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CBS 60 Minutes Gives us a Sneak Peek at John Williams’ Score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

JJWiliamsA new video by CBS 60 minutes gave us a special behind the scenes look at The Force Awakens. Watch J.J. Abrams attending a Star Wars scoring session conducted by the legendary John Williams.



J.J. Abrams gave 60 Minutes‘ Bill Whitaker a behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”




The Force Awakens soundtrack will be released together with the movie on December 18th. Make sure to pre-order it:




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  • A Knight of Ren

    I saw this earlier and got some sand in my eyes. ( hence the tears ) ; )
    ” I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere ”

    • TUD

      Not like here. Here, everything’s soft and smooth.

      • Matex

        welcome to JJakku

  • Matthew Roper

    I can already hear how brilliant this new score is going to be

  • dik4but

    Dudes, I’m not even going to listen to this. Sounds right y/n?

    • LadyMusashi


    • 999SickBoy666 .

      Most definitely, yes.

    • Dani Català

      I’m proud of you!!

      YES, Williams at its best.

    • Edgar Mellencamp

      Its classic Star Wars, with a touch of subtlety and complexity and just as a pacey as before. Williams could outdo himself.

  • A Knight of Ren

    At 1:03 a nice sample of some menacing chase music, very nice = )

    • Death star 49

      Perhaps its a track for snoke

      • TUD

        Snoke’s theme is supposed to be choral though.

        • Death star 49

          Hmm yeah then what could it be?

          • Hard Case

            I don’t know, but Duel of the Fates was the best track to come out of the PT IMO, and it had that whole choral refrain going on. I hope we get something as memorable as that in the new film.

            • TUD

              I liked the choral theme used near the end of RotS, the one that you hear in part during Padme’s funeral.

  • BobaJob

    What you can actually hear through all the chit-chat sounds awesome – really looking forward to this one. Personally I thought the phantom menace soundtrack was the last great star wars soundtrack. The AOTC and ROTS soundtracks had their moments but overall (IMHO) sounded like JW didn’t really have his heart in it, but he seems really enthused by the new film so I have high hopes.

    • Dani Català

      It’s interesting what you say and I kinda agree. Overall, The Phantom Menace is still a Star Wars film in all senses (like it more or not) but AOTC and ROTS are two films a part in the saga, with confusing aesthetic for the regular Star Wars fan. Of course those who watched TPM as their first Star Wars film won’t have that feeling, because that was their unique reference and AOTC was just a sequel film, but for those who had seen 4 films, Attack of the Clones felt a part.

      The music is part of that. In Attack of the Clones Lucas introduces too many things that don’t fit together (Shakespeare love, politic thriller, Dick Tracy investigation, advanced clone science, roman circus…) it’s just too much.

    • Jay

      I agree about TPM soundtrack being the best of the PT. At least for me I always thought it was because it was the only music of the PT I heard before seeing the film- before the dark times.

    • Clone11038

      I just saw AOTC yesterday. WHat I can say that… for some reason, I feel like John did a great job at those love themes and such, whiule kind of went lazy on the action themes. What I personally find annoying that there’s a part in one of those themes that gets repeated at least 5 times in different points of the movie, with no arrangement differences. That was a kind-of lazy thing. Maybe that happenned because he had to compose music for 4 films that year…

    • Joel

      Interesting side note about the AOTC soundtrack. The CD track “Zam The Assassin And The Chase Through Coruscant” contains the only appearance of an electric guitar in a Star Wars movie soundtrack. The director however did not like the guitar and chose not to feature it in the film.

    • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

      II and III would have been great had Lucas not chopped them all to hell.

  • LadyMusashi

    As I said before, I am almost as excited for the new John Williams soundtrack as I am for TFA. What little we can hear sounds awesome.

  • Clone11038

    Ok… this was better than the trailer musics. Those just didn’t feel like arranged by john williams (as we discovered later)

  • NYJD21

    Sounds fantastic

  • Alexander Muth

    not available in canada???

    • InglebertHumperdink1

      Yeah, it’s a bummer. Someone should fix that

      • Barsoon

        I’d love if everything just played worldwide. Forget trying to watch something posted by AMC, they’re the worst

  • Barsoon

    Not available in Australia either. Annoying. I’d love to hear it

  • Boberg

    Sounds fantastic. The menacing theme comming in around 1:00 in the video sounds really good to me. Very Star Warsy, but still new. Can’t wait to hear the rest!
    Also love the moment between Williams and J.J, when Williams asks “Do you think it can work?”. JJ’s answer is pretty awesome, and it’s so nice to see Williams always being so down to earth.

  • Padmé Starkiller

    Ah John Williams, no matter what happens, at least we know the music is going to be incredible. I’m actually looking forward to the score more than the film.

    • Ainnem Agon

      Nobuo Uematsu superior.

  • Crixxxx

    This is the longest score ever written for a Star Wars film, clocking in at 3 hours. Hopefully a full soundtrack release will be available.

  • Samuel Wallace

    “Not available in country”


  • junderwood13

    “Abject terror” …I love it!

  • JabbaWocky

    I’m 99% certain that the first music we hear (at :18 or so) is part of “Scherzo for X-Wings” as listed on the soundtrack. Neat!

  • WackyBantha

    I don’t know if this alternate video will work outside the U.S., but give it a try and we’ll see. Good Luck, international viewers!

    • HM King Krappery of Kanine

      Works for Brits. Thanks.

    • TUD

      Works for me in the US.

      PS: That newswoman is so drunk.

  • HM King Krappery of Kanine

    I was always slightly disappointed in the prequel scores by JW (a few great themes notwithstanding) But that sounds one of the greatest scores I’ve heard him do in a good few years. This is now the thing I am looking forward to the most.

  • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

    Now we know Luke’s theme will be in this. I hope each planet gets their own style of music like in the other trilogies, I always thought it was cool how they have their own instrumentation.

    • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

      I also hope they bring back the unused Han theme from Empire and the rarely used Droids theme. I’d also like the Luke/Leia theme but it doesn’t look like they will get any screen time together in this one.

  • yubnub

    I’m getting this version in Canada