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Star Wars Episode VIII Casting New Strong Female Character”?

Episode VIII

Well, just when it seems things are coming into focus, a report like this comes out and forces you to question what you actually know about the upcoming films. The website Geek Nation is reporting that they have a source who tells them that Lucasfilm, including direct involvement from Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, is currently casting for a strong, young, female character that will be featured heavily in the second film of the trilogy. If this report is true there are potential spoilers below, so back out now while you still can if you want to remain unspoiled on the characters and events of both Episodes VII and VIII.






Now, adding another strong female character to the cast is not all that shocking, but the report doesn’t stop there. Geek Nation says that their source is indicating that this new character will be none other than Han Solo’s daughter. So, if this is true, what does it mean? The majority of early speculation assumed that Rey would in fact be a Solo, with some significant rumors hinting towards Rey being a pseudonym with her real name being Kira Solo, daughter of Han and Leia. But recent reports have had many straying away from that idea, so the idea that a Solo child could be introduced elsewhere isn’t entirely out of left field.





This report does, however, raise many questions. If Solo has a child, is it Leia’s? Where is this daughter during the events of The Force Awakens if they are not to be introduced until the next film? What role will they play in Episode VIII? This also doesn’t necessarily mean that either Kylo Ren or Rey are not Solo children as each has been rumored to be in the past. There could easily be a third child out there.


It is also worth noting that the report weakens its language a bit in the summary. At the start it states that the new character is allegedly Han Solo’s daughter, but later in the report says:


…it seems like the new, female character will have strong ties to the Solo family, and all signs seem to be pointing towards her being Han’s daughter.


That nuance could be important in how solid this rumor is. So, it is possible that Han Solo could have as many as three or as few as zero children in these films. But regardless, reports of a new featured young female character definitely helps kick up the old speculation machine on Episode VIII well before VII has even been released.



Source: Geek Nation