John Boyega talks Finn’s Injury and his Role in The Last Jedi with EW

Much has been speculated on the how the role of Finn will play out in The Last Jedi. John Boyega’s Finn was one of the breakout characters of The Force Awakens, but ended the film in a dire position. Having had his back slashed by Kylo Ren’s light saber in his last ditch heroic effort to protect an unconscious Rey, Finn was left in a coma with some very serious injuries.

EW had a chance to interview Boyega back when he was at Star Wars celebration last month about his role in The Last Jedi and has just released the interview this week. Although he doesn’t give away any major spoilers, Boyega is pretty revealing in his comments and hints at quite a bit of the plot developments for Finn in the sequel.


Among the highlights of his comments are some hints that’s Finn’s recovery will be difficult. This will not be a case where a magic wand gets waved and Finn is up and about when the movie begins.


“Finn’s in a bad way at the end of VII. He has a lot of issues. He got slashed with a saber, and that took him down real hard, so he’s in a coma,” the actor says. “That suit, that whole thing helps him to recover. But we’re not sure whether that means he’ll wake up.”

Spoiler: He wakes up. But he’s not exactly good as new.

“There’s some additional few things that need to be done to make him mobile. He’s definitely in a place where he needs some help,” Boyega says.



But by no means does this mean Finn won’t see action in the film. Boyega has some comforting words on that front as well.


“It’s a grounding injury. It’s going to take him some time to get back on the ball. But when he does… oh, he does,” Boyega says.


And once he is ready for action again, it seems he will have some important work to do while paired up with Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose.


“It’s Finn and Rose, they’re on a massive adventure. It’s a big mission they need to complete,” Boyega says. “The Resistance is under immense pressure, and it’s time for them to get a bit of help. That’s where Finn and Rose come in, and they’re thrust into a crazy adventure.”


Head to EW for the full article where you can read more interesting comments from Boyega including how Finn is now finally a “big deal” in the resistance, and the severity and nature of his light saber wound.



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14 thoughts on “John Boyega talks Finn’s Injury and his Role in The Last Jedi with EW

  • May 25, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    cybernetic spine I bet

    • May 25, 2017 at 1:19 pm

      darth maul’s robot legs.

      • May 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

        …with General Grievous’s exoskeleton and Jordy LaForge’s eyeballs.

        • May 26, 2017 at 7:04 pm

          And Count Vidian’s Speaker-Neck.

    • May 25, 2017 at 1:23 pm

      a cybernetic spine would be something very new and interesting. i hope thats what they go for

  • May 25, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    I just hope for more alien-like characters with bigger roles, that’s something new movies are missing. For example, I would like to see type of characters like Yoda, Chewie, Hera, I think new movies are missing that

    • May 25, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Snoke is an alien who is the overarching villian. Maz, an alien, had a very key role in VII and is posed to return in 8. Even Unkar Plutt was a memorable turn for an alien.

      • May 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm

        Yup, but still not roles big as the ones I just mentioned, it would be fun to have aliens in the main crew

        • May 25, 2017 at 7:32 pm

          Like Chewie lol???

          • May 26, 2017 at 1:50 am

            He means new alien characters

          • May 26, 2017 at 3:34 am

            Like Maz??

          • May 26, 2017 at 3:50 am

            well like characters that accompany the main characters. Like Chewie or Jar Jar. Maz is more like Yoda.

    • May 25, 2017 at 8:24 pm

      How is this relevant to the article?

  • May 26, 2017 at 7:37 am

    I hope this confirmed that VIII mostly takes place months or years after TFA..

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