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Following the Clues to a Possible Boba Fett Stand-Alone Movie. (Part 3 of 3)

Boba Fett

In the first part of this Boba Fett series we looked-back at his early rise. In part 2 we took a closer look at his controversial appearances in the Special Editions and the Prequel Trilogy. Now, we look at what will ultimately become of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter.




When the news cracked the mundane “peace” of the world-wide web in October of 2012 we learned that fans would be getting more Star Wars in perpetuity. Those were very exciting days that spurred Viral Hide to spawn our very own I, for one, kept coming back to this Blog everyday to see what new and thrilling tid-bits the web had to offer about that galaxy far, far away. One of the earliest announced Disney intentions, aside from the long-awaited Sequel Trilogy, was that there would be [originally stated] two spinoff films:

“The Star Wars cinematic galaxy is about to experience a Big Bang. Lucasfilm is officially announcing new spinoff films that will expand the mythos and depths of the Star Wars universe in previously unexplored ways.”


The same press release mentioned that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg would be writing them:

“One of the standalone films will be written by Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and co-writer of Return of the Jedi while the other will be penned by Simon Kinberg, writer of Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movies will be separate from the upcoming Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, on which Kasdan and Kinberg are also consulting, and are expected to be released sometime after Episode VII. Each standalone film will focus on a specific character, and two spinoff films are currently confirmed.”


While we knew who was initially working on them, the BURNING question was, Who are the “specific characters” these movies will focus on?


Speculation has run rampant all over the net. The major contenders, all thrown-about by fans and Bloggers alike, centered around these characters — Han Solo, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jabba the Hutt, Darth Maul, and Boba Fett! Of course, Boba Fett! In fact, I for one, easily see Boba Fett as THE single best candidate for his own movie. Obviously I am not alone. IGN conducted a poll of the fans and Fett won with 23% of the vote, beating out such characters as Yoda, Maul, and Windu. He likely would have had a much larger margin of victory if the poll didn’t include so many characters, especially ones, like R2-D2 & C-3PO, who were specifically ruled-out because they are part of the main saga.



Sure the fans want Boba Fett! Sure they LOVE Boba Fett! Sure he sells action figures! But is he really movie worthy? What evidence is there to suggest Fett could be in Episode VII and/or get one of the spinoffs? Actually, there’s quite a bit.


After the Prequel Trilogy ended, George Lucas promised us no more films. However, we were being promised TV series in the form of The Clone Wars and the then being developed “Underworld” live action series that was eventually cancelled. The teaser campaigns for “Underworld,” featured Boba Fett, automatically telling the fans that we could expect to see more of him. But, like I said, “Underworld” was cancelled due to the great expense, according to George Lucas:

In May 2011, George Lucas stated that 50 episodes had been written, but that the series is on hold awaiting advances in technology and reductions in prices.


But what of that material? Surely, fifty, one-hour scripts can’t just be thrown out? Then there was the LucasArts developed video game 1313, which promised to follow the adventures of Boba Fett as he navigated his way through the dangerous sub-level 1313 of the city-planet Coruscant.

Star Wars: 1313 was a video game in development at LucasArts. It was to follow the bounty hunter Boba Fett navigating level 1313, a subterranean metropolis within the planet Coruscant.


Once Disney purchased Lucasfilm Ltd. and it’s subsidiaries like LucasArts, 1313 was cancelled and LucasArts was dismantled. I repeat, What of the material? It would seem that Disney has a virtual treasure trove of material to draw-on for a Boba Fett movie.


Then in 2011, before anyone had any inkling that George would sell to Disney, or that we’d be getting any new movies, Joe Johnston, “Father of Boba Fett,” during the press circuit for his Captain America movie, revealed that he wanted to make a Boba Fett movie and had actually been campaigning George for it as well:

“I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett.” When asked if he would direct the film Johnston said simply, “I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.”


Of course, George knows how popular Boba Fett is. It seems highly likely that he would write-up some form of treatment for it. We know George had treatments for the Sequel Trilogy as well as some other movies, which has been well documented by the StarWars7News team.


