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UPDATE! Topps Release Card List for Star Wars and The Force Awakens.


Way back when, the card company Topps unveiled the names of five major characters from The Force Awakens on a few of their cards. Now, the card list revealing the first wave of cards directly related to the movie and Star Wars as a whole has been released by Topps themselves!


Mild spoilers for Act One ahead.



First, let’s start by looking at the first image in the checklist – which is by far the most informative one.


11884617_762621000532130_857630467738979204_oCards 81-110 are dedicated to The Force Awakens, although they don’t quite appear to be completely in chronological order.


Nonetheless, it appears to cover the entirety of the Act One of the film, from the opening attack on the village to Han and Chewie’s heartwarming return. Some things of note:


  • The general narrative that appears to come from this is that Finn ditches the First Order after a run-in with Kylo Ren, he meets up with Rey, and they get off of the planet with BB-8 after an extended chase sequence. Basically, what we have already heard, but more streamlined.
  • A number of cards mention Poe Dameron, the X-wings, and the Resistance, but Resistance’s forces don’t seem to fit into the narrative of Act One so far. Presumably, most of the scenes shown in the cards come from later points in the movie.
  • The wording on Card 85 – “Rey Takes Off” suggests that this is the point where she launches the Millennium Falcon, although it could simply be referring to her using her speeder. Card 98 – “Resilient Survivor” also probably refers to her, as does Card 91 – “A Mysterious Figure” (unless that’s the shot of Luke resting his hand on R2-D2).
  • Card 96 – “Master Of Evil” is most likely referring to either Kylo Ren or Supreme Leader Snoke. While I’m tempted to say that it’s the latter, I’m not sure if Lucasfilm is willing to reveal Snoke so soon, and especially through a more quiet avenue like this.


The rest of the list is less interesting, covering character names, autographs, and assorted material – however, The Force Awakens gets its fair share of representation here.



11922939_762621003865463_5047183966211436926_oThe last picture has an interesting nugget of information: Card P-11 – “TIE Fighter: Kylo Ren” suggests that the primary antagonist of The Force Awakens has his own personalized TIE. With so little information on space battles in the movie (ironic), one has to wonder where his ship fits into the equation. On another note, this definitely confirms that R2-D2 and C-3PO are both part of the Resistance.


A few scans of these cards have recently hit the web.





Kylo Ren



ReyStormtrooperWhen scans of more of the cards related to The Force Awakens hit the net, we will be sure to post them here.




A few of the cards of the movie’s characters (plus some vehicles) have been revealed.


Topps 12

Topps 11

Topps 10

Topps 9

Topps 8

Topps 7

Topps 6

Topps 5

Topps 4

Topps 3

Topps 2

Topps 1

There’s also a familiar-looking one.


Revan Confirmed

This shot seems to come from the same photoshoot that produced this image:



Special thanks to The Cantina user Altgr0160 for pointing this information out.