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Ashley Eckstein Talks Ahsoka and Her Fate

There are many questions a Star Wars fan has asked themselves over the past 4 years since Disney bought Lucasfilm. Is Supreme Leader Snoke Mace Windu? Is Rey the child of the descendants of Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, and Sheev Palpatine(my personal theory)? And of course, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO AHSOKA (here’s one very likely scenario)! Season three of Rebels made next to no mention of her and her fate is still up in the air.



Thanks to Yahoo, we have a small hint of what’s to come when they interviewed Ashley Eckstein about all things Ahsoka as well as her thoughts on Luke’s last line in The Last Jedi trailer. She was obviously very excited about how fans have reacted to Ahsoka now as opposed when she was introduced almost 10 years ago saying,


“Ahsoka started out as this brand new character that, at first, I thought was going to be the next Jar Jar. But she’s become such a beloved character by everyone — boys, girls, men women — I play a small part in the team that brings Ahsoka to life.”



I have to admit, I really didn’t like her when The Clone Wars first aired. She just felt like all the problems people had with Anakin in the prequels to the nth degree. Luckily Filoni and George fixed that, in what is one of the best writing jobs Lucasfilm has ever done. Taking a character we all found annoying and making her this beloved character.


She has become so beloved that some fans have thrown out the idea of a standalone Ahsoka movie, with Eckstein playing Ahsoka which made her very excited.


“I would love an Ahsoka movie, not only as the voice of Ahsoka, but just as an Ahsoka fan….It’s so exciting that we’re even talking about that, that it’s even a possibility to have a standalone film or other media with Ahsoka in it.”


I reciprocate everything that Ashley is saying. If you had told me 10 years ago that fans would be clamoring for an Ahsoka movie, I would have laughed at you and something like “It’s over Ahsoka, I have the high ground.” which Ahsoka probably would responded with a “you underestimate my fandom”.



What I really enjoyed about the interview was her insights on The Last Jedi trailer and where Luke was mentally in the trailer and she compared him to Ahsoka a little bit.


“Luke’s line in the trailer actually gave me chills because, you know, Ahsoka very famously said, ‘I am no Jedi,’ …The reason Ahsoka is still alive is because she walked away from the Jedi Order. Clearly there’s something there with The Last Jedi…. It’s not what it once was, apparently.”


I really enjoy hearing people who are involved with the universe who try to use the experiences of their character and compare to what Luke is going through and I think there’s some truth to what she’s saying. Finally she gave a final thought on who Ahsoka is and if we will see her again.


“I want to know more about Ahsoka’s future as this kind of neutral character,” Her lightsabers are white because she’s neutral. She’s not on the Dark Side, she’s not a Jedi. She’s not even a full-blown Rebel. What is she doing? Where is she? All I can say is, you’ll see Ahsoka again.”


There you have it! Ahsoka is Snoke confirmed! We certainly haven’t seen the last of Snips and seeing where her story goes is incredibly exciting.

May the Force be with you!