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Guess Who Else Visited The Star Wars: Episode 7 Set?

Day 1

From the day Principal Photography began on May 16th for Star Wars: Episode VII the most anticipated production in the world has had a slew of famous visitors, including Roger Moore, Kevin Smith who cried three times, British Muckety-muck George Osborne, and famed Brit actors and JJ alum Simon Pegg & Benedict Cumberbatch, who may or may not have roles in the movie depending on which tabloid you read. BUT we have been informed that there was another quite famous visitor to the Episode VII set. Find out who it was after the jump.


Another rather famous production figure made a visit to JJ and his famous set. Yes, a loyal reader sent us a very recent clip from the “Adam Savage Project” podcast. Some of you may recognize Savage as a Hollywood vet and co-host of the show “Mythbusters.” The podcast largely centered around Special FX makeup versus CGI especially naming Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, Jon Favreau, and JJ Abrams as directors who really understand the value of Practical FX in balance with CGI as it pertains to the story-telling, the actors, and the audience. Savage also said that he loves that JJ is doing much more practical work on Star Wars. During the podcast for October 28th Savage also casually dropped this little tidbit at about the 18:25 mark:


“When I was in New Zealand, talking to Peter Jackson, he was like, ‘So, yeah, I was in London and went to the . . . I was standing in the Millennium Falcon, talking to JJ Abrams . . .”


Savage went on to smack his head and then offered JJ the use of the Admiral Ackbar mold. Check out the clip.





So there you have it, another famous visitor to the Episode VII set – one Mr. Peter Jackson, he of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. This really should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following this production as closely as we have. As many will no doubt know Jackson’s friend and colleague, Andy Serkis, played “Gollum” in his Tolkien adaptations as well as acted as second unit director on The Hobbit trilogy. Serkis and his wonderful motion capture studio The Imaginarium is currently working on unspecified characters for Episode VII. No doubt Serkis helped arrange the visit that landed Mr. Jackson aboard the fastest hunk o’ junk in the galaxy..


Special thanks to Simon M for the heads up.



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