Then there was the infamous Disney Executive Breakfast for George Lucas which happened this past April. Execs and VIP’s alike were celebrating everything Star Wars, however one of the hot topics of discussion was one Boba Fett movie:

From what we have heard about the event, there was a lot of discussion about Boba Fett at the breakfast. The executives are apparently enthusiastic about the rocket man. There are some minor problems going forward with a film about a villain, however. The general problem with Boba Fett is how to use him effectively without ruining his evil essence to make him the protagonist of a Star Wars Spin-off film.


The executive was overheard (paraphrased) as saying: “Lucasfilm wants Boba Fett to remain menacing and scary but we have to make him the hero of the film and it is a real challenge.”


Lucasfilm is adapting the Marvel model for most of what they are doing but there isn’t a clear cut precedence for a Boba film to follow. So far, Marvel hasn’t been able to figure out how to make a villain into a hero while keeping the villain dangerous and evil outside of Loki’s antics through various Marvel films.


If Disney Executives having a brunch, discussing Boba Fett’s spinoff movie wasn’t convincing enough for you, then I present this little snippet of “evidence.” A German website got ahold of and broke Hasbro’s schedule for the release of Star Wars toys. Might not seem like much to you, but Hasbro has to be in the loop for the logistics since Disney plans a movie every year for the next six. Here’s the alleged schedule as you will no doubt notice Boba Fett slated for 2016:

Fall 2014: Rebels
2015: Episode VII
2016: Boba Fett
2017: Episode VIII
2018: Solo
2019: Episode IX
2020: Red Five


IF that wasn’t enough, we have Jeremy Bulloch — the original body for Boba Fett — kind of teasing a potential Fett project:

When asked whether he had been approached for Episode VII, Bulloch responded: ‘Not yet. But I – oops. [Slaps hand to mouth.]’ He added: ‘I’m not allowed to say. I’m sorry.’


Next I add fuel to the fire by way of unconfirmed rumors from the Inquisitr, which sounds like a tabloid, that Temuera Morrison has already signed-on to some sort of Fett project. Most likely just to voice though since he is now the official voice, having dubbed the OT dialogue:

The Boba Fett movie may have cast Temuera Morrison as the fabled bounty hunter for the Star Wars spinoff. In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of the rumor out there is that the writer for the Walking Dead video game series will also being writing the Boba Fett movie script. We also know that the Star Wars spinoff will be filmed at London’s Pinewood Studios in 2015 and that Disney is having a hard time transforming the feared bounty hunter into a good guy.


All of these bits and pieces to the Fett puzzle catch us up to last week’s news as reported by our own Pomojema that JW Rinzler says George says Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc Pit! IF this is the case then that means that Boba Fett is definitely fair game for an Episode VII appearance. While the temptation for Disney might be strong in order to cash-in on merchandise sales, I would say this is very unlikely. Fett really serves no reason to appear in E7 other than the dreaded “fan service.” And there is no real reason to have every surviving character of ROTJ appear, just to “make it feel like the Original Trilogy.” Really, as die-hard as Fett fans are, do we really need to see a nearly 70 Boba Fett?


No. The much more likely answer to this equation is that Fett is going to have his rebirth in the form of a Sarlacc escape in his very own spinoff movie. Moreover, I believe Disney is open to making Fett as a series should the first one succeed as I have no reason in the world to doubt it will. There are some logistics to be worked-out still — Who plays Fett in his prime? How do we follow him as a main protagonist and not show his face if we have someone other than Daniel Logan or Temuera Morrison playing him? (Although I don’t see why Morrison couldn’t or shouldn’t play him.) Do we even need to see his face at all?



And as the Disney execs apparently discussed — How do we make Fett a likable protagonist that we care about, yet menacing and fearsome? The last one is no problem. See, having a “bad guy” as a protagonist or anti-hero is not really new. Fans have proven in the past that they can and will follow bad guys as the lead. Take for example Hannibal Lecter. The movie Hannibal let us into the intricate mind of one of the greatest villains of all-time, who lived by his own set of codes. OR, an even better example, is the highly popular TV show Breaking Bad. I just finished watching all six seasons in which we watched and willingly followed the plight of Walter White who was a cold-blooded “monster,” who created his own meth empire. It’s not that we “cheered for” Walter but rather that we followed along and at least understood his motivations. The viewer or fan doesn’t need to agree with said motivations, or actions, all the time, just to understand them, which makes for compelling drama. In the case of Boba Fett the writers should follow two simple guidelines:


1) DO NOT MAKE Boba Fett a “Good guy” = The scoundrel with a heart of gold gambit has been done to death and in Star Wars is executed by Han Solo.

