts of King3000, a source of ours with knowledge of Star Wars: The Force Awakens who told us information about the film on our message board The Cantina. After months of waiting, the posts have been vindicated by a plethora of new footage from the movie.


Minor spoilers ahead.

Hassk ThugShown above is a new toy of a wolf-creature (via JediTempleArchives). I point this out in particular because this was one of the first things that King3000 told us about – a werewolf-type alien based on previously-unused Ralph McQuarrie art (see title image). This is the most recent thing in a long history of things that he’s been right about, and since we’re so close to release, I’d like to talk about a few of his “greatest hits” with the information he’s given us.


Pegg's Character

The shape of the suits in above image strongly implies that Simon Pegg is the character that J. J. Abrams is gesturing toward, and the character in question has been confirmed to be the elusive Unkar Plutt via a few new toys.


King3000 mentioned that Simon Pegg’s character would be seen in a Cantina-esque scene. In the scene described, Unkar Plutt harasses Rey until a slightly-wounded Chewbacca comes after him. He taunts the Wookie by telling him he’s no good with a single arm, and… well, let’s just say that Han wasn’t kidding when he said that Wookiees were strong enough to actually pull arms out of sockets.


We now know that said scene actually takes place on Takodana (judging by a few of the background characters in the image with Rey), but Pegg was still seen in costume for the Abu Dhabi shoot. From this, we can infer that Unkar Plutt ends up being present on both worlds over the course of the movie. This is pure speculation on my part, but the easiest explanation as to why this is would be that Unkar Plutt is the owner of the Millennium Falcon at the time of The Force Awakens until Rey “borrows” it. So he somehow learns of this, and travels from Jakku to Takodana to get it back, only to get a dislocated (or possibly severed) arm or two in the process. What a rotten deal!


lupita-nyongo-imageAnother key thing that King3000 told us about was how they brought Maz Kanta to life. At the time, some people thought that her character would be a puppet (like Yoda, circa the OT) with Lupita Nyong’o’s motion-captured face superimposed over it (also like Yoda, but circa the PT). However, King3000 made the assertion that a little person would portray the character’s body in “physical scenes” while Nyong’o would do the motion-capture for her face. He also noted that there were some scenes where the character was entirely played by Nyong’o when she was seated or “standing” on her knees. The character’s inclusion on the poster and her presence in the second teaser strongly indicates that the motion-capture/body double method is what was used in the end.


Beyond this, King3000 has told us about several other little things – Nien Nunb’s presence in the film, Rey and BB-8 descending a few steps together, and several details about background characters. It will be interesting also to see if the Benedict Cumberbatch cameo rumor pans out.