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Officially the Name of the Sith Homeworld is Moraband!

star wars

JediNews made an interesting discovery on one of the pages of the latest Star Wars Insider magazine. It’s the official confirmation that the Sith Homeworld is no longer called Korriban, it’s Moraband…

The info published on that page is similar to The Lost Missions episode descriptions we posted a few days ago. The only difference is the information about the last Episode. Now it has a different title and a different name of the Sith Homeworld.

star wars

This is the first proof of the unification of the Star Wars canon. I personally don’t have any problems with that. After Disney bought Lucasfilm, a new era was born and surely it comes with the necessary changes.

The change of the name also gives us a hint that Disney definitely has future plans for that planet. My guess is that the Sith Homeworld will be used in the upcoming Star Wars movies (Rebels, ST, Spin-Offs). So I won’t be surprised if we see the planet in Episode 7.


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  • So, Korriban is now moribund.

    • Anonymous

      with all these changes from the sith planet to carrie fisher being replaced, if its all true , then im done with star wars once and for all…..

      • Dee

        yeah you truly are a stupid fuck and not a true fan you bitching about small issues

        • Anonymous

          It’s the real fans that “bitch” about small issues.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a laugh. You must not be that big a fan in the first place if you’re willing to abandon Star Wars fandom because of the renaming of a planet and a silly rumor that’s surely not true. And nobody will believe it. It’s hilarious how many people claim they won’t see EVII for this or that reason. Total lies.

    • Yeah but it is bull that they would change things we have grown accustom to for so long. It saddens me that they consider TCW more cannon then KOTOR.I just don’t see why they would change it Moraband sounds so stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Oh No, Anonymous is done with Star wars, over a EU planet, oh the Humanity.

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad they changed the name. Now they are free from the Korriban baggage & the EU fans bitching every time they changed something.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, this isn’t a “change” in the SW canon. “Korriban” is apparently some garbage featured in the EU so, it was never canon to begin with.

      The news should read that “Moraband” has been ADDED to SW canon.

      You know, EU fans are like really old people. No matter how many times you repeat something, they just don’t seem to hear or understand.

      • Anonymous

        That “gargage” is very near and dear to a lot of people. Don’t be such a short-sighted bigot. And yes, the EU was considered the official history of Star Wars. There’s dozens of quotes from people involved with Star Wars that prove that.

    • Anonymous

      dark evil planet Moraband. You mean like…. Mordor?


    • Anonymous

      No, Moraband is like contraband—it’s bad for you, i.e. evil

    • @Anonymous Feb 28 12:05

      If there’s a ring involved…..

    • crap. Korriban was lot better. And if they change all the aspects of the planet? What about all the KOTOR stuff that I love so much?

    • And if all the EU “garbagge” is so bad like you stupid fucking starwars noobs are saying, then why it was 10 times better than those fucking prequel movies? If it wasn´t EU, all the StarWars saga would have vanquished if you don´t know about it. And I´m a 15 years old EU fan, so shut your fucking up Anonymous February 27, 2014 at 10:51 PM

    • Anonymous

      Star Wars noobs? You are 15. Relax.

    • Anonymous

      “shut your fucking up” why 15 year Olds just shouldn’t cuss

    • Anonymous


    • Lucas decided to change the name from Korriban to Moraband because he thought it sounded to much like Courscant but has confird they are the same planet (http://aceofgeeks.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/the-final-season-of-clone-wars-preview.html). With regards to EU: I love the EU and would hate to see it all swept under non-canon heading, but at the same time with them producing new movies, TV series and presumably more games they have to be able to create new ideas rather then being stuck with what the EU has already produced. That’s not to say however that all EU is non-canonical. Disney is currently reviewing all the EU to determine what they classify as canon. New 2 cents: I hope they include Mara, Thrawn and the characters established in the NJO. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world (or EU) if they went another direction.

    • Its not at all unreasonable to suggest that somewhere in the timeline, the name of the planet was changed. How hard is it to say that some time after 1000BBY, the name of the planet was changed to Moriband, and before that, it was called Korriban.

  • Anonymous

    You like potato and I like potahto
    You like tomato and I like tomahto
    Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto.
    Let’s call the whole thing off

    • Anonymous

      You are right! lets cancel the films all together because they changes the name of a planet never mentioned in the films. I hate to tell you, No Mara Jade either, BOOHOO.

    • Anonymous

      The name of a place is different! Oh no! Instead of ignoring it in my own headcanon like any logical person would because it’s not erasing the existence of it it’s just changing the name, I am still going to act like a 9 year old and boycott star wars!

    • Ahem. The canon used to be unified. Now, this retcons a thousand stories out of existence. Everything past ROTJ being retconned is acceptable and necessary, this is destroying an entire universe.

      • Dan

        Just try to look at it as parallel universes for now. Have you read the amazing spiderman? ultimate spiderman, the incredible spiderman… and then there are 2 versions of the spiderman films. just try to relax. I love the expanded universe but im confident that the movie will be entertaining even though it doesn’t include the korriban name… Korriban was a long time ago and the name could have changed. Russia was once the soviet union. America was once just “the new world” and so on.

    • Anonymous

      Okay calm down R3GARnator, it’s not destroying the whole universe. It is however, extremely unnecessary. All Disney is doing by making this change is displaying their power over the franchise. But lets be honest does it really make a difference what the name of the planet is? It’s still the home world of the Sith and they kind of sound the same. Just do what Anon at 4:19PM said and ignore the change and remember it in your head canon as Korriban until it’s been so assimilateed in the Star Wars universe that you’ll look like a fool for still calling it Korriban.

    • Anonymous

      “Showing power” is a very benevolent thing to do, just like Hitler’s parades. Weren’t those fun?

