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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Rumors Describe Alien Puppet and More

Star Wars Episode IX rumors continue their overall trend of coming in hot this month, and we’re continuing to keep things up-to-date with the latest batch. Among other things, you can look forward to a type of planetary terrain that the sequel trilogy has not explored, a gigantic puppet for a new creature, and the influence […]

Mark Hamill Says Most of His Filming for Episode IX is Yet to Come and Talks Script Security

Luke Skywalker is on lockdown. The grizzled Jedi Master’s portrayer, Mark Hamill, will be returning for the saga’s final episode but instead of dodging First Order laser blasts – he’ll be contending with J.J. Abrams’ heightened script security. Chris ManningUnder the twin suns of Los Angeles, Chris continues to mourn the loss of Admiral Ackbar […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Episode IX Set Visit Brought Silent Bob to Tears!

Watch or listen below! Star Wars: Episode IX rumors are exploding all over the place, Kevin Smith spent a week on set and was blown away by what he saw and was even brought to tears! We speculate on whose performance caused Silent Bob’s tears. We also talk about Nick Nolte joining The Mandalorian cast, […]

RUMOR: Star Wars: Episode IX Footage Might Hit This Month

If a recent rumor is to be believed, Star Wars fans may be in for a holiday treat in the days ahead. According to the folks at Collider, we may be getting our first glimpse of Episode IX before the end of the year. Jordan Pate (Hard Case)Jordan Pate is Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for […]

More Rumors About Star Wars: Episode IX Surface

It seems like the floodgates are officially open with Star Wars Episode IX leaks, as another batch of set rumors and details are surfacing. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan of Star Wars for as long as he can remember, having seen every movie on the big screen. When he’s not hard at work with his college […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Episode IX: Will New Leia Dialogue Be Made Using a Voice Actor?

Watch or listen below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we talk about whether Star Wars TV/streaming series will become the main way we absorb future Star Wars content over theatrical releases! We also run through six topics in our segment WILL OF THE FORCE like – Will a voice actor be used to create […]

Star Wars: Episode IX – Kevin Smith Talks to ‘Lights, Camera, Barstool’ About His Week-Long Visit to the Set

Writer, director, and most importantly super Star Wars fan, Kevin Smith sat down with hosts Jeff Lowe and Ken Jac of the popular movie podcast Lights, Camera, Barstool, where he spoke briefly about his week-long visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode IX. Here is the clip of the discussion as well as a transcript […]

RUMOR – Star Wars: Episode IX’s Force Friday May Be Held Closer to the Release Date

After all subsequent Force Friday events have seen slower sales than the billion-dollar original in 2015, Hasbro is reportedly changing their strategy to have the big day for toy retailers closer to the launch of Star Wars: Episode IX. So if you want to pick up some big merchandise tied to Episode IX, you might just have […]

Big Star Wars Episode IX Rumors May Reveal Timeline and More

Star Wars Episode IX

A recent thread on Reddit surfaced from someone claiming to have attended a Disney marketing conference that revealed some new information on their major projects (which is not unheard of). Surprisingly, some of its key details about Star Wars Episode IX – as it was described at this event – have been verified elsewhere, so we feel confident […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Episode IX: Are All of the Resistance Heroes Going to Jakku?

Watch or listen below! Social media posts pinning certain actors in  Jordan at the same time leads us to strongly speculate most of our Resistance heroes will finally be spending time together in Star Wars: Episode IX! The question is, is the planet they are on Jakku? Or yet another new location? We also talk about […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Star Wars: Episode IX First Teaser Predictions

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we give our predictions for the first Star Wars: Episode IX teaser: what we think we’ll see, who will appear, who we’ll hear, what will happen, all of it! We also run through five topics in our segment WILL OF THE FORCE like – Will resurrection ever be […]

Star Wars: Episode IX – A Rundown of Which Cast Members Filmed in Jordan

As you’ve read in several of our recent articles and reports, and elsewhere on the internet, Star Wars: Episode IX recently filmed in Jordan. But exactly who took part in that location-based shoot? We have pieced together which actors/characters we think may have taken part in the filming there through several different outlets. John HoeyJohn […]

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