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Starlog 1987: A trip Down Memory Lane

Starlog 02

1987. A time of great uncertainty. The Cold War had not yet ended, the hole in the ozone layer was being fed by the world’s addiction to overuse of hairspray, and the original trilogy was at an end. To the general public, Star Wars was over. Although toys were still everywhere, the steady stream on content was slowly drying up as we barreled forward towards the 1990’s. To the average Star Wars fan this may have been seen as the end. But the diehards knew that this wasn’t the end, but just a brief hiatus.


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The diehards knew this because we consumed all the Star Wars information we could. Through snippets in newspapers, interviews, and especially through magazines like Starlog. Starlog was the monthly magazine dedicated to all things sci-fi. And in 1987 they ran a piece on Star Wars that included plans for the future. A couple days ago the guys over at Blast Points Podcast gave us a blast from the past and posted this screen shot form the near thirty year old piece.





Now, this is not news. The entire issue is available online here. But not every star wars fan has seen it, and in light of having now seen the first chapter of the sequel trilogy, it is interesting just how close some aspects are sticking to these original ideas from long, long ago.




The next generation of solos, the handing down of the Millenium Falcon, Luke the Jedi Master. These are all things we have seen or been alluded to in the film. It serves as a fascinating look into just how far back some of these story ideas go. Yes, there are tweaks along the way. Yes, some aspects have been thrown out through countless drafts and rewrites. But the seeds of the story were sowed three decades ago, and Starlog proves that.


Starlog 04


So, thanks to Blast Points Podcast for tweeting that out. It’s always fun to put on the nostalgia goggles, head back in time, and remember just how big the scope of the Star Wars Saga is. Sometimes we can get lost in the details of new owners, new directors, new writers, but in the end this is, at its heart, still George’s world and has been for a very long time. So, if you find yourself in need of a diversion today and would like to go back to a simpler time when the original trilogy was the entire focus of the Star Wars universe, and prequels and sequels were just a far off dream, take a long look at this issue of Starlog from 1987 and bask in how far the Star Wars galaxy has grown since it was published.



You can read the whole issue free HERE.