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Speculation: Who Is Fulcrum from Star Wars: Rebels?

RebelsThose of you who tuned into last week’s episode of Rebels might have noticed an offhand comment about an informant that used the codename “Fulcrum”, a character rumored to be instrumental to the overall story arc of the show. The character’s identity has sparked quite a bit of speculation already, but an abundance of recent evidence suggests that the mystery informant may actually be… POTENTIAL SPOILERS after the jump







….Ahsoka Tano, a fan-favorite character from The Clone Wars.


Before we get into Fulcrum, it would be prudent to discuss Ahsoka for those who are unfamiliar with her. Ahsoka was assigned to be Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan due to a shortage of available Jedi Masters during the Clone Wars. While Anakin was initially reluctant to teach an apprentice, both he and Ahoska proved to be a formidable force during the war, and she showed a great deal of promise with her growing abilities in using the Force. Both with her Master and on her own, she was able to succeed in resolving a number of conflicts (ranging from preventing the outbreak of a plague, freeing Togruta slaves, and even surviving duels against some of the most dangerous Separatists in the war), and this would ensure that the Republic would come out on top in the end.


Unfortunately, Ahsoka’s allegiance to the Jedi would be shaken when she was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple. When she became a suspect, the Jedi Council expelled her from their Order – including Plo Koon, whom she had idolized. When she was put on trial, she was nearly given the death sentence (from Wilhuff Tarkin, whose life she had saved previously), only saved by Anakin uncovering the fact that her friend Barriss Offee masterminded the terrorist act and blamed it on her. While she was proven innocent and invited back into the Jedi Temple in order to be Knighted, the experience of being betrayed by so many of her allies placed her in a state of shock, and she ultimately refused the Jedi Order’s call. For her, this would have proven itself to be a blessing in disguise, as she would (most likely) have not been a target of the Great Jedi Purge when Order 66 was issued. However, it would also lead Anakin to have a greater distrust for both the Jedi Order and Obi-Wan, whom he believed should have intervened in the Council’s decision, hastening his fall from grace.


Ahsoka Leaves

Certain scenes in the show, such as Ahsoka seeing a vision of her older self on Mortis, and Yoda’s vision of her dying in the Jedi Temple during one of his trials, suggested that things could go either way for the character. Series creator David Filoni has been as vague about Ahsoka’s fate following the conclusion to The Clone Wars as possible, with new information relating to the character only being discussed rarely (such as the fact that, should The Clone Wars have continued, Ahsoka would have appeared again in a story arc involving her and Bo-Katan). However, not too long ago, Filoni opened up a little bit with an interview with IGN when discussing Rebels:

Dave Filoni: I had a really interesting conversation once with George [Lucas] about sensing the Force. It was in regards to… Well, it would have been in regards to Ahsoka. It was an old talk he and I had at one point about Ahsoka and Darth Vader and what she would think of that whole situation… but we’ll have to leave that for another time.


IGN: That’s a question many of us have!


Filoni: A little good tease there. Not that she’s around! …Who knows where she is? [Laughs]


Curious that he would wait until now, when Rebels is in full-swing, to break the silence about the character then, isn’t it? That such a conversation about Ahsoka and Darth Vader could even occur within the context of Canon media would seemingly ensure that yes, Ahsoka did manage to stick around (at least during the formation of the Galactic Empire).


Ahsoka Old

Anyway, back to Fulcrum, the mystery informant of the crew of the Ghost. The episode “Out of Darkness” introduced us to the character as one of Hera’s informants as a voice heard over a comlink. While the voice itself sounded masculine, bear in mind that voice-alteration is a thing that exists within the Star Wars universe – not to mention that it sounded pretty distorted. When asked by Sabine about the identity of the client, Hera uses pronoun-neutral statements, as if to go out of her way to protect her source’s identity. (According to Viral Hide, certain international broadcasts of the episode actually refer to Fulcrum as a ‘she’, making the predicament even more interesting.) It’s also worth mentioning that the informant’s voice actor/actress was not credited at the end of the episode, which would likely imply that there’s something important about who is playing this character.


If this is sounding like crazy-talk coming from fans that have too much time on their hands, get ready for the really big clues: one auditory, and the other visual. We’ll go with the auditory one first because it happens earlier on in the episode, and because it’s the more telling of the two clues. The following soundcloud comes from Rebels Report, which takes the informant’s dialogue from the episode and repeats it with two raised pitches.



It’s also worth mentioning that Ashley Eckstein, Ahsoka’s voice actress, also voiced the masculine-sounding droid general K2-B4 – so altering a voice to sound less feminine would not be a first for Eckstein. Compare that sample of dialogue with the way she speaks in the television finale of The Clone Wars:



At the very least, the speech patterns that Fulcrum has seem to match up with Ahsoka’s, even without changing the pitch – but with the pitch altered, it sounds a lot like this mystery informant is Ahsoka fifteen years after her last canonical appearance. While she doesn’t stick around to make her identity known (as she mentions in her conversation with Hera), she does leave some supplies marked with a symbol. This, of course, is where the visual evidence kicks in. A writer over at TheWookieeGunner posted an article about a few theories about “Out of Darkness” and “Empire Day”, and mentioned the symbol on the supplies left by Fulcrum:


Ahsoka Crate

Also, in “Out of Darkness”, we see Hera move towards a green colored crate with a lone marking on them. Though Ahsoka’s forehead markings differ slightly, there is a resemblance between the two. Is this and the voice concrete proof that Ahsoka is Fulcrum? Absolutely not. This is mere speculation, and further connecting dots between Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the writers have previously done themselves. To see Ahsoka again, especially in the position of helping rebels, would be a wonderful way to come full circle with her character. However, I could see her story continuing elsewhere in another medium, leaving the Fulcrum identity open for more speculation.


While the shape of the forehead markings on Ahsoka’s head are a little different than the shape of this symbol (the lines on her face are a little more curved before the ‘diamond’, while the symbol’s lines are pretty straight before and after that point), the similarity can’t be denied. So with this symbol and the altered voice in mind, we could be looking at a character from The Clone Wars returning in the future – and given Dave Filoni’s love for the young Jedi, it’s quite possible that we’ll be seeing her as a recurring character. Not bad for a little furball.


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