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Images of the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens TIE Fighter Toy.

07 Crashed elite TIEIt appears as though the NDAs on what was shown at the Star Wars SDCC Hasbro panel have finally been lifted – and with it, a good deal of information about the new TIE fighter toys based on the new model from The Force Awakens. Rebelscum shows a few up-close-and-personal pictures of the new TIE fighters and their pilots, among other things…







So it appears as though this variant on the TIE fighter (circa The Force Awakens) accommodates two individual pilots. It makes sense, considering that the First Order TIE fighter seems to be packing a lot more heat than the Galactic Empire TIE fighters ever did. (Check all all those guns!)


But that’s not all. They also snagged a few good glimpses at the new TIE pilot, along with a set recreating the skirmish seen in the trailer. (From the set shown below, it appears as though the TIE pilot’s armor is standard-issue for these guys, and it’s not Captain Phasma in special armor as some believed.)


TIE Pilot

TIE Explosions 1

TIE Explosions 2

I personally find all the recent influx of new information about the lineup of Star Wars toys to be interesting… I wouldn’t be too surprised if D23 is when Disney unveils most of their merchandise set to be released on Force Friday in September.


Be sure to check out Rebelscum’s report of the panel for more images on forthcoming Star Wars toys, including Black Series figures of Rebels characters!