Take a Luke at this New Preview for Marvel’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation #1

In the opening prologue of Jason Fry’s The Last Jedi movie novelization, Luke Skywalker experiences a disturbing vision from the Force revealing an alternate timeline where the Empire has triumphed over the galaxy. Next week brings us the first of six issues in Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation and these preview pages reveal yet another take on our first moments with the former farmboy from Tatooine.


While Luke has chosen to cut himself off from the Force, the Force hasn’t cut itself off from Luke. Instead, it breaks down his mental blocks to alert him to another’s presence on the island… Meanwhile, fans of Admiral “It’s a Trap!” Ackbar will be more than happy to see the Mon Calamari given more to do than simply being sucked out into the cold depths of space as he helps command the fleet during the evacuation of D’Qar.


The first issue comes in at 40 pages and retails for $4.99 so fans should expect plenty of further insight into Luke’s ongoing struggles with the Force, Rey’s conflicted feelings towards Kylo Ren and the Porgs’ suicidal fixation with discarded lightsabers. At the very least, it’s another opportunity to see our Alderaanian princess once again.


Here are some preview pages from the comic (via Newsarama):




Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation #1 hits stands next week with gorgeous cover art by Mike del Undo, interiors by Michael Walsh, of the excellent Vision series and Star Wars Annual 3, and writing duties by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scribe Gary Whitta.



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