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Star Wars Rebels Season Four Officially Confirmed!

We have previously reported about possible imminent announcement of season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels  and the official Star Wars page confirmed it today.


Star Wars Rebels is set to return for a fourth season, Lucasfilm announced today, premiering later this year on Disney XD. Production is already underway. Marc Buhaj, senior vice president, programming and general manager, Disney XD said, “The team behind Star Wars Rebels delivers epic storytelling that has captivated fans of all ages across the globe. We’re excited to continue sharing the journey of these fan-favorite rebels with our audience in the fall.”


According to the announcement, we can expect more Rebels news very soon.


Fans can look forward to more details and an announcement about the exciting fourth season of Star Wars Rebels during Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this April!


With the game news, The Last Jedi panel and now Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars Celebration is shaping up to be very exciting event for every Star Wars fan. But before that, we can look forward the exciting finale of Season three which is quickly approaching.



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  • Thrawn

    Oh my, can’t they make a star wars series which is more real and better, like Rogue one which was real? I kinda hoped that season 3 was their last season.

    • Jason Miller

      You mean non-animated? I’m sure most of us would like that, but the animated shows are purely there for one thing, to bring kids into the Star Wars universe. And it’s working…

      • Robert

        Heck, my wife is addicted to the show now! She never watched Star Wars before TFA and now she’s becoming a full blown expert in the canon :)

    • fizznick

      I personally like Rebels. It’s gotten so much better from season 1. I also loved Rogue One…… which included a lot of Rebels easter eggs. Yes, stuff from the cartoon was in the very “real” movie.

    • The MacGuffin Guy

      I would love a more serious adult series, I’d even love a live-action series, but animated does offer a lot of freedom for a much smaller budget

    • bob sherman

      Just kindly screw off

    • obijuanmartinez

      “AND I WANT A STAR WARS SERIES THAT’S REAL & BETTER, DADDY! I WANT IT NOWWWWWW!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRTkCHE1sS4

    • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

      Rogue One was porn for thirtysomethings and older, who hated the prequels and wanted a film that looked and felt like the Original Trilogy. But Star Wars is primarily meant for kids overall and Rebels is the franchise’s way of continually giving kids something to enjoy. Why do you want that taken away from them? It’s a very selfish attitude. You’re basically saying the franchise must grow in maturity with you as you get older. That’s wrong.

      • Andrew Malenda

        What’s wrong with both?

        • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

          In principle, nothing. But it’s clear that the person I was responding to wants the kids show replaced with more adult stuff. Not running along side it.

      • Dani Català

        The problem with Rebels is that it doesn’t get to find the balance TCW had to please several ages.
        By the way, Rogue one ties in with the OT, ok, but that’s not what makes it great: good storytelling, consistent visual style and character driven story does it. I care more about Jyn Erso than Anakin Skywalker, and this is because the film is well written, not because it looks like the OT.

        • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

          Personally I found the new Rogue One one characters pretty bland and boring, with the exception of Chirrut. I think the quality of the movie has been over egged somewhat and the picture’s entertaining and indulgent third act somewhat masks the fact that you don’t really get to know the Rogue One team before they buy it.

          Just my opinion of course.

      • Thrawn

        The problem is that the show is unrealistic and it writes a lot of canon, if it was non canon I would say do whatever you want. But now everything that hapens in there is canon and it doesn’t matter how silly it is, also everyone from the rebels in that show is perfect, noone gets ever hurt and they are all a smily couple which makes fun of the war. Also because it is a kid’s show(and really for small kids, not like clone wars, which was at least for teens and it had a realistic view, the jedi didn’t win every battle and they died sometimes unlike here), tell me one rebel who was killed, I personnaly can’t name one, they didn’t have guts to kill Ahsoka or anyone else, but this happens in war, people die, if I compare it with Rogue One perhaps then there several veteran rebels died(like Cassian, the blue leader or a platoon of rebel special forces) and personally I liked these characters much more than all the Rebels from the Tv show together.

        Another problem of the show is that it doesn’t exist ,,in time,, I don’t know how to call it better, but I mean the fact that whenever a rebel ship gets under attack then Ghost arrives, but the galaxy is big and Empire’s force’s large, it could attack simultaniously on 3 sites and what would the Ghost do? Split up? Hardly, this is another factor the show doesn’t cover. In original triology the whole war wasn’t won by Luke, Leai and Han, they were at several key battles, but not at every single one. Also both in original triology and prequels(which I like both unlike some people) there were victories and defeats, also in clone wars, clones, jedi, rebels, imperials died, but here only Empire keeps losing.

