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The Resistance Broadcast – How Many Star Wars Movies Do We Want a Year?

On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast…

Is The Force With You?, which is our weekly segment where we buy or sell on hot topics in Star Wars; We also get into a discussion where we answer the question: How many Star Wars movies do we want a year?; and finally our Star Wars fan/community segment called The Resistance Expanded Universe!


Leaders of the Resistance: John HoeyJames BaneyBill Sheehy


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Is The Force With You??

With the increase in cameos by famous people in Star Wars films?: here

With the five movies that inspired the Kasdans for the SOLO script?: here

That George Lucas should stay away from future Star Wars productions: here



How Many Movies Do We Want a Year? : A Star Wars Discussion

We have kept our gloves on this week and took a break from our debate segment STAR WARS WARS. Instead, we had a lengthy discussion talking about many Star Wars movies we really want a year, and the factors that we think may play into what Lucasfilm ultimately decides to do going forward, from past production concerns/drama, to looking at what other franchises are doing like Marvel, and the ultimate question based on polls we ran BEFORE and AFTER The Last Jedi, do fans in general want more than one Star Wars movie a year??



The Resistance Expanded Universe

This week in our fan/community segment, where we shed light on cool things created by Star Wars fans, we put the spotlight on, a digital fan made comic book series (with no official ties to Lucasfilm) that puts a spin on some side characters stories in six page issues! The art work is extremely well done and we all agreed, if we didn’t know any better, it could very well fit into the comics currently being made by official Lucasfilm publishers.



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