    • Anonymous

      So…All the games that they said were canon is now not?? Its odd that they would change a name that lucas entertainment has been using in all its Video games and Comics for the past 10 years.. Wtv im gonna just suck it up and watch it and be happy that jedi and people with lightsabers are coming back to the big screen

    • Anonymous

      “just like Hitler’s parades?” Comparing Disney to Hilter? Good thing you are hiding behind a bogus Anonymous name with a stupid comment like that.

    • A lot of people are of the opinion that Walt Disney was a neo-nazi… But I can’t speak for the corporation today

    • Walt Disney was not a neo-nazi but antisemith.

    • Anonymous

      Disney and Hitler were both anti-semetic ;)

  • Anonymous

    Eh who cares about the name. I’m sure they have their reasons. It’s not like they’re changing Tatooine’s name.

    • You say that but….

    • Anonymous

      The name was changed because Lucas thought it sounded too much like Corusant

  • Although insignificant and really not that important for some…I really don’t see why Disney felt the need to change planet names, Korriban always sounded awesome to me. It bothers me that all products and stories built around this planet now (like Knights of the Old republic) are now suddenly irrelevant and never existed. I know that these stories weren’t canon but did we really need a name change to decapitate all little hope we had of being part of the universe? No. We get it Disney, what happened before is not canon but that is a low blow for those of us who have been immersed in all the multiple Korriban storylines. The name change wasn’t needed.

    • That’s what bothers me the most, the utter lack of need to change names. Korriban is easily the most well known and recognizable planet outside of the movies.(more well known them some of the movie planets but whatever) More disturbing then not caring about Kotor, it is over ten years old, is the fact that they have an active MMO which clearly states the Homeworld of the sith is Korriban. Some people fail to understand that this is not only a dick movie but it’s bad for profit, killing the EU also kills income from merchandise, games and books related to the EU and getting that back won’t be easy if this path is continued.

    • Everything WAS canon, until this Disney stuff. People just say that only the films were canon because they are closed minded and hate things they never experienced.

      Here’s hoping they mention it’s old name along the way, that’s all they need to do really.

    • DEKKA129

      Actually, the films themselves, and to a lesser extent the film novelizations, were always what LFL considered “canon”. That was stated repeatedly over the years, and it makes perfect sense. Lucas, as a filmmaker, never wanted to be constrained by events that took place in books and comics that he’d had little or nothing to do with. If “everything” was canon, then the entire EU body of work would have to be taken into account when coming up with new film stories.

      The multi-level canon system that LFL marketing put together around 2005 or so was primarily for licensing purposes, and maintained that the films themselves trump anything created by EU authors.

      So no, the film-only canon thing didn’t come from “closed-minded peope who hate things they never experienced.” It came from George Lucas and LFL.

    • Yeah.. It’s funny, all they would have to do is have a character make an offhand quip in episode 7 about how “We haven’t been in this much trouble since [insert EU event or character here]) and fans would be ecstatic. The idea of having to differentiate between ‘pre-diseny’ canon and ST canon is a painful one that ruins something that made star wars very special. I know of some comic book fans who don’t really understand what we’re talking about as Marvel heroes’ back stories change on a month to month basis without realizing that Star Wars is/was a unified continuity..

    • Anonymous

      The name was changed because Lucas thought it sounded too much like Corusant

  • Anonymous

    Moraband is a new name never used before right? I found nothing on the net…
    Thas it mean Korriban will be deleted as the sith planet from star wars sources like star wars wiki?

  • Anonymous

    The renaming of things is being done as a “reset” button for the EU. They like some ideas, and they change the name to remove the history so they can write new material.

  • Anonymous

    They’re changing all the EU names. Mara Jade will now be called Agnes. Thrawn is Clyde.

    • Anonymous

      Those characters are not in the film, this has been confirmed long ago, Get over it, no Mara Jade, go read the lame books again.

    • Dude, they decided to cut off the canon at ROTJ a long time ago, those were gone or re-imagined. Only now, do we see EVERYTHING is being thrown out.

    • Anonymous

      Anon Feb 27 4:05
      Do you work for Disney? Didnt think so. You dont really know shit then. They havent confirmed a fucking thing.Stop being rude

    • Anonymous

      ..yeah but Anon Feb 27 6:13, Do you work for Disney? Didnt think so…

  • Anonymous

    F U LUCASFILM changing awesome name to something really close to be arrogant retards…to us it will always be Korriban !!!!

    • Anonymous

      my favourite thing is seeing distraught EU fans

    • This comment has been removed by the author.

    • People spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and this is how we are re-payed.

    • Anonymous

      they are changing a name they are not erasing it’s entire existence. It’s a planet name that’s going to be relatively new to the general audience. stop trying to demand that you deserve more respect. It’s not like they’re changing the name of darth vader. They obviously have reasons for doing it. stop taking it so personally. dear god these comments are hysterical

    • “They obviously have reasons for doing it.” No, they really don’t. It would’ve and could’ve been relatively new to general audiences with it’s original name. And I’m sorry if you think people are taking things too personally, but I for one have been reading, collecting and enjoying this sort of thing for years and from a psychological point of view it’s entirely valid for me to feel as though something has been taken from me. Star Wars didn’t just belong to Lucas and it certainly doesn’t just belong to Disney, it belongs to everyone whether they’ve written novels, played video games, immersed themselves into the EU or simply enjoyed the films. This is the same sort of thing as changing the movies by adding needless CGI over the work of craftsmen that upset people about the re-cuts of the Original trilogy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you’re allowed to feel annoyed. But feeling as though you can’t enjoy it anymore is ridiculous and an over-reaction. Like when people say the prequels “raped their childhood”. I mean grow up, just ignore the crappy films existed and ignore it if it’s going to cause you any annoying feels.
      “”They obviously have reasons for doing it.” No, they really don’t. “
      HAHA Yeah they just got out of bed one morning and somebody thought ‘lets change the name of korriban’
      ‘why would we do that’
      ‘no reason’
      ..For crying out loud of course there’s a reason behind it, it’s just not clear and doesn’t make sense yet because they haven’t told us what the reason is. It doesn’t mean there isn’t one..

