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Updated with More Lines from Kylo Ren! Hasbro’s Force Link Band Reveals Several Possible Phrases from The Last Jedi!

Hasbro have released their first ad for the new Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi line of toys, emphasizing the Force Link Band peripheral and heavily promoting the BB-8/First Order Base Playset.



First up is the longer of the two commercials, which emphasizes how the Force Link Band is even better than the CommTech Reader from the days of the toy line for The Phantom Menace over 18 years ago. (Feel old yet?) You can also get a quick look at the new Luke Skywalker and C-3PO figures for a split-second.




What’s neat about this ad is that it gives us another look at some of the toys that were shown off at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year (including TFA Luke and TLJ C-3PO for a few frames), and it especially gives us a great view of Kylo Ren’s TIE silencer and a phrase from the movie that Kylo will say – “The darkness guides me”.



In addition, we have a clip of the what the BB-8 playset looks like when it’s unfolding into the First Order Base. While it probably tells us next to nothing about the plot, it does seem like it might be a mishmash of the First Order’s various interior designs seen in both TFA and TLJ. You can watch that video here.


Worth noting in that diagram that pops up for, like, two seconds is that there’s a room specifically listed as the “Lightspeed Tracking Room” – so perhaps this is how Kylo Ren and Snoke find out where Luke Skywalker is hiding. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for a Plan “C”, considering that Plan “A” (intercept the data obtained by BB-8) and Plan “B” (just blow up the Resistance Base before they can find out where Luke is) both failed miserably over the course of The Force Awakens.


The back of the box of the BB-8 playset also gives us a look at some movie phrases that perhaps we will hear in The Last Jedi, spoken by Snoke and his guards and First Order Stormtroopers.



  • “I have been expecting you.”
  • “The Resistance is doomed…”
  • “Crew member trapped! Send in the rescue team!”
  • “Crush the intruders.”
  • “The prisoner is ready for your interrogation.”
  • “You’re going to the cells!”


Bear in mind that since these are just toys, they may contain dialogue that won’t appear in the actual movie – whether it’s from a deleted scene or there are specific phrases made for the toys themselves. With the marketing already underway for Force Friday, expect a handful of toy leaks before Hasbro gives us an official look at everything they have to offer. We at Star Wars News Net will be there when new information drops.






And here’s yet another toy of Kylo Ren with potential lines from The Last Jedi. (via Reddit)




Here’s what he says:


  • “I’ve been waiting for you.”
  • “I need your guidance.”
  • “Will you help me?”
  • “Show me again… the power of the darkness.”
  • “Don’t be afraid.”
  • “NOOOO, its too late.”


Again, nothing too revealing and even one of the lines is from The Force Awakens. Still that “nooo” at the end is very interesting.



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