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Three Planets from Solo: A Star Wars Story Confirmed

Three planets from Solo: A Star Wars Story have been confirmed by AMC Theatres. Most long time Star Wars fans will not find the trio of planets a surprise, but for a movie that has had little to no promotion, it is refreshing to see anything surface. Let’s take a look at where we are headed this time in the galaxy far, far away.


In an article on AMC Theatres‘ official website, three primary locations from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story have been confirmed to be Corellia, Mimban, and Kessel!




AMC describes the planet, with the potential of the Empire scouting pod racers from the planet as prospective future TIE pilots.

It’s unclear how much of Solo will be set in Corellia, but certainly that’s where Han’s story will begin. There are strong rumors that the film will begin with Han as a pod-racer who catches the Empire’s eye and is drafted. Naturally, the life of an Imperial is unlikely to suit everyone’s favorite scoundrel.




A planet once written about in the now non-canon novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, Mimban has been floated around as a concept for a few years now, originally set for use in Rogue One before it was replaced by Jedha. Here is what AMC has to say about the potential for this planet in the Han Solo film:

LEGO playsets for Solo have revealed the “Mimban Stormtroopers,” Stormtroopers wearing armor designed for the planet’s inhospitable swamp-and-jungle terrain. Clearly Solo will be heading to Mimban, although it’s unclear what role the planet will play in the film. It’s possible Han will actually be stationed there during his time with the Empire; it’s also possible that he’ll visit Mimban after leaving the Empire, given that the world had a thriving black market – ideal for a neophyte smuggler.


If you recall we saw a Mimban stormtrooper in recently revealed LEGO images here.





A planet referenced twice in the original Star Wars, fans always theorized Kessel would factor in to the Solo film, with the likelihood we’d finally see the famed Kessel Run. Even Ron Howard teased the planet with a not so cryptic tweet back in September as production was coming to an end:




AMC takes a crack at putting the puzzle pieces together just like all of us die-hard fans. Will Han meet Chewbacca here, potentially freeing him from slavery and establishing that life-debt that ultimately turned into a life-friendship between the two?

It’s likely that Kessel will be an important world in Solo. After all, when Han left the Empire, he ultimately becomes a spice smuggler working for Jabba the Hutt. That shady career path will almost certainly take him to Kessel.
Meanwhile, it’s likely the film will feature the famous Kessel run. The most intriguing possibility, though, is that Kessel could be the world where Han meets Chewbacca. As the Original Trilogy made clear, Chewie has a “life debt” to the wandering smuggler. Fans have always believed that’s because Han rescued him from slavery; given Kessel has Wookiee slaves, it’s certainly possible Chewie was a slave on Kessel.


This isn’t to say there won’t be more worlds explored in the film, but at least we have confirmation on three planets so far, two of which we’d have wagered our own YT freighter on them appearing. Expect more Solo: A Star Wars Story promotional material to come out in the weeks to come, including the inevitable trailer.



Solo: A Star Wars Story makes the jump to hyperspace in theaters on May 25th!


SOURCE: AMC Theatres


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