    • If you can’t even speculate as to a sensible reason, it probably isn’t there. Humans are very arbitrary.

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on obviously there is going to be a reason. There is a reason behind all big creative decisions. Why, and HOW could they do it without any reason?..
      “If you can’t even speculate as to a sensible reason, it probably isn’t there.” umm what has personal and pointless speculation got to do with what Disney and Lucasfilm are infact doing? But ok whatever I shall humour your idiocy, well maybe they’re involving Morriband in episode 7, but don’t want some of the things from the Korriban EU to be attached to it so are changing the name. Heck, maybe it’s a legal thing. As I say, it could literally be anything. But we don’t know yet. But do excuse me, I don’t have much experience running Lucasfilm or Disney unlike obviously yourself because clearly know all.. (Your ignorance is very amusing by the way)

    • Anonymous

      By the way humans being arbitrary have very little to do with anything. You might as well have said- The sky is blue. Really, stop trying to sound philosophical because it’s not doing you any favours in an argument based on a name of a fictional planet from star wars and then claiming that they just randomly changed the name for literally no reason whatsoever. I wish you could hear yourself and how deluded you are.

    • Not wanting it attached to things in the EU is not a valid reason for renaming something. Merely ignoring it makes more sense. (You’re probably going to bring up “why don’t you just ignore the name?” Yes… because clearly making a few million people have to do that is easier and nicer than a handful of writers doing so)

    • Anonymous

      There is a reason they did it, and we do not know the reason. It’s that simple. If you’re going to start debunking random things that I just made up from the top of my head then that just shows you how stupid you’re being.

    • Me saying people are arbitrary wasn’t meant to sound philosophical. I was merely stating the fact that people do things for no reason.

    • Anonymous

      Butterflies taste with their feet

    • Anonymous

      Me saying butterflies taste with their feet is not meant to sound philosophical. I was merely stating the fact that butterflies’ taste sensors are in their feet. See, I can say random things too when I don’t have an argument.

    • It’s real interesting to hear a different point of view (than that of mine). I call myself a huge Star Wars fan however that’s predominantly based on the MOVIES only. The only trip into the EU for me is the Thrawn trilogy (post RTOJ). I thought these would make a good sequel trilogy but alas they are going with a ‘new’ storyline – AND THAT’S FINE BY ME! I feel the saga is in good hands.

      I’m not going to say that those of you who love the EU / Games etc should not be upset, but at the end of the day, it’s a real trivial thing you’re getting all hot under the collar for! Whether or not what YOU believe IS or IS NOT Canon, essentially the Producers / Writers have a blank slate to work with! So if you’re not with that, fine. Meesa thinks youssa still gonna watch the new movies anyway!!

      BTW Viral, would make sense that anyone on here SHOULD register and have a user name! Non-users should be able to VIEW only. It’s being able to trace back (email) cos there are some posting pretty disgusting comments on here! Just a thought!

  • jedo brasil

    I’m going to play KOTOR and OLD ja of no value to Disney.

  • Anonymous

    I have always hated anything EU, so I’m fine with it.

    • YanTheBostonian

      Hated? Have you read any of them? Easy to hate when we don’t know

    • It’s Geekitis. It’s not my fanfiction, so it’s WRONG!

    • Translation “I am a close minded idiot.”

  • This is VERY upsetting indeed. I once read some books and the name was one thing but now the name is something else!??! How DARE they do this to me? Now those paperback books I bought are WORTHLESS. The enjoyment I got from those stories is completely negated, I have to learn how to pronounce a whole new planet name in my head when I read new books and I’ve always been a big fan of the letter K but I just HATE the letter M. F*CK STAR WARS! I will never again watch a movie, cartoon or anything else Star Wars. My life is ruined.

    • Anonymous

      Get a life!!!! :-)

    • Anonymous

      “I have to learn how to pronounce a whole new planet name in my head when I read new books and I’ve always been a big fan of the letter K but I just HATE the letter M. F*CK STAR WARS! I will never again watch a movie, cartoon or anything else Star Wars. My life is ruined.”
      ..is this serious? Surely this must be a joke

    • Anonymous

      Hey Glosson, if a name change is going to make you not watch a star wars film again, that is great, do us all a favor and stop posting as well. Go have a good cry. Learning that new planet name sounds very hard for you, I’d hate to see your grades.

    • Anonymous


    • I think Glosson was being sarcastic, guys…

      The problem, is that we have all this knowlege in our heads of the foundation of the universe, like “What is a Sith?” (the movies certainly don’t explain that), and now we don’t know those answers.

    • Anonymous

      good. the mystery is one of the highlights of the whole concept

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous February 27, 2014 at 4:55 PM
      While mystery is important, knowing who your villains are is more important.

    • Anonymous

      For instance, when I was a kid, another kid at recess ran up to me and asked, “What is a Sith”? I told him it was the species Darth Maul was, but he told me that his species was a Zabrak, and I replied that I didn’t know what it was then.

