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UPDATE! Second Teaser for The Rogue One Trailer Released!

Krennic- CCYes, it is happening! We get another teaser for the Rogue One trailer that will be released later today. Check out the new footage after the jump…



The campaign to make the new Star Wars stand-alone film known to the general audience is starting to gain traction. In this new teaser we see new footage of the bad guys and the good guys. Check it out:




The only new shot from this teaser is what appears to be the moon Jedha seen from space. We also see Director Krenic with his crew.


And here we have a streamable link:









Something worth mentioning. From the BTS Rogue One footage that was showed at Celebration we caught a glimpse of the Death Star orbiting above Scarif:


rogue one


And that’s definitely a Death Star bridge. Here’s an image from A New Hope for comparison:


Death Star


So it’s really curious to see that the Death Star is also above Jedha. We know that the construction of the Death Star is happening over Scarif, but why is it over Jedha as well?  Perhaps the two planets are just galactic neighbors?  It’s also possible that the Death Star is already mobile to some degree and has traveled from Scarif to Jedha for some reason.


Why would the Empire go to the trouble of sending their newly minted space station into orbit over the frozen desert planet? We know that the weapon system will not be online until ANH at the destruction of Alderaan, so there has to be some motive other than world annihilation. Maybe they’re after another one of those giant kyber crystals to power the superlaser like they found on Utapau during the Clone Wars. What do you think?


The kyber crystal theory also matches with what Donnie Yen said in an interview during Celebration that we shared with you 3 weeks ago. Here it is again: