The Resistance Broadcast – Star Wars March Madness!

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Lucasfilm Trademarked ‘Star Wars Resistance’; Leaked Opening Line Of The The Last Jedi Novelization; Filoni’s Topps Cards Show He Knew Everything Ahead Of Time; This Is (March) Madness Character Bracket Drafting; Fan Film ‘Odyssey: A Star Wars Story’; Fan-Made Death Star Construction Animation; James’ Art Picks Of The Week; Final Thoughts.


On this transmission of The Resistance Broadcast: John HoeyJames BaneyPatric CoveyBill Sheehy!









Is The Force With You

Lucasfilm trademarked ‘Star Wars Resistance’: here

Formerly leaked TLJ prologue shows Luke dreaming about a wife: here

Dave Filoni knew Ahsoka’s fate all along: here

‘Odyssey: A Star Wars Story’ fan film slated for May 25 release: here



We are about to start up our “This is MARCH madness” character tournament very soon! On this episode, we drafted our picks to be entered into the bracket. Now you the fans have the chance to make your picks and let us know who you think will win it all. Stay tuned to @RBatSWNN when we release the full bracket for you to fill out and submit for yourself. Stay tuned for all contest rules and details there. Then YOU, the listeners, get to vote over the next few weeks to determine who is the coolest character in Star Wars. The closest fan bracket to the official results will receive a Resistance Broadcast t-shirt of your choosing. It’s a fun way to enjoy the month of March and your love of all things Star Wars!


Make sure to check out the ‘Odyssey: A Star Wars Story’ Proof of Concept and stay tuned May 4 for their official trailer and May 25 for the full fan film available on YouTube and its website:




Check out this cool fan made animation of the Death Star’s Construction via outsidehollywood on Vimeo. Even though we point out its not exactly canon worthy, it is still pretty cool to watch:




You can see this Triple Solo variant and more of our designs in our store at Help support our show moving forward and grab some merch from ‘The Resistance Broadcast’!



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Special thanks to Matt Pasterick for our theme song!



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3 thoughts on “The Resistance Broadcast – Star Wars March Madness!

  • March 8, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    I suck at singling characters out. Honestly most of them would have been based on the EU/Legends content as it is. Like I’ll admit Boba Fett in the movies is sort of a joke. He looks cool but goes out like a goof. In Legends? He’s downright awesome.

    Mara Jade doesn’t even exist anymore! I didn’t always agree with the choices they made with her (final battle with Jacen was… weak IMO) but I loved her. Enough to still well up at her loss.

    In this new era/canon… I mean the Deathtroopers in R1 were pretty cool. They actually succeeded at a few things. Though they felt a bit toned down for Rebels.

    One character that never really changed? The one solid of them all! Chewie. In a way… that makes him pretty cool. Has anyone ever felt he did something out of character in the entire saga? Well ok he brushed past Leia but she dumped his BFF. Maybe he was miffed about the whole thing. 😛

  • March 8, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    Salacious crumb!!!

  • March 8, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    I hope I live to see the day where we go through a March and this silly contest doesn’t happen.

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