      The point is, if we were characters in the Star Wars Universe, and you told me, “Watch out for Sith Lords!” And I asked you what a Sith Lord was, and you said, “I don’t know, just watch out for them!” than that would be useless, because I wouldn’t know what to watch out for. In the OT when they mentioned things like “Empire” and “Rebellion” we didn’t need explanations since we know what those words mean, but when you make a new word like “Sith” you should probably explain it. There’s good mystery (like knowing what a Sith is, but not knowing who might be one), but not knowing either is just plain lazy writing.

    • Thank you, R3GARnator. I thought I made it obvious enough for everyone but I guess not. I can’t believe people actually thought I was being serious.

    • Anonymous

      haha oh, EU fans are so I actually thought Glosson was serious.

  • Disney Said they would base their characters and planets and everything on the EU stuff. they dont want it to be name the same as the EU cuz then people will expect the same things to happen to the character or planets past or history, i think the name similarity’s and look of it confirms this is the first time we are seeing this in action.
    Korriban has had many names, ill just accept that this is one of them, especially since its so similar

    • Anonymous

      “Disney Said they would base their characters and planets and everything on the EU stuff.”
      Not once have they said that they’re basing everything on EU stuff. If anything they’ve made it clear that they’re doing an original story..

    • obviously you haven’t been reading or following every piece of news then i have seen it multiple times

    • Anonymous

      I have seen it multiple times to. But official word from the beast itself will always outweigh any numbers of internet rumours

    • well this is a prime example of that which proves it. i recognize the landscape of the planet, and even the name is based of korriban

    • Anonymous

      That’s because You’re a wild eyed, badass, Hardcore Star Wars fan, isn’t it dadino8100?

    • Anonymous


    • With the familiar landscape, they could very well just say it was known as Korriban and problem solved.

      Sadly, I think those were only rumors about basing characters off of the EU. People probably fail to realize, that the EU was based off of Lucas’ sequel ideas, as explained to Zahn. So the ST resembles what the EU came FROM.

    • lol anonymous whatever floats your boat

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s not that big of a deal, but still…. It’s hard to let the name Korriban go for something else. I know a fair amount of stuff of Korriban through te games, novels etc. Do es Lucasfilm/Disney now link al that information to Moraband? Or are they re-doing the whole concept of the Sith planet, forgetting Korriban and designing Moraband? Does anybody know anything about this?

  • Anonymous

    Oddly enough… completely throwing out old EU character etc didn’t bother me. Something like a planets name does though. Weird. I guess it’s because I liked Korriban.

    Well… as long as Episode 7 is amazing I can forgive just about anything. Bring on Dara Bade and the rest :P

    • I agree on both counts. They can’t make sequel movies without messing around with the post-ROTJ world that was made when the company thought there would never be sequels. This is the difference between using a scalpel and an axe for surgery.

  • perhaps it’s not korriban, but another planet all together? There were many sith planets, some argued that Dromund Kaas was the home world, and others argued that Ziost was…

    • No, it is pretty conclusively established as the homeworld of the SITH RACE, which got conquered by evil Jedi and made into an empire.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a bad name, guys. I also prefer “Korriban” and I still think “Moraband” is a nickname for “Korriban” or vice versa.

    • Hopefully, it is referred to as Korriban at some point and that holds true.

      The implication, is that they are rebooting the universe outside the films, removing the foundation of the EU as we know it.

  • Anonymous

    You pathetic fan boys complain about anything. Oh No, a cartoon slightly changed the name of a planet from a book. Lets cry all day about it. Every time their is a casting rumor, you buffoons think it is Mara Jade or Jacen Solo, Lucas himself confirmed these stories are original and have nothing to do with those Lame books. Keep crying, it will be like the prequels, no matter what the film is like, everyone will complain and say the originals are better.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Someone is actually seeing logic. Although the people who say that the originals are better than the prequels is simply because thats what they feel. There’s no point moaning about other people’s opinions on things as though you’re a ‘real’ fan and all that rubbish. I have high hopes for these films and think they could be as good at the originals so personally I’m really excitied. All these cynical babies whining about how precious the prequels and EU is to them and refuse to see reason is so annoying and ilogical. Do you like the EU? Great. Like the prequels? wonderful. But please shut up and stop demanding that they ‘need’ to respect you as though you’re better then them and their vision. If they want to go back to the spirit of the original trilogy then that’s what they’re gonna do. Respect that. There’s no point whining as though they ‘owe’ you anything.

    • All of those books you never read, and know are lame by magic? What a worthless troll.

    • Anonymous

      how do you know he has never read them? Or are you trying to conjure up an excuse because you’re a baby and can’t face a simple fact that somebody might not like something that you do

    • Anonymous

      A baby and can’t face a simple fact? that’s kinda childish don’t you think? People who have read the EU novels have a passion for star wars that runs deeper than the fans who have only seen the movies and TCW. It’s not stupid of them to guess that Adam Driver probably would play a character based on Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus, or feel annoyed by the fact that they change the name of a planet that has had it’s name for over a decade now and is probably more famous than some of the planets in the movies. They love star wars probably more than the people who have only watched the movies because when you read the books you’re in the characters mind and you get a connection. It’s not like the movies where you watch, because when you read you have to feel and imagine. That’s at least how I feel it when I enjoy a star wars novel..

      When they hear about actors they express their theories about who they could play and what the rumours says because they recognise them in the novels.. If movie fans are annoyed because of that or believe that just because it’s an original story there aren’t going to be any of the EU characters would be stupid. Maybe they changes names, but it would still be the characters they base it on. If it’s Talon Karrde, Ben Skywalker or Corran Horn they put in the movies they would still be those excact characters no matter if the names are different. So just calm down if you have no idea about the EU and stop talking down on the so called “stupid novels” and “shitty books”.. They are quite good. Some of them fantastic and really would deserve a trilogy or two

  • DEKKA129

    “Cassius Clay was a bad motherf***er. I ain’t saying Clay ain’t bad. I stopped liking him when he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.”

