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The Name and Potential Speeder of the Villain from Solo: A Star Wars Story Revealed

Based on an anonymous tip regarding an upcoming toy release from Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jayson from conducted impressive detective work that might have revealed the name of the cool looking villainous character from the Solo trailer (see image above).


Yakface uncovered an online catalogue of a theater concessions, where you can find all kinds of promotional items from the upcoming Solo spin-off movie – from bottles, keychains, and cups, to popcorn tubs and containers. The most interesting item however is the Solo topper set, which features five characters from the movie.


Image removed by request.


The topper set clearly reveals the name of the mysterious character, who will obviously be the main villain in the movie – Enfys Nest. Of course there is always a chance that Disney and Lucasfilm are intentionally concealing the true villain, but I think this is unlikely.


Yakface did some further digging and found several graphics connected with this new character:


Image removed by request.


It’s unclear what these logos are for but they surely look cool.



The name Nest probably sounds familiar to you. We’ve seen it being used in some of the concept art from the movie that leaked a few months ago on ebay, which we broke here.


On one of the drawings you can clearly see the words “Int/Ext Nest Bumper Car”:



At that time I was thinking the “Nest” was a certain location in the movie, but this latest revelation makes it clear this new character Enfys Nest will have a speeder in the movie.

Here’s another look at it:



In the Solo teaser trailer we saw that Han and Qi’ra will be racing Stormtroopers [and gang member Moloch ( via LEGO sets)] on Corellia (Han’s home planet). This conclusion is based on Qi’ra’s 12-inch toy by Hasbro revealed during this year’s Toy Fair in New York. You can check out John Hoey’s tweet about that below:




We also know this sequence will take place earlier in the movie and there will likely be a significant time jump to when Solo and Qi’ra eventually meet again as part of the main plot of the movie.


Based on this I would speculate that we will have some kind of a chase sequence later in the film between Solo and Enfys Nest. Perhaps the early scene with the chase on Corellia is supposed to set up this showdown later on.



The design of Nest’s speeder is very reminiscent of the pod racers from The Phantom Menace, which were designed and built to be most effective on desert terrains. This also leads me to speculate that the chase between Solo and Nest will happen on the desert planet (filmed at Fuerteventura) where we saw them both facing each other.


Of course I could be wrong, and this speeder design for Nest’s vehicle might have never ended up in the movie, but at least now we know his name.