        Next they make stormtroopers look completely stupid, in comparison with Rogue one, in Rogue one the stormtroopers, TIE fighters and other units scored some hits, in Rebels they can’t hit target 3 meters away.

        And the last thing which is completely stupid is Ezra. He can use the force better than Luke and already in season 1 he could do things like mind tricks, force blows and blaster deflection(just so with no training) and Luke didn’t have some of there abilities until episode 6 and after training under master yoda.

        So this is pretty much it, why the rebels are unworthy of place in star wars universe, they are examples of bad things almost in every episode but that would be useless to write here in detail.

        • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

          I can certainly pick up on one or two of the things you say. The Rebels crew certainly do seem to escape easily considering the might of the Empire, but rebels do die. Several Y-Wing pilots died just this week, so I’m not sure it’s accurate to say nobody dies. Plus, of course, the show isn’t over yet. I expect Kanan, at the very least, to bite it. Plus, winning against the odds and Stormtrooper being unable to hit anything are tropes of the original trilogy so it’s clear why they are there. Then there’s the fact that the Ghost represents only one Rebel cell so presumably others are out there making attacks on the Empire at the same time.

          I also don’t really see how one can demand realism for what is essentially Lord of the Rings in space.

          As for Ezra, well, I think it’s not just about what force powers he has. You’re presuming he is attuned to the light side as much as Luke. I think the show has already dropped major hints that he isn’t and that he likely won’t be a Jedi if he survives the show.

          Also, bad things in every episode? Not sure I can agree with that.

          So I don’t think your feelings are necessarily entire out of place, but I think you are blowing your complaints out or proportion somewhat.

          • Thrawn

            Yes, I know several fighter pilots died this week and even before, but I mean high profile deaths, like if they killed Ahsoka at the end of season 2, I would say well done(yes I liked her as a character, but it was supposed to be an epic fight, Dave Filloni once said that when Sidius arrived on Mandalore in TCW someone had to die just show how powerfull Sidius is and it is the same here with Vader, he is supposed to be unbeatable at this time.) but they didn’t kill her (probably). I mean if they killed one of the leading characters(any of them) or turn Ezra to dark side or so. The first trailer for season 3 it looked like he is turning to the dark side, that held for 1 single episode and then everything back to normal. If you think they will kill Kanan then you are more optimistic than me, I already stopped beliving that.

            Well yes, but both in original triology and Rogue One the stormtroopers hit someone(Tantive IV, Hoth, Scarif), but here it is miserable.

            I meant realism compared with other movies, books and so on.

            Well I hope that he won’t survive the show. I don’t like his character, it is so annoying.

            Ok I maybe overexaggerated that but there are unlogical things in many, probably not every one through.

            The main problem is that they decided to make kids show in the darkest era of the star wars. And that doesn’t help. Rogue One looked much more like the real war, showing that the Rebellion didn’t do only clean kills.

        • American_Ignorant

          I love when people complain about realism in Star Wars.

        • Dani Català

          Completely agree. I don’t even know why such a character (Ezra) exists.

      • Shaky Premise

        Well this thirtysomething or older is just happy to be getting more Star Wars. If it’s better than the prequels then that is just a bonus.

        • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

          No offence, but that swooned danerously close to “I’ll take anything that has the Star Wars brand on it”. I think I’d prefer a higher standard for the output.

      • Jeff

        I like the PT and R1 was still porn for me. There was plenty in there to satisfy a PT fan. No one noticed the clone scout helmet on one of Saw’s rebels?

  • Kill Kanan, save the show!

    Hopefully the show gets an actual budget to work with. And an episode or two with Rex and AP-5 paired up, that would be a hoot (in a good way).

  • Clone11038

    I guess they’re planning to do five or six seasons, just as the original plans for TCW were. Maybe the last season will explain how the ghost showed up in Rogue One.

    • LadyMusashi

      I think five seasons is the most realistic – we are currently two years away from Rogue One and ending of season 5 could lead directly to the battle of Scariff. I really like the crew and voice actors, I wouldn’t mind two more years with them. :)

    • TUD

      Freddie Prinze Jr. said that the series will probably last about seven seasons. We’ll see about that.