    “Wait a second. Wait a second! A man has the right to change his name to whatever he wants to change it to. And if a man wants to be called Myuchhammad Ali, goddammit, this is a free country, you should respect his wishes and call the man Myuchhammad Ali!

    “His momma named him Clay. I’m going to call him Clay. I say Clay.”

    “Well, then you’re a putz. The three of you. Three putzes. You should change the name from “My-T-Sharp” to “The Three Putzes”.”

    • ^Good reference. Great movie.

  • Well this sucks….

    • Anonymous


    • It’s a stupid thing to do.

    • It could turn out to be nothing, they mention it got renamed and people got upset about nothing.

    • So how do you feel? do you feel angry? Sad? Frustrated? Do you want to show me on this doll what the nasty people at Disney did to you?

    • I think its weird that they give it a name so similar original at that rate what’s the point and is this going to happen to all of them ?

    • I smell the stench of trolls.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully not a hint of further stupidity to come …

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is great, better than the three prequels combined. It is set so far away from the films, that they don’t clash, like the post-rotj books certainly would. This could well just be another name for the same planet, and us actual Star Wars fans, (as opposed to “Anyone with decent taste in films, who thus likes them.”), are just being silly. And people like Unleashethefanboy who hate and belittle us, bullying us that we are nerds, hating things they didn’t read or play, can rot in hell. I’m done with the comment sections.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the trolls love nothing more than when Disney starts trolling.

    • Yeah!!! Bullying is an outrage and should be wiped out!!!

  • Anonymous

    big news Han Solo is now Ham YoYo

    • ha ha.. this will happen……

    • Ken Shmenobi

    • Anonymous

      The new villian is Varth Dader!!!

  • Duke Slybalker

  • Duke Groundrunner

  • Snoba Yett

  • Lava The Mutt

  • Nando Ballsrisian

  • S3-E3

  • Far Far Sinks

  • Anonymous

    You’re all losers for getting worked up over the name of a fake fucking planet. Straighten your nerdy glasses, part your comb-over, and pull your pants a little higher. It’s a fucking movie.

    • Why are you even here?

    • “Yes, because I’m so much more better than other people. I don’t get passionate over a story that someone else has been a part of for so many years. All of you nerds are below me because I feel so entitled to say it’s ‘just a fucking movie’.” – AnonymousFebruary 27, 2014 at 5:35 PM

      You know what? It’s a story people enjoy and it’s just the same as if someone got pissed off at the opposing team for scoring a touchdown at a football game. Which in of itself is just “a fucking game”. Let people be passionate.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you dare compare your stupid little fantasy stories to football. The difference is REALITY. Get that through your thick-ass glasses you dumb hipsters. This means absolutly nothing. It’s just a goddamn movie!!

    • Notice the use of offensive and untrue stereotypes of nerds… I don’t think you belong here, or any website dedicated to a science fiction franchise.

    • “Don’t you dare” Oh, well your upset! Do you wear a jersey of your favorite player? Because even we don’t cosplay you farsighted and ignorant person. Stories mean far more then any sport, most people don’t fucking care about who won the super bowl 15 years ago but yet millions of people are amazed by Tolkien and Steinbeck even after all this time.

    • Well said, Forever_!!
      Happy birthday to Steinbeck by the way.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Sports is just played by overpayed idiots and watched by pretentious morons who think they are a ‘real man’ because they watch an over glorified version of chase

    • Anonymous

      Man those nerd tropes are pretty outdated lol. good one :/

  • So much infighting… I feel a great disturbance in the force.

    • Anonymous

      lmao. and the EU fans think they have some sort of importance. my god i’m so embarrased for them

    • … I actually do enjoy the EU. Now do you notice that the word “infighting” means everyone? That means you and I should be fighting. I on the other hand could careless for your opinion because it’s so short-sighted. I understand there is going to be change. Am I going to like it? Depends on what they change. That’s the glory of sci-fi, there are so many opportunities for things to change. I like the whole universe in general and I’m not going to sit here and feel butt hurt because of a change to a planet’s name, which even then this could be an entirely different planet. Or the name of the planet changed within the universe itself.

      Feel embarrassed for them, us, yourself. You’re apart of this too, just as much as I or other people on this forum are. We should embody every fan within Star Wars, not insult them.

    • Anonymous

      Fascinating. You clearly don’t understand my point.

    • Actually I do. Just that you have the same mindset as they do. As if your more important than them.

    • Anonymous

      dear god you really truly do not understand my point. Even less so than I thought.

    • Then explain? I’m not here to just sound stupid. I’m showing ignorance obviously. Now show you aren’t a arrogant person and help a person understand.

    • Anonymous

      He understands your point perfectly fine. He just thinks you’re an asshole and self in-titled at that, more so of the people you’re mocking.

    • Guys drop it.

    • Anonymous

      DEAR GOD. I literally just said “the EU fans think they have some sort of importance.” In other words, I think it’s stupid a selection of fans think they have more importance than another selection of fans. That is all I’m fucking saying.
      “I on the other hand could careless for your opinion because it’s so short-sighted.”
      “I understand there is going to be change. Am I going to like it? Depends on what they change. That’s the glory of sci-fi, there are so many opportunities for things to change.”
      Ok great.. good for you.. What do you want a medal? I literally just said I think it’s embarrassing that EU fans are trying to force their opinion on others. You might as well go on a rant about how great cats are. This has nothing to do with my simple point that fans are all equal.
      “Just that you have the same mindset as they do. As if your more important than them.” What the fuck? Again, I have not said anything other than; Fans. Are. Equal. To. Eachother.