2) DO MAKE Boba Fett consistent, after all he has a penchant for disintegrations.


IF Disney Execs, presumably Alan Horn and Bob Iger, in particular, are smart, and I believe they are, they will stay out of the mix and allow the writers to keep Fett true to form as a lethally cunning mercenary and let us fans handle the rest.



Which leads me to a really good question — Where exactly do we stand in the Boba Fett spinoff development??? 2016 is not that far off in terms of movie making.


Right from the announcement of spinoff projects it was rumored and/or speculated that Lawrence Kasdan was writing Fett. This makes a ton of sense as he was one of the co-creators of the character and knows Fett intimately. It is also apropos, but is it correct? According to director Jon Schepp it is:

In an interview with AMC Movie Talk, Schepp said of the Star Wars spin-off films: ‘One of them is Boba Fett. It is. I know. I know for a fact. ‘I will never reveal my source, but it is the one written by Lawrence Kasdan.’


To re-cap this fluid SPECULATION:

* Boba Fett is Spinoff #1
* Boba Fett to be released in 2016
* Boba Fett is written by Lawrence Kasdan


Lock, stock, and smoking barrel, right? Now comes the confusion. IF Boba Fett is, in fact, Spinoff #1 as we suspect, then WHAT is Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta working on??? Hmmm . . . As Viral reported via

In addition to the episodes of a new Star Wars trilogy, Lucasfilm and Disney have begun development on multiple stand-alone movies that will offer new stories beyond the core Saga. Gareth Edwards will direct the first stand-alone film, with a screenplay by Gary Whitta. The film is due out December 16, 2016.


Complete with CORROBORATED 2016 release date, most of our evidence points to Boba Fett as the first movie and apparently, according to this OFFICIAL press release, it still needs to be written because it wasn’t written by Lawrence Kasdan as rumors have suggested. Either that OR the Hasbro title release is wrong. Someone here is wrong. Hasbro or Jon Schepp.


Since it looks like Fett is first, could we presume that Kasdan wrote the script for Spinoff #2 instead, rumored to be Han Solo? This makes much more sense for two reasons: First, Kasdan wrote Han Solo better than anyone in history, including the old EU “Legends.” Second, Josh Trank has been OFFICIALLY announced as the director for Spinoff #2, but no writer, which strongly suggests that script is already complete. (Keep in mind that Simon Kinberg was originally announced to be writing a project, most likely referring to his Rebels work.)


Despite all this seemingly mounting evidence supporting a Fett spinoff, it is not a forgone conclusion. Just when we thought we had a pretty good read on the development of several Star Wars projects at once, I must finally bring up the curious case of England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who confirmed that the first spinoff will indeed start filming at Pinewood next year. WHY is this curious, you may be asking yourself? Well, Pinewood is where the Millennium Falcon is currently stationed. Would it not make sense to shoot a Han Solo movie while the set is still fresh?

“Lucasfilm and Disney’s decision to shoot the Star Wars stand-alone movie in the U.K. is testament to the incredible talent in Britain.”


As Yoda famously said, “Always in motion the future is.” It’s difficult for fans and Bloggers alike to get a perfectly clear aim at what is to come, especially with multiple projects in the works all at once. This is definitely a lot different from the Lucasfilm days when we had just one movie coming. But we’ve carefully tried to detail all of the signs that strongly point to Boba Fett’s future as the star of the first spinoff movie and a possible appearance in Episode VII as well. No doubt this is a very anticipated project and will perfectly continue the momentum that Episode VII is building for the new Disney/LFL Star Wars era, a momentum that will rapidly carry us through to Episode VIII and beyond!



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