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Star Wars Battlefront Recap – Things We Missed Leading Into E3.

Battlefront Deluxe BoxartWith Electronic Arts’s unveiling various games at E3 (including their DICE studio’s Star Wars Battlefront), now is a better time than ever to cover a few recent minor details about the game that may have not been previously covered.


First thing’s first – the image you see up above? That’s Battlefront‘s official box art for the Deluxe Edition of the game, which costs an extra ten dollars. More content for the Deluxe Edition may be announced soon, but it’s worth noting that pre-ordering either edition of the game will allow you to access the Free DLC Jakku maps ahead of everybody else – just in time for the release of The Force Awakens!


The next thing on the order of business is to discuss a screenshot that was revealed on Twitter not too long ago:


Battlefront HothThe image confirms that the Quarren race will be playable alongside humans, Sullustans, and the Ishi Tib – with both male and female options. Players will be able to utilize these different alien races (and potentially more) in various customizable character loadouts. The screenshot also suggests that Echo Base’s cannon might actually play a role in gameplay this time around.


Other details of note:

  • The game’s resolution will run at 60 FPS – usually a standard for AAA titles – although it is not clear what resolution the game will run on.
  • Ewoks will appear on Endor.
  • There will be (at least) four playable planets in the game, with Jakku serving as an additional planet in one of the many DLC packages. At least five DLC packs are planned, although it’s unclear if the Battle Of Jakku pack is one of them.
  • The game will be released with 12 multiplayer maps, plus 2 more maps attached to the Free DLC. Even more maps will be used in the Missions that cover completely new locations on the various playable planets.
  • Environmental destruction is in the game, although it isn’t as extensive as Battlefield‘s.
  • The game has an unlock system based on the player’s in-game actions.
  • Ironsights are only available for certain weapons.
  • A new mode for the game is Squadron Fighter, focusing primarily on aerial combat.

A trailer for the game will be released tomorrow at the conference. DICE has said they have great plans to unveil at E3, so stay tuned for our coverage of the event, which begins at 1 PM PST on Monday.