    • Anonymous

      I tried to drop it twice.
      My first attempt- “Fascinating. You clearly don’t understand my point.”
      and my second attempt- “dear god you really truly do not understand my point. Even less so than I thought.”
      Yet I am apparently an ‘asshole’.. and ‘self in-titled at that’.. When all I actually said was a simple fact. That I find it embarrassing that fellow fans think they are more important than others..

    • Then I stand corrected man. I gotcha now.

  • dammit

    all I have to say

  • Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhh it’s the end of star wars, guys! The sand people have taken over and everyone is dying ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

    • ‘Sand People’ is no longer politically correct, they prefer to be called ‘First Tattooinians’

    • Nah they gonna be call “Sand people” and they ain’t riding in the the front of the land speeder

    • I beleive the term you all are looking for is Tuskin Raiders. Also lets take a moment and pray for those wonderful old KOTOR games and comics truly a bright point for Star Wars in the last decade. You will be missed and remembered fondly :(

    • Anonymous


    • You mean four games and over six books ?

    • I think it’s five games. And over twenty books

    • whats the fifth, swtor? because i got kotor 1-2 star wars empire at war – star wars empire at war forces of corruption* jedi knight jedi academy

    • Oops, I forgot about Jedi Academy. Swotor does feature Korriban extensively but the the game I thought you were excluding is Star Wars Battlefront: Rouge Squadron, a mediocre psp game.

    • And it features prominently on a huge map on the office wall of that guy at LucasFilm who is paid to keep track of all this stuff.

    • Why are people mad at me for being sad lol I am not demanding that the change it back. But it is sad for someone who has followed everything Star Wars since I was in 2nd grade. I mean Coruscant was originally made in the heir to the empire books and Lucas added it in the movies. So yes I am distraught that something was very unnecessarily changed . I am still going to watch Episode VII, but this does not bode well for the future of the franchise. I could understand if there were new movies every couple of years but there was a long period between Return and Menace. To tell fans that all the material the cherished for a long time was nothing more then fanfic is messed up. Why in the hell would they release an episode list with Korriban and then a couple days later change it? and who are a couple of people to tell me what is cannon or what is not, from now on I am just going to make up my own cannon lol it is the only way to deal with such profound sadness :(

  • So whats with the trolls ?

  • These days a new comment system will be installed. This one is getting out of hand.

    • Agreed Are we going to get to make accounts and post blogs? that would be pretty cool. :)

    • ?

    • This should always be expected from Star Wars fans. A new comments section, depending on how it’s set up, would do quite nicely. I’m glad you’re really on top of these things, Viral.

  • I am gonna get a Korriban for life t shirt… who is with me

    • Anonymous


    • I, sir luke.

    • Ah I am not crying but KOTOR both comics and games are 1,000 time better then TCW. so I will indeed make my shirt deal with it lol

    • And I just want to add there are some very good EU books, that are still fun to read.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is a fun thread. I would like the carefully point out that this “change” wasn’t made by Disney—these episodes were made by Lucasfilm, specifically by the TCW team based on ideas by George Lucas, same as all of the other TCW episodes. The fact that Disney owns Lucasfilm now doesn’t mean they all of a sudden “made” this stuff.

    • That’s what makes it even weirder Anon… People can either see it as hope or something sinister. Or be completely oblivious and apathetic.

    • I just think it is people who call themselves experts that don’t really know all that much. I say they get 10 random die hard fans and have them sort out the cannon. I really do think they should try harder to hire people who actually know about Star Wars. It is like if I worked at a car company but I didn’t know anything about cars, lets say I previously worked designing appliances. now what kind of cars do you think I would make. I would make terrible cars that contributed little to nothing new to the field . That is how I see some of these so called experts that change things that don’t need to be changed. Tell me this what was the point in them changing the name ? What purpose did it serve ? I really don’t understand the direction they are going in .

    • The head of the Story Team(?) is a massive fan, but I guess he didn’t get say on this.

    • That’s what I mean lol. I bet they just changed it without even bothering to care. just very unnecessary

  • Anonymous


    • caps lock?

    • Anonymous

      Star Wars’ nerd temper tantrums are the best!!! Nothin’ but good ol’ fashioned fun to be found here folks……

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Lucas won’t direct the next 3 films because a) He’s old and b) He’s a terrible director. His finest works have been directed by others.

  • Well personally for me it doesn’t change anything, I’ve can call it Korriban anyway, it’s not like someone would forbidden to me to do that, so I’ll have two name for Sith homeworld from now on…

    • Anonymous

      Wow, if only everyone else could have your logic. Thanks for restoring a bit of my faith back into the star wars communiy

  • jedi brasil

    Because Lucas used the name to Coruscant capital of the republic, taken from the EU, because Disney did not the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Heres to hoping this is just a clever way to get us to watch season 6. Maybe the name was changed to hide its past, or there is more to the origin of Korriban than we thought. But know matter what this is is where the new Sith for Star Wars Rebels will be introduced.

  • jedi brasil

    The fan have to protest en masse, so Disney did not change more thing in Star Wars. Fan us have the Force

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the only one from the big 3 to appear in the new movie will be Mark Hamill, and only as a force ghost… I personally wouldn´t have a problem with that. Kinda feels like the Skywalker story is done, and it´s all about a new era, maybe hundreds of years after the OT. That way you´d be safe in knowing that the the OT remains in the memory just the way it should, all the EU fanatics don´t have to cry because the canon destroyed their fantasy of what the story is and so on… But then again, the movies are canon, and everything else is just BS, except the Clone Wars series… at least from my point of view.

