Star Wars Celebration – Hasbro Panel: Commander Kenobi, Retro Fett, Galaxy’s Edge Exclusives and More!

Among the many highlights of any Star Wars Celebration are the varied toys and collectables that are revealed.  Whether its one of a kind reproductions or the toys and figures that will be coming to your local store, getting that first look at what you’ll be spending your future hard earned money on is always a delight.


Hasbro held its own Celebration panel today to give us a look at what they will be sending to store shelves in the coming months and although this panel didn’t have a live stream SWNN’s own John Hoey was there to tweet about it.  Check out John’s updates below and stay tuned as we’ll update with any high-res images that are released after the panel.




And that’s all we have for now from Hasbro’s panel.  Check back for updates as we receive them.


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