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SWNN Video: Rian Johnson’s Looper – A Star Wars Comparison

In this video, I briefly go over some of the story elements in Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi thriller, Looper. There is some significant overlap between Looper and the main Star Wars saga, which indicates that Rian Johnson was the right pick for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. He really knows how to craft sympathetic characters […]

SWNN Video: Star Wars: Love is the Balance – A Rey and Kylo Ren Story

What is Star Wars about? I think the answer is simply… Love. In this video, I make an argument for the popular “Reylo” theory, stating my case for why I think the sequel trilogy is a story of the two halves of the Force learning to love each other. For more reading on the subject, […]

Exploring the Modern Myth (Part 2): The Force as the Interface Between the Known and the Unknown

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced Joseph Campbell and talked briefly about his relationship with George Lucas and how his ideas came to influence the Star Wars saga. We continue that discussion in this segment, where we dive into the conceptual nature of The Force itself. Wayward Jedi

Exploring the Modern Myth (Part 1): An Introduction to Joseph Campbell – The Grandfather of Star Wars

If George Lucas is the father of Star Wars, that makes Joseph Campbell its grandfather. Many of you have probably heard of the world-renowned scholar, famous for his work in the fields of comparative mythology and comparative religion. It was at Skywalker Ranch, way back in 1988 (while Lucas was still developing his ideas for […]

SWNN Video: Three Outlaw Samurai – Another Movie That Inspired Rian Johnson for The Last Jedi!

  Three Outlaw Samurai is another one of the films Rian Johnson revealed might have inspired bits and pieces of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A work of the Japanese director Hideo Gosha, Three Outlaw Samurai explores themes of duty, betrayal, and honor, and how a simple, yet critical decision, can change one’s conception of each. Rian […]

Balance of the Force Explored in New Star Wars Video by Wayward Jedi

“Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force.” With these words, Lor San Tekka made sure to kickstart the sequel trilogy with a reminder that there is more to balancing the Force than tossing Papa Palpatine down the Death Star II’s main reactor shaft. It is the cosmic mystery of the Force […]

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