    • While that would be great and give us actually new plots, they want to exploit the things we’ve already seen as much as possible. It also does give the weird situation of posthumously adding on to a story that’s already done, the EU has always just been other stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe.. I don’t know, does anyone else think a spin-off trilogy would be better than adding a third act? And they could still have the three, unrelated to either movie series, standalone spin-offs..

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure we’ll see a new 3 movie trilogy after this saga is done with episode 9. George has said he’s written story treatments for loads of other films, and it’s not like they can’t come up with some new ideas in the next 10 years

    • It doesn’t need to be by George. He has a wonderful imagination and a talent for small details but he’s really not that much of a writer..

    • But yeah, I suppose they could still do that, and if 7-9 involve some of the original cast it’s pretty much now or never so they’d have to do this first..

  • Anonymous

    This is a dumb move. A really dumb move. It’s probably a Lucas idea that was part of the Disney acquisition agreement. That’s my problem with it. He green lights stuff and then does a 180 on them. He wanted to rename Starkiller to Darth Icky during the development of The Force Unleashed. That’s right, DARTH ICKY. This name change was all probably for the sake of that one episode of TCW that’s going to be released. Or maybe it’ll have ramifications all the way to EP7. I only hope they don’t touch Kyle Katarn EU, it was by far my favorite EU.

  • I wasn’t too familiar with Korriban, so I can live with this, (and the new name basically rhymes with it, so not too hard to remember) But if they change the names of Mara Jade, Jacen, etc, that’s gonna piss me off. And they better not lay a finger on Boba Fett’s canon. That will push me over the edge. He is by far my favorite Star Wars character.

  • the question is how much detail about korriban as established in the EU are they going to change for moraband—for instance, about the tombs of the sith lords and the sith training facilities seen in kotor.

  • Maybe Disney would have to pay somebody for the use of the name Korriban. So they change the name and keep the money.

    • Rather the contrary. Technically speaking lucasarts has copyright and trademarks on every character etc. from things they’ve officially released, Korriban being something that would fall into that category.

    • Clearly, something caused this name change. Why change it if they own the copyright and trademarks. And even if LucasFilm owns the rights, they would still have to pay royalties to the creator of the Korriban world.

    • “Moribund,” similar to the new planet name “Moriband” is defined as the experience in facing death. That meaning behind the name may have something to do with it, but that’s why I said below that something in the SWU must have occurred that caused Korriban’s name to be altered.

    • Then why didn’t they name it Moriband to start with?

  • I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s pretty clear that the planet was once called Korriban (during the times of the old republic), but was changed at some point along the way. That’s a pretty simple way of explaining this alteration. I don’t think Disney would choose to change a well known chunk of SWU history. I mean, they have people working hard to make sure the continuity is not disrupted to please fans and general audiences. KOTOR and its’ content very well known in the fanbase.That’s just what I’m getting out of this, I could be wrong.

    • This is fun, let’s rename all the Star Wars planets! Tatooine is now Zotooine!

    • If it’s only done with one planet with purpose in the story, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. There could be much worse things.

    • If it’s only done with one planet and with a viable purpose, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, we would just think of it as names in different languages! Singapore is Singapura in a different language for example. Ask threepio!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree. Alemanha is Germany in Portuguese. Who knows may not be so?

  • My guess is that it is being changed because it will be in a movie and korriban sounds similar to Koran. They probably just want to avoid linking Sith with Islam. But that’s just my political side thinking.

    • Hmm. That’s something I’d never realized. If that’s there reasoning it’s understandable, if a bit silly.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They changed the name Korriban because the real SW production team don’t want to be associated with the any EU crap. The article doesn’t even specifically say Moriband WILL DEFINITELY BE IN EPISODE 7. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

    As for SW canon, I don’t ever remember ever hearing about such a planet. It’s apparently some lame name that was used in those crummy books written by amateur authors trying to advanced their careers by piggybacking on the Star Wars brand name.

    • I like how people like you take the time to troll about books you’ve never even read. And they’re definitely amateurs, Hugo awards and being topsellers means nothing. But just for your information Korriban didn’t come from a book it came from lucasarts and many “real SW production team’s” have used it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, many, except for the ones that matter—Abrams and Lucas.

    • For real I met Kevin J Anderson last year and he is not only a good writer but a cool person. I wish people would do some research about all those books, there was really some cool stuff in all of them. my bet is the jedi Academy will be on Yavin 4 if not it;s cool but I can just see it being there

    • Anonymous

      Lol yes keep getting butthurt over the “EU crap” that you’ve never read, you’re so original.

  • It’s Moraband, not Moriband or Moribund. :)

    • Moraband just bares a striking resemblence to the word “Moribund.” A clever name replacement in my opinion. It could have been worse.

  • Anonymous

    Oh right, sorry.
    Moraband is now SW canon and Korriban never existed in SW canon
    ;) EU fans

  • Or it may just be separate planet entirely. There’ve been other planets that have been called “the Sith homeworld” throughout the history of the franchise besides Korriban.

    Even if the name is being changed, it’s not like the entire stories are being retconned out of existence. This is a concept called broad strokes, in which a story did happen, but not every single detail of it. In this case, the Old Republic-era stories featuring or mentioning Korriban may still be canon, but the name is not.

    Expect some source books to come along and patch things up later (as usual).

  • just for some clarification Korriban was ancient world of Sith before or around the time of Raven. Ziost was another home world after they left Korriban to hide from the jedi for about 2000 years also Korriban goes by Pesegam but the tidbit of information does not say that Korriban is Morriban could have been more than one ancient home world of sith. remember the sith was religion and a race. I don’t think its changes anything as I am sure in order for planet like Korriban changing the name will make it more inviting no one would want to live on cursed planet if they know it was.

