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Rumor: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scenes/Characters Described – Part III.


Way back in September we first posted about this piece from our message board, The Cantina. Where member King3000 gave a highly detailed description concerning a scene in Episode VII. Well we have received another update on what was previously shared and with MSW’s report there is some interesting interplay. Again these are rumors with nothing confirmed but still spoilers may follow so proceed at your own risk.

You can find our previous reports on these rumors HERE and HERE 








What follows is a summary of some of the new points by King3000

  • Lupita filmed her scene on her knees with CGI markers on her face
  • Lupita’s scenes were filmed twice, once with Lupita and once with a “little person”
  • There is foosball in Star Wars


This answers some of the questions arisen in regards to how King’s knowledge meshed with MSW’s on the “Rose” character Lupita seems to be playing.


Lupita Hat
“Lupita was filmed doing her scenes on her knees, she was wearing kneepads. She had CGI markers on her face and was wearing head apparatus with a camera and extremely bright light pointing directly in her face, this alone points towards only her face being used as opposed to CGI beig added to her face. Secondly each of her scenes were filmed twice over with a “Little Person” filming the same as her, this is either a place holder for a CGI character or Lupita’s face is being placed on a smaller persons body. I was told the “Little Person” was very forceful and pushing there way past the bar members legs and knocking them out the way, which still fits with the character being an authority figure in this establishment.”



Assuming both of these reports are true then we have an idea of how Lupita is playing Rose. The process seems at least somewhat similar to previous work by Andy Serkis such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Here are other parts of the report


“The wolfmen are almost identical to these guys seen in Ralph Mcquarries concept art below, there are at least 2 of them skulking around set and they are apparently ‘very cool'”





“Lastly some small things, I mentioned this guy before, as being some sort of Butcher. He is, he is sat in the scene chopping “rats” with a meat clever.”





“Also there is………..foosball in the star wars universe, well something similar being played, CGI will be added. There is also a really cool “Large Monster” sat almost in a throne type chair, the puppet is operated by 3 guys and is quite muscular, with only three fingers on each hand and is almost “oriental warrior” looking. There is an immense amount going on, alot of small stuff not even worth mentioning, but its looking fun apparently.

Mark Hamill’s beard is “medium length” <—–Spoiler of the year xD

Well a “Bit” shorter than this picture…..”






This clarifies Lupita’s position as an “authority figure” somewhat since his last post and with MSW’s previous post we may be starting to get an idea of who exactly this mysterious “Rose” could be. Share your thoughts in the comment below or at The Cantina.