    • Luis Petrizzo Rengel

      And what could be the fate of the rest of the crew by the time of the Sequel Trilogy if possible…Hey, that sounds cool, a season that can focus on a next generation of heroes manning the Ghost with some appearances of the original ones!

      • Clone11038

        My assumption is that most of the Ghost Crew will survive the Galactic Civil War (maybe Rebels may last until a few years after ANH to show that, or will stop immediately before R1). Dave Filoni mentoned that he wants Rex to be the white bearded Rebel on Endor from ROTJ, for example, and we know Hera is alive during R1. It is likely that after Rebels, Filoni and the guys involved will focus on a third tv show, which might be set between the OT and the ST. That could be cool if it features the rise of the First Order. What I’m sure about is that Kanan and Ezra will either die, turn to the dark side, or cut themselves from the rebellion and the use of the Force, because they can’t act as Jedi during the time Luke is alive. Luke must be the sole Jedi/Force user.

        • Luis Petrizzo Rengel

          Or maybe become Grey Jedi.

  • Tervlon

    Excellent! I’ve enjoyed the show and glad to see it come back. Looking forward to seeing the Rebels eye view of Scariif and some Jedi dying… I am firmly in the “dead Ezra and Kanan before Ep 4” camp.

    • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

      One will die, but I think they have set up Ezra to leave the Jedi in view of his connection to the dark side.

      I have a theory actually. There have been subtle nods and connections to the latest films in Rebels ever since the start. A reoccurring idea has been the space between the light side and the dark. It’s where Asokha is, it’s where the Bendu is, it’s where the Guardians of the Whills like Chirrut and Baze are and so on. Now consider Force Awakens. Snoke is not a SIth. We don’t know if he is truly Dark Side or not. Kylo Ren struggles between light and dark much like his grandfather. Luke has gone in search of the first Jedi Temple, presumably to explore something or some kind of knoledge that pre-dates the Jedi order of his father’s day. So all told, there is a lot leading to the idea of the space between the light and the dark sides of the Force, and I think that maybe the big set up in the sequel trilogy might be that the real “Force” isn’t just light and dark. It’s the space in between….and maybe Anakin wasn’t the prophecy because he return to the light. Maybe it is Luke or Rey, who ultimately must occupy the space in between as a balancing figure. Pure speculation of course.

      Now, consider that there is a very key plot point for Ezra at the end of season 2, namely that he, unlike the Jedi, can open a SIth holocron. That arguably also places him in that middle ground. Personally I reckon there is a connection and the reason there are no Jedi by the time Episode 4 starts is because Ezra ceased to be one and Kanan bought it.

    • Tinve Rill

      I want Ezra to wind up with Maul, the rest may die.

  • Great to know; looking forward to seeing what happens next on season four with season three winding down to it’s conclusion this month. ^_^

  • WackyBantha

    I am really getting worried that they haven’t confirmed season 5 yet.

    • Grand_Admiral_Dux

      i’d be surprised if they weren’t already working on it.

      • KungFuCthulhu

        They record the next season while they’re animating the current one. Technically speaking, they should be done with some of dialogue for Season 5 as we speak.

        – Pomojema


    Honestly, I’m kinda bored of Rebels. :/

    • Luis Petrizzo Rengel


  • TUD


  • Speednet21

    It will be great if the next Star Wars TV show is not directed at children. More like Rogue One.

  • Grand_Admiral_Dux

    this show has had its fits and starts but i’m liking what its building toward.

  • Me Vil

    If the story moves forward, not openning too much story arcs to have more consistency with films, i am ok with that.

  • Dani Català

    Damn it.

  • Davis

    I’m okay with with Rebels and I occasionally watch a couple of episodes, but I’m certainly not the target audience, as I think it’s way too childish.
    And I certainly don’t hold it as canon. If it was canon, Luke’s and the OT’s tale would seems like some sidestory…

    I kept watching Clone Wars till the end on the other hand. It was a bit more mature, and the PT era was just simply more interesting than the Rebel era imo. Which just shows how much of a waste of potential the prequels were…

    • Clone11038

      I did think it was childish, and that sort of is teue, for some episodes, and the majority of season one. Now I can’t really say that anymore. Expecially around the end of season 1, everything changed. A lot of connections to the clone wars came up, and except for a few fillers, and a few more “childish” episodes, there’s mostly pure star wars action, a lot of recalls to both OT and PT action, more aspects of the Force are included.
      On the canon-side… well, much happens in Rebels that affects the Canon. The Ghost even appeared in R1. Even the last episode that aired (or better: that will air) has a fundamental event in Star Wars history. The interesting thing is, however Rebels ends, the events depicted won’t ever be more “legendary” than Luke’s journey. We don’t know what is the outcome of Rebels, but Luke’s story will always be the main story (and Rebels the sidestory) because it is the Last Jedi’s story. Plus it’s a live action and this is a cartoon. So… I’d suggest you to give it a second chance, maybe with some important episodes, such as the S2 finale.

