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UPDATE! Rumor: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scenes/Characters Described – Part IV. New Concept Art Revealed.

Teaser TrailerRemember our old pal King3000 from our message board, The Cantina? We posted three articles about information he’s leaked, and recent reveals from the Vanity Fair image shoot have strongly supported what he’s brought up. Get a good look at what’s been confirmed with him, along with other new scenes and characters described, by making the jump below.





Firstly, before I get into the spoilers, I would like to establish that I strongly believe in King3000 as a source. Some of what he has posted so far has been proven in the last month or so, and what hasn’t been confirmed yet has some support in other rumors that have popped up since he’s made these posts. I’d like to highlight what that is before getting into discussing his latest batch of rumors.


One of the biggest details that King3000 has consistently reported is that Lupita Nyong’o is providing the voice and acting of the alien, who we now know is named Maz Kanata. Furthermore, Maz Kanata would physically be portrayed by either Lupita “standing” on her knees, or by a little person on the set, who would provide for the body language and physical action of the character in more dynamic scenes (with Lupita’s motion-captured face inserted digitally). While the part about motion-capture has been clearly confirmed, the bit about the little person is a bit uncertain, but plausible, as it is speculated that Maz Kanata is the little alien in the recent trailer that hands Leia the lightsaber.





In addition to dear old Maz Kanata, he’s talked a lot about the sequence where she is introduced. He described Finn and Rey as wearing similar attires to the ones that were shown in the recent trailer. A character he has alluded to, a man with an Original Trilogy-era Stormtrooper helmet with black paint, can be seen in the back of the “Pirates” image (more on that later). So, as you can see, he’s been right about a lot we’ve heard about so far. Now it’s time for the good stuff: what he’s talked about since February. He started off with some details about the place setting that Maz Kanata occupies:


  • There are “spiral” type staircases leading upstairs and downstairs, these only have 4 to 5 steps on them and don’t actually lead anywhere (Set trickery). There is an extremely large fire pit in the centre of the set with animals on a spit and some awesome chairs made out of Xwing/Tie Fighter seats.
  • Poe Dameron is definately NOT in this scene.
  • Here is something interesting, I specifically asked if Maz Kanata takes the others somewhere to sit and talk, my guy said he has not seen footage of them going “downstairs” so to speak, but this was obviously done on another set if its in the move BUT and this is kinda telling, she does take them to a table in the corner of the Cantina and begins using Jedi powers to make bowls of food and fruit hover in the air around the table, these were old school “on strings” special effects. Whether this shot will be edited to make it look like they are elsewhere and the bowls replaced with “Flashback visions” floating around them I don’t know sounds cool though.
  • Another cool thing which I can’t figure, on the exterior shot where the cast ere told to react to a planet being destroyed (Might be the Castle or a moon, space station who knows) with the big greenscreen. The only other standout prop in this scene is a cockpit, don’t know what its doing there, or if its from a crashed ship but its sitting out the front of the Cantina (well not sure on distance but its outside).


Furthermore, the characters revealed in the below image apparently only account for a third of the characters that appear in the “Pirates” area, where Kanata is introduced. He also added a lot more to these assortment of rogues (click the image for a closer view of these characters):





  • Okay I mentioned several months ago that Hermi Odle would be making a return as a butcher in the scene. My guy got that wrong, well he mistook him for another alien. At first I thought it was the hooded creature to the left of the red guy. But its not, its actually the creature stood up behind them, this is the butcher of Maz’s establishment, he has 1 are and 1 leg longer than the other.
  • The 2 Pirate type guys in the bottom left, are just that pirates/traders etc, it seems on this planet people trade in “Stones” there is alot of them being shifted around, weighed on scales etc, seems this might be there currency.
  • The guy lurking behind the gold droid I “think” is the guy I mentioned a while back, the one who is all painted up in tribal patterns, we see the end of his blaster but apparently its a pretty big gun.
  • To the left of the gold droid, this guy was in A New Hope and I am not 100% sure if he is playing the same character.
  • The big guy in the middle, I mentioned a couple months back not much else to say about him, I only had a vague description but we can all see him now, the girl sat on him is basically his property.
  • The short alien at the front wit the blue beard, i think I was told is one of the band members, along with Warwick Davis.
  • Then we have our favourite black hatted stormtrooper.
  • The short fat hooded alien appears to be a guy of wealth or importance because the guy to his right (red guy) acts like his bodyguard, also underneath that red helmet is make up, black covering the whole head, with a skin pattern like a “tire-tread”.





Furthermore, King3000 noticed that there is a large Medieval-Fantasy influence on this film, describing the plot in these terms:


  • I mentioned a while back how what I was told about everything on set was that everything seemed to have devolved, especially on Jakku. But I see a larger re-occuring theme and wanted to see how much medievil influence we can see from the brief glimpses we have seen of this movie and whether or not it might help us understand/dissect the movie anymore.
  • The crossguard/broadsword sabre.
  • Castles now seem to be the way forward for both bad and good guys.
  • The new slingshot/catapult weapon we have heard of.
  • Captain Phasma’s gleaming suit of armor with cloak draped over shoulder.
  • Is Anakins sabre the new Excalibur? Is Finn the guy who can wield it?
  • Oh another one, burning the village to the ground xD
  • So……… The king of the castle takes his army, lead by his silver armoured 2nd in command and burns down a village in a search of a mystical sword once wielded by a legend, little does he know a group of young warriors are in possession of the sword (insert excalibur) and are on there way to a castle to find out about the sword from a small wizard (Maz). The angry king returns to his castle, assembles his army and destroys the wizards castle with his giant catapult……………………then shit gets heavy in space, lasers, pew, pew, people die etc. Sounds epic





Also the avatar King3000 uses on our message board for many months now is absolutely identical with the character in the above photo. He also described the writing “fear” that is on the helmet months ago.


Other miscellaneous of information worth noting include the following:


  • I have seen photos only a couple of the forest of dean filming, only of Stormtroopers in mid battle.
  • Plus theres the Slave I chalk drawing on the wall in Rose’s Cantina which is bound to be a TFA easter egg.
  • Lupita is the small alien that hands the sabre to Leia, had this confirmed for me today. On set there was reference pictures of her and the cast were also shown pictures of her character whilst doing scenes with her for reference. She is an authority figure at her cantina/castle. Her “body double” the small person is seen marching towards Han, pushing pirates and aliens out of her way. She knows Han, or of Han, she says “Han Solo, you have 20 bounties on your head” or something to this effect. She has the ability to make items levitate (Practical effects done on set, old school objects on fishing wire stuff) Also I think I read recently that she speaks with a Russian accent? or something similar. It would make sense now as whenever he lines have been paraphrased to me, there’s always been an accent implied. The “Han Solo” becomes “Harn Zulow” if you get what I am saying.



The image of what appears to be J. J. Abrams’s answer to the famous Cantina sequence from A New Hope (or, more accurately, the Jabba’s Palace sequences in Return Of The Jedi) was a highlight for me, and hearing more about the lore behind these characters is fascinating. Especially trying to find out how Maz Kanata, the Force-sensitive pirate, fits into all of it.



Thanks again to King3000 for being a conduit of interesting inside information!






And now the guys from Indie Revolver revealed another concept art image from TFA, this time with Lupita’s character Maz Kanata, the one we so thoroughly discussed above. It appears that the art is an early one, since you can see in the trailer that Maz has orange skin. Or maybe it’s just the lighting.