Happy New Year! The Force Awakens Becomes the Second Highest Grossing Movie of all Time in the US. New Planet Name Revealed. - Star Wars News Net
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Happy New Year! The Force Awakens Becomes the Second Highest Grossing Movie of all Time in the US. New Planet Name Revealed.

star-wars-everyoneHappy New Year from SWNN! May you have a joyful year full of positive feelings and smiles. The past year has brought us the best possible gift we could have wished for – a brand new Star Wars movie. 2016 promises to be even more exciting with 2 new Star Wars movies in production plus the continuation of the Rebels TV show, and possibly some more surprises in store…


Rogue OneThere is no doubt that 2016 will belong to Gareth Edwards and his “Star Wars Story” Rogue One. The movie hits theaters on December 16th and has been in production for some months now. Understandably Disney are keeping this movie under huge wraps, focusing everything on The Force Awakens. Also after the big leaks from TFA, I am hearing that Lucasfilm have drastically changed the way they deal with security on the set. We should expect much less leaks with Rogue One and Episode VIII. As you know Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII starts filming in late January, but don’t expect much info about it.


Once The Force Awakens ends it’s box office run, you can expect some movement in the Rogue One promo campaign.

Remember the rumors that The Force Awakens will have the Rogue One teaser attched to it? Well, I am hearing that this was absolutely what Disney had in mind. It was a done deal, the teaser was ready but they decided against it in the last moment aftet the info about it leaked. My personal understanding is that around April or May we can expect the trailer. I won’t be surprised if they do some cross promotion with the release of The Force Awakens Blu-ray around that time.


As you know this year’s Star Wars Celebration takes place in London (July 15-17), we can definitely expect some behind the scene footage for Rogue One (which I hear is already done) but I believe that the trailer would have been already released by then.


StarWars_TheForceAwakensNow some brief update on The Force Awakens’ box office numbers. After the New Year’s Eve estimates The Force Awakens currently stands at $652 million in the Domestic box office (via Deadline). What’s interesting is that TFA made this only in 2 weeks. That’s the same number which Jurassic World did in its whole domestic run. Currently Jurassic World is on number 3 in the all time domestic box office with $652.3 million. Also the movie standing at number 2 is Titanic with $658.7 million.  So after today we can assume that The Force Awakens will become the second highest grossing movie in the US behind just Avatar. Impressive record made in just 15 days!

Domestic top 3The Force Awakens just needs to make another $100 million to become the highest grossing movie in the US. Beating Avatar’s domestic record is very realistic, while the worldwide record looks more elusive. Avatar has $2.78 billion at the Worldwide box office, and The Force Awakens currently has $1.3 billion, just surpassing Disney’s Frozen, their top grossing movie until now. Currently TFA is at number 8 at the Worldwide box office. This means that the movie has to double its current stats so that it would get within striking distance to Avatar. Keep in mind that TFA still hasn’t opened in the second biggest box office market in the world – China. The movie is expected to make at least $300 million there. This will be a nice fresh boost to the movie in just 8 days time (9 January, 2016).


SkelligAnd now some interesting new details on The Force Awakens coming from the actual script, which was released by Disney to the Writers Guild for awards consideration. The script was making the rounds on reddit, and I first thought that it’s fake but LFL’s Pablo Hidalgo himself revealed that it is legit. The script gave some new interesting plot points that were not addressed in the movie including the name of the planet that we see in the end of the movie.


So according to the script, the name of the planet where Rey meets Luke is “Ahch-to”. The script also gives some further details on the flashback scene that Rey had in Maz Kanata’s castle as well as some new insights on the Rey and Kylo fight and Rey, and Luke meeting. You can read more on this in our forum HERE.