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Future Star Wars: Battlefront DLC to Focus on New Original Trilogy Content.

Battlefront 04When a fan recently asked Electronic Arts about whether or not more content for Episode VII would be added to the game, they replied with a broad statement that the Original Trilogy would be the focus of the game’s upcoming content. Does that shut out the possibility of downloadable content for the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy in the future? Not necessarily. Click ahead to read our analysis.



While this response might seem like a complete rejection of any non-Original Trilogy content being added to the game at first glance, one has to keep in mind that it doesn’t directly say that there will never ever be Sequel Trilogy (or Prequel Trilogy) content added later on. Indeed, the first DLC expansion, Battle Of Jakku, directly promotes The Force Awakens (although it is still set in the Original Trilogy era). So far, we know that the game’s DLC storm will have 16 more maps (which would represent up to 8 additional planets if Battle Of Jakku‘s two-map expansion is anything to go by). There’s still room for Prequel Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy content in that generous amount of space alone, and that’s not even getting into the free DLC that will be released in the coming months in addition to what’s already been promised.


Paid content will almost certainly be composed of new material, but I highly suspect that the free content will include some of the old maps from the two original LucasArts/Pandemic Studios games (since there wouldn’t be nearly as much work done to integrate existing code into a new title). As such, a few Prequel Trilogy maps from those games could appear. That being said, it’s wise to temper expectations – what you shouldn’t expect is for the factions of the Prequel Trilogy (Republic and Separatists) and the Sequel Trilogy (Resistance and First Order) to be playable in this iteration of the game. That itself would require a lot of additional coding and resources that would more efficiently be served for the sequel as opposed to optional downloadable content. While maps can easily be ported from game to game with a few adjustments (as demonstrated by DICE when they ported several Battlefield 3 maps to Battlefield 4), the engine for the game was made from the ground-up and wouldn’t mesh with what LucasArts and Pandemic Studios coded.

Battlefront 03

On a similar note, it would be much safer to presume that the reason the Sequel Trilogy isn’t a huge focus for the future of Battlefront is that they’re waiting for Lucasfilm to go all-out with work on Episode VIII and Episode IX so that more content is made. One has to keep in mind that, aside from the ill-fated Quad Jumper, Leia’s ship, and Kylo Ren’s shuttle (which seems to look flashy as opposed to being a functional fighter), there aren’t very many new standard-issue ships in The Force Awakens – and the two ships that are there are just upgraded versions of the X-wings and TIE fighters. As such, I wouldn’t expect to be able to play as Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, or Captain Phasma until the inevitable sequel (which will most likely hit in 2017 or 2018) – while there’s new stuff that can be included, there’s just not enough to warrant a completely new pair of playable factions. I would expect that any new Sequel Trilogy content in the game will be confined to a few maps based on a planet that was introduced in the movie.


In any case, it will be very interesting to see what comes of Battlefront‘s DLC. Stay on target with Star Wars News Net for more of the latest and greatest information about the Galaxy Far, Far Away.