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‘The High Republic: Out of the Shadows’ Releases Its First Excerpt

Out of the Shadows, written by Justina Ireland


A new excerpt was released to day for the upcoming book Out of the Shadows, from Justina Ireland, that is part of the High Republic publishing campaign. It will be released on July 27, 2021. Interestingly enough, this represents a 5-day delay from the initially announced July 22 date.


That announcement came our way in April, when StarWars.com released a lot of details about their upcoming releases from the High Republic campaign, that will be collectively called Wave II of Phase I (which is titled Light of the Jedi). You can check all of it out right here. We learned that day that Out of the Shadows, which had been announced already, would be a young adult novel with the following synopsis:


Sylvestri Yarrow is on a streak of bad luck with no end of sight. She’s been doing her best to keep the family cargo business going after her mom’s death, but between mounting debt and increasing attacks by the Nihil on unsuspecting ships, Syl is in danger of losing all she has left of her mother. She heads to the galactic capital of Coruscant for help, but gets sidetracked when she’s drawn into a squabble between two of the Republic’s most powerful families over a patch of space on the frontier. Tangled up in familial politics is the last place Syl wants to be, but the promise of a big payoff is enough to keep her interested…

Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh has been summoned to Coruscant, but with no idea of why or by whom. She and her Padawan Imri Cantaros arrive at the capital along with Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus and his Padawan, Reath Silas—and are asked to assist with the property dispute on the frontier. But why? What is so important about an empty patch of space? The answer will lead Vernestra to a new understanding of her abilities, and take Syl back to the past…and to truths that will finally come out of the shadows.


Here is a portion of the new excerpt from Out of the Shadows, but make sure to head over to Nerdist to check it out in its entirety:


The whine of the hyperdrive powering up on the small ship drew Vernestra away from her thoughts, and she was surprised to find Imri watching her with concern. Vernestra frowned. “Is something wrong?”

He shook his head. “Just a feeling. But I don’t know what it is. Don’t mind me,” he said, leaning back against his chair and closing his eyes, his breathing becoming deep and even as he began to meditate. Or nap. Vernestra wasn’t sure which one.

The ship bumped and jumped, and then the blue of hyperspace streamed past the cockpit windows. Vernestra yawned once, and then twice, and the next thing she knew—

She was in the desert on a planet she’d never seen before. She walked forward in a dreamlike state, everything around her a little hazy and unreal.

Oh, no, she thought, alarm surging through her. It’s happening again.

Vernestra had enough awareness of the moment to know she was having one of her hyperspace visions, which she hadn’t had since becoming a Knight, but she was thoroughly unable to pull herself from the reverie. She found herself carried along, so she eventually relaxed and let the vision show her what it would.

The red sand of the desert gave way to scrub brush and a small culvert with a sickly trickle of blue moss growing thick at the lowest point. Vernestra walked along the top of the ridge toward a small town that consisted of a handful of weathered buildings. At the end of the town’s lone road was a Jedi temple, the Order’s insignia painted on the front the only thing in the landscape Vernestra recognized.

Blasters fired and people roared. A ragtag group fired haphazardly into the buildings, unchallenged.

“For the Strike! For the Tempest! For the Storm!” they yelled. A blue-skinned Jedi came out of the temple, his lightsaber powered up and ready to do battle.

Someone was calling her.


Out of the Shadows, from Justina Ireland, will be released on July 22, 2021, but you can already pre-order it here. The next books from the High Republic era coming our way will be Race to Crashpoint Tower, from Daniel José Older, and The Rising Storm, from Cavan Scott. They will both come out on June 29, 2021.


Out of the Shadows