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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Plot and Character Rumors Part II

Boba-FettThis article is a continuation of the one we reported a month ago HERE. It should be noted that the things we report below were shared with us almost 2 months ago. I intentionally left some bits out from our previous piece, because I was not fully sure in the credibility of the source. A recent report by MakingStarWars backed up some of the things the source shared with us. Now hit the jump for the whole report.



So almost 2 months ago a source supplied us with some really interesting bits (some reported HERE). Some of them were already mentioned by other sites, but some bits were new. At that time the source gave us 2 character names from the movie as a proof for his credibility. The names were “Gorwyn” – an X-Wing pilot and Captain Trilla.


A few days ago MakingStarWars posted an article with several Rebel names from TFA. Two of the names were Gorwyn and Captain Trilla. This report gave me more confidence in our source and I decided to report the other stuff from him.






For a better understanding of the story I will mention again some of the rumors we included in our previous piece.


Again, keep in mind that these were shared with us almost 2 months ago, before the latest reports about the movie’s development and the fate of some of the characters.





Here goes nothing:


  • The name Rey is Daisy Ridley’s name at the beginning of the film.
  • Rey is an alias to hide her real identity. She might be Solo since she consults Han to find the saber he identifies as his friends.
  • JJ wanted to keep Ridley’s real name secret. Her identity is a setup for a plot twist.
  • BB-8 is Poe’s droid at the opening of the film. (also recently reported by MSW)
  • JK that Poe confronts in the beginning of the movie is listed in the top 10 characters.
  • Han Solo is not in the final group shot wave good bye scene. (also recently reported by MSW)
  • Luke only appears in one scene at the end of the film when Kira returns his saber. (also recently reported by MSW)
  • There is a Young Original Warrior. (also recently reported by MSW)



It should be worth noting that “Original Warrior” was apparently Luke’s script name in the same vein as “Kira” was for Rey, as both codenames were used at the Skellig Michael shoot if initials are anything to go by. While there’s still reason to question the “Luke is only in one scene” rumor, it’s interesting that our source brought it up here as well. Still I believe there’s something more to this story.


So actually 6 of the stories our source shared with us 2 months ago were backed up by a more detailed descriptions from MakingStarWars. And I guarantee you that our sources are not the same.




  • Leia seems to be in a leadership role and is active in the strategy to destroy the catapult but I have no details on that part. (also recently reported by MSW)
  • Gorwyn is an X-Wing pilot and there’s a character named Captain Trilla. 
  • Code names: “Fun House” – Cantina, “Hall of Mirrors” – ship, “The Catapult” – weapon, “Tilt a Whirl”-X-Wing. All Stormtroopers are code named: buddies, buddy etc.
  • Mostly the Rebel’s are considered the Pirates.
  • Catapult is the main weapon that could destroy everything.
  • Ackbar is in the film…and I think Nien Nunb is too. He’s just referred to as NN.
  • Best I know is Christie for sure is a Chrome trooper and wears a cap and has a saber.



I went even further and asked our source what he knows about the future of the franchise. He was told that the franchise won’t end at Episode IX. They are going beyond 12! Basically think James Bond movies.


On the spin-off movies he said that for now there are only two movies that are currently in production (a Boba Fett and a Han Solo movies). The 3rd is down the road. There really is no info on the third at all.



Boba Fett Sarlaac


And now comes the most controversial part from this story that I left out from our previous report. But since so many things were backed up by other reports I decided to share it:


  • Boba Fett and his whole back story is set to be completely reloaded in the first spinoff movie. Disney is not happy with how George handled the character and they want to give him more of a good guy twist. 
  • Shooting starts around summer time. Production offices open in April and it will shoot along side Episode 8.
  • Like it or not but Boba Fett will be reloaded as fans know him, they are working from a plot outline (not script) from Kasdan and he wants Boba Fett to be killed when he is a kid and taken over by another person who assumes his identity. Temuera Morrison is not a box office actor and they will get someone who can lead fans back to the theaters.
  • I heard the Fett we see in Empire is Max von Sydow. What I am told is MVS kills Fett at a younger age and takes his persona.
  • I’m 99% sure that Max von Sydow is Boba Fett in TFA and ironically a role model to Kira. Still, on everything I have seen first hand Fett is not even mentioned at least by name in the movie.



Now you see why I was hesitant about posting the last part before. First of all our source is aware of the huge rumor dump on Reddit from a few months ago, when a person called Spoilerman also outlined a similar story about Fett. While our source thinks that Spoilerman was wrong on many things and used some fake sheets trying to prove his credibility, still the Fett report matched with what he has heard about him as well.


I’m sure that no one really wants to see Boba Fett as an old man, but I like the idea that they actually never directly mention that Max von Sydow is Boba Fett. I would advise you to take the last part with the usual amount of salt, but this source has proven his credibility. We’ll see what happens.



And last, but not least, according to our source TFA footage that will be shown at Celebration will be more like a completed trailer. It’s not going to be a teaser with just a few glimpses from the movie. We will find out about this in 45 days.