Sana Starros Is A Star of Marvel’s Star Wars #34


Story by Jason Aaron

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by Edgar Delgado


 A Tale of the Star Wars underworld! Sana and Lando join forces on Coruscant to swindle some credits!






Ever since she appeared in the main Star Wars comic and caused “Han Solo Has A Wife” freak-out of 2015, Sana Starros proved to be a very interesting character, mainly through the interactions not only with our main but also new cast of characters including Princess Leia and Doctor Aphra. What I always wanted to know and never found out was why the likes of Han Solo or Lando Calrissian would work with her in the first place? True, she is good with the blaster, but so are many other. The first of the two issues featuring Star Wars underworld offers the answer – she might be the best of them.



Issue #34 opens on Coruscant where Sana seeks help from one Lando Calrissian whose semi-legitimate dealings can provide her with the access to the Empire.



It seems that Sana had made a deal with Krawg pirates by offering them thirteen crates of Imperial blasters. She gave them one crate as a trial and took the down payment – money the pirates took when they wiped out Rebel sympathizers on Mykapo. She needs Lando’s help to sell them out – both pirates and stolen weapons to the Empire. Just watching Sana deal with the Imperial officer and Lando is a thing of beauty.



But, since this is Sana we are talking about, of course that there is a catch – she doesn’t have the remaining weapons crates. They are in the possession of one and only Jabba the Hutt. In the exchange for another hefty award, she tells Jabba that the thirteenth crate is stolen by Krawg pirates. Her case is helped when one of them tries to kill her – with the Imperial blaster she left them as a sample.



As Lando and Sana fly away from Tatooine, she discloses to Lando that while he was enjoying the fun offerings of Jabba’s palace, she managed to steal the remaining blaster crates from Jabba. They are pursued by the deceived pirates, but the Empire arrives in time to help them jump to hyperspace.



On Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon and Sana’s home, we learn that part of Lando’s payment was a dinner with Sana. They are served horrible food in one of the hives of scum and villainy and Lando decides to cut his losses – it seems he is not smooth enough for Sana.



After he leaves, we learn that the bad food was all Sana’s doing. Additionally, we overhear the customers as they discuss mysterious donation to the local hospital which will help keep it opened. Sana thinks how even the smugglers and scoundrels need a code. And perhaps her code was motivated by something new she recently discovered – hope.


Watching Sana pull off a triple-cross (quadruple, if you count Lando), doing a noble thing and ending up with the weapons, most likely for the Rebellion, was a pure pleasure. Watching smooth Lando getting whiplash from the craziness he found himself into was hilarious. And you are in Lando’s skin as well – just when you think you know what’s going on, Sana swerves and gets you off balance. Sana proves that she has the nerves of steel and wit to match the best of smugglers, pirates, crime bosses and Imperial officers. You can see why someone like Aphra would have a thing for her or why Han or Land and even Leia would respect her.


I am thoroughly enjoying these little side stories interspersed through the main story line. Not only do we get to step away from the story that is closing dangerously to The Empire Strikes Back, but we are getting to know the characters better. Jason Aaron is certainly not wasting the pages to deliver pure Star Wars fun – adventure, heist and humor in equal measure. I certainly hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Before we get back to the main story and saving of C-3PO who is still in the hands of SCAR Squadron, we have one more one issue to go. Because, Han and Chewbacca take the stage in…






Han and Chewie go back to smuggling…for a Hutt?!





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3 thoughts on “Sana Starros Is A Star of Marvel’s Star Wars #34

  • August 17, 2017 at 8:31 pm

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  • August 18, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    This was a solid issue, and my respect for Sana Starros grew tenfold.

  • August 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    I liked the story. As you said, these sort of interludes are a welcome sight.

    However, the art sucks big time. The issue of tracing stills is very distracting. And not even that, even new types of alien are becoming blatant rip-offs.

    Google Krogan – one of the aliens in the Mass Effect universe – and compare close ups of their heads (especially the chins with the beard thingies) with the Krawg’s introduced in this issue. Hell, even the names sound alike….

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