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Rumor: New Episode VII Scenes/Characters Described – Part II.

clapperboard1Few weeks ago we brought to your attention a very interesting report posted on our message boards. Now the same forum member shared even more interesting bits about the upcoming movie. As always treat these as rumors until anything official is revealed and beware of a potential spoilers ahead…


You can check our previous report HERE.






Now straight to the new bits. According to Cantina member King3000:


  • Warwick Davis is playing a Cantina Musician.
  • Benedict Cumberbacth shot a cameo scene a week ago.
  • The guy who gets his arm ripped off in the Cantina scene (described in the previous report) is an alien played by Simon Pegg.


These three bits are pretty specific and they surely will be confirmed or debunked even before the movie opens in December 2015. So they will be a good test for the credibility of this guy’s sources.





Now some more stuff about the story:


Y’all gonna love when you see the opening of this film. So many little Easter eggs and surprises. Here’s a hint:


Slave I


And the same guy went on to speculate more on this Cantina scene. According to him he did this based on what he heard, and from the stuff MSW posted. So for now take the following as a speculation and a fun read. Some of the things might be true, some might have changed and some might be very far from the truth. Still I find it interesting that real actor names are used as I said above. So I guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

There must be some sort of action going on in space above Tatooine, Boyega is a Stormtrooper (this is 100%) his tie is shot down (again perhaps explains the Falcon and X-Wing outside the Cantina). Daisy wearing clothing similar to that of lukes in ANH and rescues Boyega, takes him back to her AT-AT home and he gets a change of clothes (Raggedy clothes as I described from the cantina scene, almost like he had been dragged off the street onto set).


Daisy heads to the Cantina in search of Han with her droid (which is an actual prop pushed along on bars) and Boyega in tow. She arrives is confronted by SIMON PEGG complete in alien prothetics including an enlarged neck, she raises her blaster, he takes it from her and points it back at her “Don’t point a blaster unless you intend to use it”, Chewie comes over “Ha what good is a one armed Wookie”, Chewie rips Peggs arm off and hands Daisy back the gun.


Han & Chewie

Han arrives (Wearing his iconic outfit minus the waistcoat which is replaced with a thin cut biker style leather jacket) looking flustered, I am guessing he still has the falcon and has possibly returned after whatever was happening in space to cause Boyega to crash, anyhow the owner of the Cantina (Lupita Nyong’o complete with CGI reference dots on her face) shouts “HAN SOLO” too which the entire Cantina stops and turns to Han (A Proper western moment) “You have 25 Bounties on your head” which implies Han is still playing rogue.


Also during the scene Boyega says “Thats when I met you” and “I didn’t want to fight”.


Outside a massive object (could be a ship/planet/moon) is destroyed again pointing towards there being a conflict in the sky, everyone exits the Cantina to watch **** go down.”


I believe him saying “I didn’t want to fight” is about him being a Storm Trooper, maybe he was forced into it by the bad guys/empire, we don’t really know this yet. The feeling is that Daisy and Boyega will fall in love at some point.


There are some things that differentiate from other rumors. For example many people believe that the dessert planet is not Tatooine. Also according to Jason from MSW this is not a Cantina, but a bidding station. And as I said before – the Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o playing a mo-cap character doesn’t make much sense, but we will see.

So for now take this with the usual quantity of salt.