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SWNN Review: Marvel’s Lando #5

Gun Point

Along with three other Star Wars related titles, today marked the release of the final issue of the surprisingly entertaining Lando mini-series. Of all the Star Wars series Marvel has released so far, Lando was the one I was looking forward to the least. However, although it is far from my favorite, I have to say it is the one that surprised me the most. This issue continues the saga of the scoundrel as he attempts to close on his heist of the Emperor’s luxury space yacht that began oh so smoothly in the first issue and has since been wrought with catastrophe.


After a surprising discovery of ancient Sith artifacts aboard the vessel in a previous issue, the team decides that they may have a real fortune on their hands. Unfortunately, Lando’s pal Lobot was seriously wounded by some Imperial guards who were holed up in the Sith artifact room on board the ship, and the ferocious fraternal felines went all crazy with a little bit of exposure to the Dark Side. With Lobot healing in a bacta tank, Dark Side-crazed cat twins with lightsabers on the loose, and Chanath Cha – the female human bounty hunter attempting to blow up the ship, along with Lando’s fortune, things are getting a little out of hand.


Pavol Vs Cha

One of the things I found interesting was that although we realized that Chanath Cha knew Lando in the previous issue, it turns out that her past romantic history is actually with Lobot, and there remains some tension in the relationship due to Lobot’s decision to galavant around the galaxy with Lando.


Lando Blaster

Although this issue did tie up the story arc and bring the events of the series to a satisfying conclusion for the most part, I have to say that I was expecting a little more. Even though we do see how Lobot ends up devoid of all personality in The Empire Strikes Back, I still thought we might get some more exposition on the Sith artifacts or a little more insight to Lando’s acquiring of Cloud City, especially given the issue’s cover which is a little misleading. Lando is referred to as a card player and a professional gambler in the issue, so I guess that’s where the cover makes reference, but the scene itself (which admittedly happens a lot with comics) is not in the issue. This story remains self-contained and not much more is brought to light other than the conclusion of the present arc.


Lobot Lost

That being said, I really did enjoy this series as a whole, and Maleev’s unique art style has always been one of my favorites. Some of the characters are a little weird, but the story has great pacing overall and is completely different in tone from all of the other Star Wars series in print. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll definitely want to pick this issue up. Although this issue didn’t quite deliver everything I was expecting, this is a great 5-issue series that may be better served as a whole. So if you haven’t been following the series, I suggest waiting a few months until the trade paperback is released and check it out then.





You can order a digital copy at Marvel.com or at Comixology.comor visit the nearest comic book store.



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