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Following the Clues to a Possible Boba Fett Stand-Alone Movie. (Part 1 of 3)


JW Rinzler, recently opened a can of worms when he revealed in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” that he spoke with George Lucas and George said Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc Pit in Episode VI. This news has seemingly ended a very long debate over Fett’s ultimate fate. Now, it appears that Boba Fett is fair game for a return in Star Wars: Episode VII. BUT will he??? We’ll try to answer that question after the jump.






In 1978, in order to keep the Star Wars momentum churning and to build excitement for the new movie due in 1980, George Lucas green-lit the infamous Star Wars: Holiday Special. He’s regretted and disavowed it ever since. However, the not-so-special Special is important in the annals of Star Wars history as it was the first appearance of one Boba Fett, intergalactic bounty hunter.



Boba Fett was written as one of several fierce bounty hunters to appear in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back:

The group standing before Vader is a bizarre array of galactic fortune hunters: there is BOSSK, a slimy, tentacled monster with two huge, bloodshot eyes in a soft baggy face; TUCKUSS (aka ZUCKUSS) and DENGAR, two battle-scarred, mangy human types; IG-88, a battered, tarnished chrome war droid; and BOBA FETT, a man in a weapon-covered armored space suit.



Leigh Brackett, Lawrence Kasdan, and George Lucas all had a hand in writing the script and imagining Boba Fett, but the man who eventually brought the bounty hunter from imagination to the real world was none other than Joe Johnston, who is also a director as well, heading such films as The Rocketeer and Captain America, ironically both for Disney. Johnston worked with concept artist Ralph McQuarrie to design Boba Fett’s iconic look, but Johnston executed the practical armor according to the Fettpedia:

“Johnston is Boba Fett’s original conceptual designer. He has also been referred to as the ‘Father’ of Boba Fett. Joe designed the colors and helmet for Boba. John Mollo had designed the original suit as the super trooper army of millions, but the production couldn’t afford it for ‘Empire Strikes Back.’ Therefore, Joe made Boba a singular character with the paint job he did on him, including the damaged suit and helmet.”

Once The Empire Strikes Back roared into theaters in 1980 a new star was born! Boba Fett, with approximately five minutes of screen time and the short, but sweet line, “He’s no good to me dead!” instantly became a fan-favorite; a phenomenon within a phenomenon! Some might argue that it’s rather ridiculous that one minor, supporting character garner so much fanboy & fangirl love, but it’s not really that shocking. First and foremost, Boba Fett looks freaking cool!!! From that radical looking helmet, to the pieces of armor, to the varied array of battle scars, enigmatic markings, and war trophies, every single detail screams a story. Which leads to the second reason why he’s loved so much — the mystery. We learn so little about him, in fact, we never saw his face in the Original Trilogy, fans were given plenty of liberty to imagine just what kind of guy this Boba Fett was. I mean, after all, he was able to track down and capture Han Solo when the evil Empire couldn’t. Boba Fett was a man of action and results. All this and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he flies an iron — upright — the second coolest ship in the galaxy in Slave I.



Outside of the in-universe coolness that makes-up Fett, there arose another reason why Boba rose to such lofty prominence — the action figure. Vintage Kenner action figures were a staple of every Star Wars-loving-boy during the 1980’s. In fact, Boba Fett was one of the hottest sellers during the OT era. In part this mania was perhaps fueled by a legend or myth, depending on one’s point of view. See, legend has it that Boba Fett’s original action figure came with a firing rocket. YES, an actual firing rocket! The myth goes like this — Fett originally came with a firing rocket and some kid shot his eye out, thus Kenner had to recall all of the action figures so the original ones became ultra rare and valuable. At least, this is how I originally heard it. In other tellings of the story, the mythic child in question choked-on said rocket. None of this is a laughing matter, except that it didn’t happen. Kenner did, apparently, make some prototype figures with a firing rocket, but they never went to market for the general public. Now, some of these appear from time to time on eBay and sell for thousands of dollars, but of course, they are not all legit. It is unknown how many actually survived.

“3. Rocket Firing Boba Fett, 1980
Star Wars collectors have been debating this figure’s very existence for decades. The story goes that in 1980, Kenner released the first wave of Empire Strikes Back action figures, which included the original Boba Fett figure that came with a missile that fired from his back. Later, Kenner worried about the safety of the tiny projectile and re-released the figure with the missile permanently glued into the figure’s backpack. Kenner officially denies that they ever released a missile-firing version of the figure, but a few have surfaced in auctions and in the collectible market, and many collectors have paid hefty sums for one.”
Average Market Value: $1,000 – $2,000

Rumors began to swirl about the mysterious Boba Fett. His real name was “Jaster Mereel.” He was from Mandalore and wore the armor of the Mandalorian super-commando. All of these things have been addressed in some form or another throughout the now defunct Expanded Universe, the so-called “Legends.” Needless to say, there was a lot of confusion surrounding this guy.



With the great success of Boba Fett in TESB, in just five minutes of screen time no less, there was no doubt George Lucas would have to include Fett in the trilogy’s Episode VI finale. Han and Boba needed to square-off once again in order to really see who’s the baddest scoundrel in the galaxy. CONTRO-VERSY ensued as Han Solo seemingly defeated the menacing Boba Fett by accidentally knocking him into the Great Pit of Carkoon to be ingested for a 1,000 years by the mighty Sarlacc. The controversy is duly justified and has even become fodder for the fan-produced, fan-favorite, cult classic Robot Chicken:



How could Boba Fett NOT escape the Sarlacc Pit when he had a rocket pack?! This is the crux of the argument over the years, with many die-hard Fett Fans simply not believing their favorite anti-hero went out like a little punk that way. In their minds he always survived the pit and, as we now know, their belief is true according to JW Rinzler. (More on this in Part III) Now that we have a clear view of Fett’s origins, we’ll take a look at who this mysterious, nefarious Boba Fett really is in Part II.



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