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Lucasfilm Hiring CGI Creature Rendering Staff.

Yoda CGI wireframe


Are you ready to put your creative skills to the test, designing the next General Grievous or rendering the next  Yoda for the new Star Wars films? This may be your big opportunity!


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LucasFilm Recruiting has two new tweets up with hiring announcements for ILM’s creative team. Ambitious CGI creature designers, take heed!




Of course, ILM works on plenty of projects other than Star Wars, so we probably shouldn’t read too much into their latest recruitment efforts. ILM’s Vancouver location was opened this past March after Pixar vacated the 30,000 square foot Gastown facility in late 2013. They have a pretty full plate, working on films such as Warcraft and the new Jurassic Park in addition to the upcoming Star Wars movies.


That being said, it’s always encouraging to see ILM hiring creature designers. And whoever lands these jobs will undoubtedly have the chance to do work on the new generation of Star Wars film over the next decade or so.


Get your portfolios and resumes polished up and ready to go, folks! ;^)


(Thanks to TIDMADT in The Cantina for the heads up on this!)