      • Davis

        I have no problem with adopting names, ships or even characters from Rebels. But I still don’t hold it as canon… The last episode I’ve seen was the ending of season 2. In that episode they were searching for a giant sith weapon (a pyramid) for the Empire… And so, the entire season (and season 3) was about them searching for ancient artifacts, exploring ancient jedi history, meeting ancient force-creatures (the Bendu) etc. Imo next to this story the OT seems like a sidestory.

        Also I find it hard to believe they were active jedi (and inquisitors or) in the era so close to Luke’s story…

        Not to mention Maul, who is just a character resurrected by fans. In the PT era I might even believe it, but so close to ANH? No.

      • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

        “there’s mostly pure star wars action”

        Star Wars should be a great deal more than action and space battles in my opinion. I think Rebels fails that test to some degree.

    • Shakes’ likes da Dog’s Mess!

      “It was a bit more mature, and the PT era was just simply more interesting than the Rebel era imo.”

      If there’s one criticism I have of Rebels above all it’s that is has a very “small universe” feel. We rarely see other planets and cultures. Almost every week it’s mostly just the Ghost crew, and they themselves rarely go through much development. Otherwise the extended Rebel universe extends to little more then a few rebels, the same handful of Imperials and Onaka. Then there’s the slavish approach to McQuarrie’s design aesthetic. In contrast I like the anthology story nature of Clone Wars, which allowed for more diverse storytelling but having the characters out there exploring the many worlds of the SW galaxy. I think the price of the Rebels approach has not only been to make many episodes of Rebels seem repetitive (such as the many episodes that are basically just battles with the Imperials with two seconds of minor character development at the end) but also hold back the development of the Ghost crew to the extent that they’re a little boring and superficial. I think that’s why I liked the recent Sabine episodes so much because finally we had some proper depth to one of the crew.

      • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

        ‘the slavish approach to McQuarrie’s design’

        Thank you for saying this.

      • Davis

        I agree with what you are saying about aesthetics, and especially about character developement.

        Though as I said my main complaint is still the fact that I don’t think the era so close to ANH was a good choice. You know what would’ve been better imo? Directly after ep III. It’s pretty much an unexplored period in the SW lore (except for the non-canon Force Unleashed). There were plenty of space, characters and opportunity there to expand the SW universe with coherent canon-material.

        Right now Rebels is just another “legends” to me. Don’t try to tell me that active jedi were hunting ancient artifacts so close to ANH… Or that Darth Maul was trying to take over the Galaxy with ancient sith weaponry.
        Just… no.

        • TUD

          And what is the source of your incredulity? What makes ANH the holy grail of what does and doesn’t exist in the Star Wars universe?

          • Davis

            The source is continuity and coherence.

            • TUD

              And both seem to be consistent so far ( so far being TWO YEARS away from ANH).

              I see no issue.

    • TUD

      “And I certainly don’t hold it as canon”

      Why do you think that your headcanon is relevant?

      • Davis

        Why would I think it is? I just mentioned it, not promoting it or anything. It is the official canon after all…
        I’m just more critical with messing with the OT’s lore, and I find it hard to accept that active jedi were searching for ancient jedi artifacts so close to Luke’s era… Feels incredibly out of place (to me). But if people hold it as canon, I have absolutely no problem with it (maybe except for Maul, who just overstayed his welcome way too much).

  • Seeker Aloy

    Well I have officially given up on Ezra becoming a cool hero. By this time in Clone Wars the initially reviled Ashoka had already began to become the highlight of the show. Ezra going into Season 4 is still unbearable.

    • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

      And yet they dumped Sabine Wren……

  • Robert

    It’s about time they finally announce it. I love what rebels has been doing recently and just overall I think it’s a fun show