    • Anonymous

      wtf are you talking about?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    i never read anonymous comments

  • Anonymous

    me either

  • for me its a mistake how can u change Korribans name when its on soooo many games and books? its just stupid…..

  • 200th comment

  • Anonymous

    You are so hardcore dandino8100. I stand in awe of your presence.

  • Anonymous

    To all the EU bashers. If it weren’t for the EU, during the dark times, Star Wars would be known as 3 movies from the 70’s and 80’s

  • Anonymous

    Wow lots of comments/reaction to this
    It could just be a new name for same place, codename, codeword, different lingual interpretation.
    It could be another Sith world. Korriban could be the real secret. Not sure if the Jedi of Yoda’s era even know of Korriban’s existence. As there is so much lore out there to wreck..err I mean read, hard to keep track?
    Wait ’til they start renaming the Sith who ruled there. Then you’ll know it’s a power trip by Bisney.

  • did anyone ever stop to think that Moraband and Korriban could exist simultaneosly, look at Star wars canon right now…. how many planets have humans as a native species…. Billions of them. Who’s to say that Moraband and Korriban aren’t in the same system? All of you aregetting so butthurt over a simple addition, relax and wait for the mouse to tell us more!

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t Onderon and Iziz, which appear in TCW S5, been introduced in KOTOR2?

  • Anonymous

    you know what i haven’t had in awhile?…big league chew…

  • Anonymous

    The Sith homeworld is Korriban, ’nuff said.

    • No it’s not, it’s called Moraband.

  • Are you stupid? NECESSARY CHANGES?! HOW IS THIS NECESSARY!? Changing the name of the SITH! HOME WORLD! is the LEAST Necessary thing EVER! Do we even get a reason!? No. Because Disney sucks! It is needless! and pointless!

  • Anonymous

    i think i am going to forget about SW for awhile until an official announcement happens and content myself with watching reruns of M*A*S*H….

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god. Do you realize how pathetic some of you sound???

    “If they change the name of a FICTIONAL planet, what about KOTOR that I love so much”. Who CARES. You can still like your game AND the new movie by not being such a whining baby about it all.

  • guys please. i would not in a milion years believe that this is korriban. first look on the Human specie in star wars. the human comes from correlia and alderaan and onderaan plus hundreds of other planets.

    so why in the name of star wars should the species sith not exist on more than one planet.
    i meen the sith is both a title/side plus a species.
    if anyone have proof that Moraband is korriban please tell me.

  • Ratarn2

    If anyone remembers there is rumered to be more than one homeworld of the sith. Ziost and Dromund kass were two others besides Koribann.

  • Meeting hammerhead

    If the Sith are an entire culture and they can sustain their own planetary society, that makes their status as bad guys problematic (unless it’s a remote world where troubled force sensitive individuals just go to train and go on evil vision quests).

  • watch out! we got a badass here!

  • Forever

    I don’t see how that would create a problem… However the Sith species is extinct and it’s mainly just a remote world where troubled force sensitives look for ancient sith artifacts and lament how evil they are. Possibly train a little on the side

  • TheIrishJedi

    i for one dont mind much alterations but this is a personal outrage.. they cant do that! as myself and many fans will probably never refer to it as moraband but its true name…. Korriban

  • calm down people.
    if you dont know this, it is still called korriban but in the clone wars it was named moraband.
    i dont know, maybe the planet was forgoten after TOR and than found again and called moraband. who knows.
    but if you say i am wrong of what i speak, then why isnt korriban renamed to moraband in Star Wars the old republic ?
    go and check yourselfs.
    either star wars wookiepedia or star wars the old republic.com

  • Anonymous

    It was known as Korriban like 5000 years before the movies. Names change. Like Mumbai and Bombay. So, over 5000 years it came to be known as Moraband rather than Korriban. Ta-da, EU headcanon still intact.

  • Anonymous

    Korriban appears in the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. George Lucas preferred the name “Moraband” to Korriban during story development, leading the episode “Sacrifice” to refer to the planet as Moraband. The episode guide’s trivia gallery clarified the issue, stating that Korriban has had multiple names throughout its history.

  • Anonymous

    No it isn’t, it will always be Korriban. This is just another example of Lucas’s pointless interfering and disregard for the work done by others because he is ultimately a control freak.

  • Anonymous

    They should probably go back and rename Coruscant since, ya know, someone other than Lucas came up with the name…

  • What the hell these people who renamed it are idiots

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the first move of many for Disney. They all ready started to change lot of things in the Star Wars universe, the first big change is Korriban to Moraband, I wonder what’s next… A new Mickey Mouse alien race? FU Disney.
    I can’t understand why they won’t make a Revan movie Saga? Revan became really famous in one game..

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it is canon because some ancient sith lord inbetween KOTOR and the prequel trilogy renambed the planet to suit him.

  • At first it sounded weird to me, but shortly thereafter I sounded it out in my head and I thought to myself, “it sounds a little like the original name, only corrupted.”

    The easiest way to have it both ways would be to explain that by the time the films take place, the original Sith word/name for the planet had become corrupted in Basic; given that the place was last inhabited thousands of years (SW:TOR takes place something like 3000 years prior to the events of ANH) before the time of the films, it makes very good sense that the pronunciation of a place name (whose original language was not Basic) could become corrupted. Place and the events associated with it haven’t changed; just the pronunciation of the name has.

    • Everyone who saw the episode in TCW (i.e. the series finale) who is also familiar with the EU presentation of Korriban will find it difficult to believe that Korriban and Moraband are not the same place (tombs and all).

  • Kinda staying hidden xD

    OK If all of you are TRUE STAR WARS FANS YOU SHOULDN’T CARE WHAT THE NAME GETS CHANGED TO…. IF you are a TRUE star wars fan you should stick with star wars all the way!