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Alden Ehrenreich Customarily Signed for Three Movies in Case Lucasfilm Decides to Make ‘Solo’ Sequels

In an interview with Esquire, Alden Ehrenreich revealed that he signed up for three movies with Lucasfilm. Now before you jump out of your seat (or throw your device out a window depending how you feel), this does not mean that sequels to Solo: A Star Wars Story will be made. It is customary for actors to be signed up for more than one movie to contractually lock them in, in the event a movie studio wants to make sequels as a follow up to a successful film. This has been the case for previous Star Wars actors, so let’s try to put this in perspective.


First the quote from Esquire to establish context.

I ask Ehrenreich how many he’s signed up for. “Three,” he says, then flinches, understanding he may have just created a disturbance in the Force. “I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public. But—yeah.”


Now just because Ehrenreich is signed up for three films doesn’t mean a Solo sequel is on the horizon, or will ever happen. It very well could happen, but the fact that he is signed for three doesn’t add any weight to it.


For example, Felicity Jones who played Jyn Erso in Rogue One, had a sequel option in her contract. As we all know Jyn Erso died at the end of Rogue One (it was two years ago I am not throwing up a ‘spoiler alert’ tag for that at this point), so what’s the point of a sequel in her contract? Options. Signing an actor to a continually running and expanding film franchise is a smart move by Lucasfilm, as it provides them with options.



Another example, one more closely tied to Solo. A few weeks ago we reported information a source gave us – that the actress signed on to play Solo villain Enfys Nest is signed for multiple films as well. Like Jyn Erso, this doesn’t necessarily mean Enfys Nest will survive the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but in a franchise that is expanding its universe more than collapsing it, keeping options open for story-telling is a proactive, smart, and customary move these days.



It would not shock me if it was eventually revealed that Donald Glover was also signed on for multiple film options, among other cast members of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The purpose of this piece is not to burst the bubble of anyone hoping we could get an entire trilogy about a young Han Solo. The timeline could work assuming Solo doesn’t end with Han and Chewie rolling up to Mos Eisley. I am just trying to put some realistic, referential, and logical perspective on this story.


We assume what Alden Ehrenreich said is accurate, which means the fact here is yes he is signed on to play Han Solo for multiple films. We mentioned this as far back as when Lord and Miller were still directing the movie. But this does not guarantee a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story will be made, and at the same time doesn’t rule out the possibility of young Han popping up in another film or possibly even a live action TV series! What this has done is provide Lucasfilm with options, which is a good thing!



One thing we do know is that a Han Solo movie is happening, and it opens in theaters in just over four weeks!


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